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Mix & Match - 3 for £10

Mix & Match - 3 for £10

3 for £10 Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are one of the most popular choices for vapers worldwide. They’re great for beginners who want to test vaping out, and also work well as backups for seasoned vapers when out and about. They’re pre-charged and pre-filled with flavoured vape juice, so you can get started as soon as you take one out of its packaging. Once you’re finished with the vape, you can dispose of it responsibly and move on to the next. 

Most disposable vapes have a compact design, and fit easily into pockets and bags - perfect to take on the go.

3 for £10 Elf Bars

Elf Bar is one of the most popular vape brands worldwide, renowned for their convenient and lightweight disposable vapes. This brand offers a wide range of deliciously flavoured vapes and colourful designs to choose from. 

Elf Bar Cigalike Disposable

The Cigalike Disposable Pod is the latest addition to Elf Bar’s collection of popular products. It provides approximately 400 puffs per bar, using 1.6 ml nicotine salt with a 17 mg nicotine strength. However, as we always say, exactly how many puffs you’ll get from a disposable will depend on personal usage. 

The sleek, slimline design allows you to take it with you when on the go. It also features a stainless steel finish for maximised durability. It’s draw-activated, meaning you only need to draw from the mouthpiece to start vaping. This Cigalike also comes in a range of delicious flavours, including Apple Peach, Spearmint and Elfbull Ice. Explore the full flavour range on the brand’s product page.

This Cigalike is usually sold for £3.95 on Vaping.com. However, with the Elf Bar 3 for £10 deal on Vaping.com, you can buy three and save £1.85.

Elf Bar 600 Disposable

If you’re looking for a compact and convenient vape, the Elf Bar 600 disposable is a great choice - ideal for on-the-go use. It features a draw-activated, pre-filled pod system and can last approximately 600 puffs. Everyone’s vaping tastes are different, and so are their nicotine preferences. The Elf Bar 600 is available in 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine strength options, allowing you to choose the strength that best suits you.

This disposable is pre-filled with nicotine salt, giving it a smooth throat hit and strong flavour. Speaking of flavour, the Elf Bar is also available in a variety of great-tasting options, including Mango Ice, Cherry Cola and Strawberry Kiwi - to name just a few. 

Each bar is currently sold for £4.95 on Vaping.com, but if purchased through the vape 3 for £10 promotion, you can save up to £4.95. You can also mix and match with different flavours to create your perfect bundle. 

3 for £10 SKE Crystal Bar

If you’re looking for a subtle and sleek disposable, the Crystal Bar by SKE is a great option to consider. It comes pre-filled with 2 ml of nicotine salt, ensuring a smooth and satisfying feel. Each bar lasts for approximately 600 puffs, with no recharging or refilling necessary. 

Expertly combining style and practicality, the Crystal Bar has a double-injected design and a crystal-like effect in 30 vibrant shades, corresponding to its flavour options. The stainless steel frame helps maximise durability, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s also lightweight, compact and provides subtle cloud production, making it ideal for those who prefer discreet vaping.

With the disposable vapes 3 for £10 deal, you can ensure you’re purchasing high-quality products for less. The Crystal Bar normally costs £4.95 on Vaping.com, meaning you’ll save £4.95 when buying it as part of your 3 for £10 bundle. Explore the full range of flavours currently in stock on the Crystal Bar product page. 

3 for £10 Lost Mary BM600

Loved by vapers for the vibrant designs and huge range of flavours, the Lost Mary BM600 is a great disposable to add to your 3 for £10 bundle. 

The vape is pre-filled with 2 ml of 20 mg nicotine-strength nic salt. It’s easy to use and is activated simply by drawing on the mouthpiece. One bar can last approximately 600 puffs.

This Lost Mary is compact and easy to carry around. It features a durable outer shell and offers subtle clouds with each puff for discreet use.

With its array of delicious flavours, the BM600 offers something to suit a variety of different tastes. This product usually costs £4.95 on Vaping.com, but with our 3 for £10 vapes deal, you can add it to your bundle and save up to £4.95.