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Vape Parts

There are several vape parts that you need to consider for the best performance of your mod. Here are some of the vape parts and accessories that we offer:

  • Coils: A device’s coil is one of the most important vape parts since it is responsible for heating the vape juice and converting it into vapour. At Vaping.com, we offer pre-built coils and other vape parts from the most popular vaping brands to ensure that you can find the right coil for any device.

  • Batteries: Mods are powered by batteries. Some mods (like pod systems) have internal built-in batteries, while many are powered by batteries of various sizes; with 18650 being one of the most common. We provide a variety of high-quality safety-certified batteries with enough capacity to power your device for hours and hours between charges.

Picking The Right Vape Parts

Vape parts aren’t universal and not all vape parts will work well with your specific mod. Before choosing a replacement item, consider its compatibility. Here are a few tips to making sure you are purchasing the right vape parts for your specific device:

  1. Choose The Same Brands: Typically, brands provide replacement and upgradeable vape parts for their specific devices. Many top vaping brands like SMOK & Aspire offer a large assortment of vape parts to fit the various vaping personalities of their customers. Look for vape parts that are the same brand as your device for maximum compatibility and a perfect fit.

  2. Consider The Threading: Although most brands use common threading for their mods, devices and vape parts; some brands choose to use a different sizing that is specific to their mods. Before choosing a part for your device, make sure both the device and part have common threading patterns.

  3. Check Recommendations: The best way to ensure that you are buying the right vape parts for your device is to check for compatibility. At vaping.com, we explicitly identify which vaping mods are compatible with each of our parts - ensuring that you choose the right part, every time.

Buying Vape Parts from vaping.com

At vaping.com, we carry the highest quality and most popular vape parts from the world’s leading vape brands. As one of the leading online suppliers of mods and vape parts, we ensure that no matter what item you select, you will be satisfied with your purchase.