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Monthly Archives: March 2023

  1. VApril Is Go - 2023

    VApril Is Go - 2023

    SMOKERS are being encouraged to vape this April by taking part in the UK’s official, and world’s largest, Vaping Awareness Month.

    Now in its sixth year, VApril aims to spread awareness and champion the benefits of vaping over tobacco, while highlighting it is 95% “less harmful than smoking”, according to the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities.

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  2. Vaping.Com Supports National ‘No Smoking Day’

    Vaping.Com Supports National ‘No Smoking Day’

    A HEALTH campaign to get the UK to quit smoking this March is urging smokers to try vaping if they want to switch for good.

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  3. Spotlight on Vaporesso

    Spotlight on Vaporesso

    Vaporesso is one of the most established vaping brands in the industry, priding itself on reliable products such as the successful Vaporesso Xros series that feature highly innovative Vaporesso Xros Pods ensuring a professional vaping experience.

    Impressive Vaporesso coils, featured in all products including the satisfying Vaporesso Swag kit, have rich and authentic flavour qualities due to their unique technology, researched in 5 of the world’s leading vape laboratories. Stick with this page and you’ll discover why so many vapers of all experiences across the world now vape Vaporesso!

    Vaporesso is 100% committed to helping you realize your goal of breathing in a clearer future, while simultaneously establishing a smoke-free world, therefore in this article, we’ve picked out some of the best Vaporesso products, so you have all the information needed to find a match made in vape heaven.

    Vaporesso Xros Series

    If you’re a fan of simple vaping, the Xros series utilizes Vaporesso’s infamous technology to make a range of vape pens and disposable vapes that satisfy the user with as little maintenance required as possible, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger!

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  4. Spotlight on Geekvape

    Spotlight on Geekvape

    Since 2015, an ever-growing expert team of individuals collaborating under the GeekVape name have created a number of stylish vaping devices with intelligent software and design.

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  5. Save Money: Disposables vs Refillable Vapes, which is Cheaper?

    Save Money: Disposables vs Refillable Vapes, which is Cheaper?

    It’s true that disposable vapes are the current talk of the town, and with convenience and portability at the top of everyone’s wish list, they seem to fit the bill, right?

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  6. PSG and GeekVape Strike Breakthrough Sponsorship Deal

    PSG and GeekVape Strike Breakthrough Sponsorship Deal

    Paris Saint-Germain's decision to embrace GeekVape into the footballing stratosphere shows a modern approach to vaping and rightfully sets it apart from the bad rep of traditional smoking, but not everyone in the footballing world agrees...

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  7. Disney World Ramps Up Vaping Rules in 2023

    Disney World Ramps Up Vaping Rules in 2023

    A tough choice for any ex-smokers who have ditched their deadly cigarette habit and switched to vaping and are looking forward to experiencing the magic of Disney or Universal this summer.

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