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  1. Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

    Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

    VAPING football fans travelling to the World Cup in Qatar will face imprisonment and heavy fines if they take e-cigarettes with them, it has been reported.

    Supporters flying in from across the world to watch the tournament in November are being advised to leave all vape equipment behind due to strict Qatar laws.

    E-cigarettes were banned in the country in 2014 and anyone caught in possession face penalties ranging from fines of up to 10,000 riyals - or £1600 - to a three-month prison sentence.

    Those who vape having switched from cigarettes are advised to consider taking alternative nicotine replacement therapies with them instead.

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  2. “Worrisome” US Vape Research Blasted As “Irresponsible” By Top UK Scientists

    “Worrisome” US Vape Research Blasted As  “Irresponsible” By Top UK Scientists

    Senior British academics, who recently carried out the largest review of its kind on e-cigarettes for the UK government, were reportedly “in despair” over the new research in America which made global headlines, explaining that nicotine in vaping causes these symptoms - and coffee create a similar if not larger response.

    The American research by the University of Wisconsin sparked a barrage of news articles last week when it’s Cardiac and Lung E-Cig Smoking (CLUES) Study - due to be presented at this weekend’s American Heart Association’s Scientific Session - reported how participants suffered increased blood pressure and heart rate along with blood constriction, immediately after vaping or smoking cigarettes. 

    In a second report, they found people who used e-cigarettes consistently performed worse on treadmill exercise measurements, compared to those who did not use nicotine. The “significant

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  3. Best Vape Devices for Thanksgiving and the Soccer World Cup

    Best Vape Devices for Thanksgiving and the Soccer World Cup

    Here at Vaping.com, we’re committed to ensuring your vaping experience is the best it can be, whether you’re at the start of your journey to a smoke-free you or you’re an accomplished vaper. 

    That’s why when we compile these monthly blogs, we’re not just offering our expertise, we also take into account the opinions of our 270,000-plus e-cigarette forum members too – ensuring you receive the best advice possible. 

    Each recommendation, whether we’re discussing disposables, talking tanks or speaking about starter kits, is made to make sure you’re using the most suitable vape devices all year round. 

    This month,

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  4. How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

    How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

    The disposable vape phenomenon has swept our globe in recent years due to the sheer convenience of each device. It’s true that disposable vapes are guaranteed to be lightweight, low cost and discreet, so that begs the question, what is the best disposable vape pen? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose the perfect partner for your transition into vaping.

    What is a disposable vape pen?

    A disposable vape is a compact and lightweight vaping device that contains an integrated battery and closed flavour pod, prefilled with different strengths of flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid. No maintenance is required and if you want to enjoy vaping simply, without the hassle of refilling, cleaning and recharging, then a disposable vape device seems the perfect fit. Each device has a specific puff count, some lasting longer than others, once this runs out, the vape needs to be responsibly disposed of. Easy!

    With flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid, users experience

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  5. Brits Want Roast Chicken Vape Flavour

    Brits Want Roast Chicken Vape Flavour

    VAPERS in the UK have voted for their most-wanted e-cigarette flavour of the future – roast chicken.

    The famous British roast dinner topped a poll run by (UK based vape business VIP) which surveyed Brits’ dream vape juices followed by three runner-ups; apple crumble, chocolate brownie and cheesy chips. The survey of 1,000 people, launched to coincide with the country’s e-cigarette awareness month VApril, found preferences varied based on location, gender and age. Londoners tended to prefer mango chutney, vapers from northern city Leeds preferred Diet Coke, while Millennials were keen on almond milk, garlic bread and Prosecco.

    With a huge growth in the vaping market across Britain in the past few years - up from 700,000 vapers in 2012 to three million today - demand for new e-liquid

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  6. Best Disposable Vapes for Halloween

    Best Disposable Vapes for Halloween

    For over 15 years, we have lived and breathed vaping (literally). From our commitment to selling the best vaping products right here on Vaping.com, to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the 270,000-plus members of our e-cigarette forum and even connecting some of vaping’s leading minds via The E-Cigarette Summit, started by our very own founders.

    Each recommendation we make is based on our own experiences from using these devices, vape parts and flavours, and from our forum members’ opinions and reviews too. We’re not just here to sell you a vape kit or a new vape juice flavour, we’re here to ensure your vaping experience is the best it can be. 

    To make sure you’re

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  7. Spotlight on: SMOK Vapes

    Spotlight on: SMOK Vapes

    Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience’ is the mantra SMOK lives by and they hold themselves up to this well - accruing a worldwide, loyal customer base. 

    Since 2010, they’ve combined high-end technology with innovation to give users an enhanced vaping experience. Whether they’re launching the first-ever dual-coil system or providing high-quality parts, SMOK has shown a dedication to moving the vaping industry forward to match its consumers’ demands. 

    SMOK caters to

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  8. UK Government advisor backs vaping to achieve smoke-free 2030

    UK Government advisor backs vaping to achieve smoke-free 2030

    A top advisor to the UK Government has said that without drastic action – including the promotion of vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking – the country will miss its smoke-free 2030 target by 7 years.

    Dr Javed Khan OBE – a senior NHS leader and former CEO of the Barnardos children’s charity – was asked to review Britain’s progress towards its target of a smoking prevalence of less than 5% by 2030.

    Khan’s report to the Department of Health makes for critical recommendations:

    • Increase investment - around £125 million in smoke-free 2030 policies should fund accessible stop smoking support; while Khan also recommends implementing a tobacco industry levy in order to raise the money.
    • Increase the age of sale
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  9. Vaping as Safe as Nicotine Patches for Pregnant Smokers

    Vaping as Safe as Nicotine Patches for Pregnant Smokers

    Vaping is as safe as nicotine patches for pregnant women wanting to switch from cigarettes and could be “more effective” according to new medical research.

    The study has found that pregnant smokers were more likely to make a better transition away from smoking when using e-cigarettes than patches after four weeks.

    The UK research, which involved 1,140 smokers who were around 15.7 weeks pregnant and smoked an average of 10 cigarettes a day, also revealed that:

    vaping did not pose any greater risk to mothers or babies during pregnancy than other nicotine replacement methods”.

    The study published in Nature Medicine magazine is one of the first to look at the safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes amongst women who are pregnant.

    It comes as Dr. Francesca Pesola, the author of the research

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  10. Smokers find health promoting role in vaping

    Smokers find health promoting role in vaping

    A new scientific study has revealed that smokers who switch to vaping may be more likely to improve their health and well-being over those who choose cigarettes.

    Research by the University of Washington has shown adult cigarette users who had shifted to vaping in their 30s reported to be more focused on “better health and wellbeing”.

    Smokers who opt to vape may also have “more opportunities for healthy social engagement” - thus promoting “healthier ageing among nicotine users approaching midlife”, the study also found.

    The research looked at 156 smokers and monitored changes in “health and social functioning” between the ages of 30 and 39.

    Of the 156 study participants, 64% smoked

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  11. Guide to Vaping Rules & Etiquette

    Guide to Vaping Rules & Etiquette

    tiquette Experts Debrett's Reveal Vaping Rules in New Do’s & Dont’s Guidance.

    If you have ever been somewhere and not quite known what the right vaping etiquette was – Debrett’s - the leading authority on etiquette and behaviour, has compiled the ultimate guide to social vaping rules, including a list of “dos and don’ts” so you can easily avoid offending others.

    This handy new guide on how to vape politely takes you through top tips like:

    • Never vape on Zoom (other online meeting platforms are available!)
    • Avoid vaping in confined spaces such as lifts and public bathrooms, don’t vape and eat at the same time - and if in doubt, just ask.

    A greater number still, 61% of the 2,000 adult nicotine users questioned in the research

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  12. Vape Device Buying Guide FAQs

    Vape Device Buying Guide FAQs

    As you take your first steps into vaping, it can be difficult to know what’s right for you. There are several different types of vape devices that are designed with a variety of functions in mind. So, to help you find the best vape device for you, this guide outlines the different types of vape devices, as well as what they do and how they work.

    First, we answer a few frequently asked questions relating to vaping...

    How does vaping work?

    Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour created by a vape device. Vaping is non-combustible, so is considered a cleaner alternative to smoking as it doesn’t involve the same chemicals and tar associated with burning tobacco.

    What are the different styles of vaping?

    Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) are the two styles of vaping.

    Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

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  13. Vaping.com's Guide to Different Types of Vapes.

    Vaping.com's Guide to Different Types of Vapes

    Working out which type of vape pen is right for you can be tricky, especially when you’re new to vaping and faced with a huge variety of options to choose from - it can be overwhelming!

    Here at vaping.com, we want to help you choose the best vape when it comes to selecting a vape pen and understand the best vape liquid to use to ensure you’re getting not only value for money but something that suits your needs.

    So, we’ve put together this handy beginner guide to vaping with a vape pen and all the important information about the different types of vape pens available and how to start your journey.

    Disposable vape bars in a range of colours and flavours can be a great starting point


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  14. Grammy’s Vaping Surprise - Singer’s Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.

    Grammy’s Vaping Surprise - Singer’s Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.

    Doja Cat. Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0

    US RAPPER Doja Cat put vaping firmly in the spotlight at the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas this month as she boldly vaped on the red carpet before receiving an award for her contribution to music.

    The star - who was nominated for a staggering eight Grammys at this year's event and took home the Best Pop Duo Performance award - turned heads for accessorizing her designer Versace gown with a vape pen as she appeared at the star-studded event.

    But despite it being cited as a bold move, Doja isn't the first musician to appear in public vaping, with many fellow singers attributing it to helping them make a switch away from smoking.


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  15. Choosing the Right Flavour for You & Your Vape.

    Choosing the Right Flavor for You & Your Vape.

    According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, e-cigarette aerosol generally contains fewer harmful chemicals than smoke from burned tobacco products 1.

    As a less dangerous alternative to smoking, vaping has far more redeeming qualities than its combustible counterpart.

    Not only is vaping less damaging to your lungs but there’s also no lingering smokey smell that clings to your clothes and breath after a cigarette. On top of that, there are countless different vape juices for you to take your pick from.

    Vaping allows you to receive the same nicotine hit – or less – in an endlessly diverse mix of flavour options. So you’ll always be able to find a vape juice and device to suit your needs and style that you can enjoy.

    To help you find the juice that fulfils all the needs that you may have, we’re here to take you through the different

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  16. Beginner’s Guide to Vape Pens & Vape Devices

    Beginner’s Guide to Vape Pens & Vape Devices

    As one of the most game-changing inventions of the past century, vaping is a non-combustible alternative to smoking that significantly reduces the harmful elements of combustible smoking, while still giving you that satisfying nicotine hit.

    There is a lot to learn about vaping and the devices themselves. That’s why we have put together this informative vape guide, to tell you everything you need to know – from what vaping is and how to refill a vape pen, to the different kinds of vape kits and devices you can buy today.

    So, let’s start with the basics of vaping.

    What is vaping?

    A vape device heats your choice of E-liquid and turns it into vapour. If your choice of vape juice has nicotine in it, this is what

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  17. Underage Juuling and Four More Moral Panics

    Underage Juuling and Four More Moral Panics

    Interest groups, the media and well-intentioned parents are fuelling a moral panic about underage ‘Juuling’.

    Hungry for views, many news carriers have written countless stories about the ‘epidemic’ of vaping in schools. Some have even spread fanciful concerns about cocaine e-liquid.

    One of the keen drivers behind the moral panic in America has been interest groups like Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. These groups want the FDA to bring in new restrictions that will damage vaping companies.

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  18. Smoking Alternatives Hit By New UK Tax

    Smoking Alternatives Hit By New UK Tax

    THE UK government is set to introduce a tax on heated tobacco for the first time.

    In the 2018 Budget announced this week, “heat not burn” smoking alternatives, which include brands such as Philip Morris's iQOS, will be taxed at the same rate as hand-rolling tobacco from April 2019.

    Britain’s The Mirror newspaper discovered the “hidden” measure after painstakingly trawling through the Budget’s red book, after it was released by Chancellor Philip Hammond on Tuesday (October 30th).

    Duty on rolling tobacco amounts to around £7 for the smallest (30g) packs, while under the new tobacco duty, prices of cigarettes will cost £10 for a packet of 20.

    But experts say that the government's tax hike on tobacco will do little to discourage smokers with a better way of helping people quit to help develop and promote e-cigarettes and vaping instead.

    Giles Roca of the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association said: "Tobacco taxes have

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  19. E-Cigarette Summit 2016 - All the Videos!

    E-Cigarette Summit 2016 - All the Videos!

    Apologies to those who’ve been waiting for the videos from the 2016 E-Cigarette Summit, but I’m happy to announce that they are now published. The Summit was co-founded by E-Cigarette-Forum.com and Smooth Events back in 2013 and has been held annually since.

    The E-Cigarette Summit is the top international science and public policy one-day conference on vaping, held at London’s Royal Society. This year’s event was more transatlantic in nature than previous years with a good number of American delegates and presenters in attendance.

    If you only watch one video, please make it the Tom Miller video.

    "It took great courage to be the first to do what you did worldwide. I thank you for that courage. It also takes great persistence. You have shown that and need to continue to show it. From my perspective, you are

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  20. Njoy, industry saviours, bankrupt

    Njoy, industry saviours, bankrupt

    It’s with great sadness that I learned Njoy filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday after two years of diminishing sales.

    I came to know many of those involved with Njoy over the years. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this is a team motivated to the core to fulfil their founder’s mission: to create a world free of smoking.

    And, let it be known, all vapers owe a HUGE debt to Njoy, or Sottera as the company is called. It was Sottera that forced back the FDA from impounding vaping products as unauthorised medicines, winning their case in 2010 and ultimately setting the stage for the industry that followed and flourishes today, despite the continued threat of regulatory oblivion.

    Their Njoy king was revolutionary when it was release three years ago, selling $93 million through 2013. However, for numerous reasons the success didn’t persist and the tobacco industry, doubling down on their offerings, took over the market with their distribution strength and

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