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IVG Bar Crystal Disposable Vape

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This durable and stylish disposable features a double-layered, buttonless design. If you like the crystal-clear exterior, just wait until you try what's inside!

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Brand IVG


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The IVG Bar Crystal Disposable Vape offers a large 2ml pod with 20mg of salt nicotine, providing up to 600 puffs with its 550mAh battery. It comes in a range of 11 cool-kicking flavours that are sweet and delicious.

The Bar Crystal by IVG is a disposable vape that lives up to its name by offering a variety of extravagant and flavour combinations inside a crystal-clear, double-layered chassis.

Its buttonless appearance makes it stylish and convenient activated simply by inhaling through the mouthpiece, initiating a smooth, MTL airflow that's familiar for recently transitioned vapers.

There's a variety of fruity, sweet, and classic drink flavours to choose from, so you're bound to discover the ideal combination that will revitalize your taste buds.


  • 550mAh integrated & rechargeable cobalt battery
  • 2ml Prefilled Flavour Pod
  • Nicotine Salt (20mg/2%)
  • Auto-draw activated
  • MTL airflow
  • Available in 11 flavours

More about the IVG Bar Crystal Disposable Vape:


The Bar Crystal Disposable Vape by IVG guarantees long-lasting vaping sessions with its built-in 550mAh integrated cobalt battery and 2ml prefilled flavour pod.

With a sizeable puff count of up to 600, it includes IVG's award-winning nicotine salt e-liquid (20mg) available in 11 delectable flavours. Nicotine salts are popular amongst transitioned vapers for their smooth throat hit despite a higher boost of nicotine.

Bar Crystal pods have a see-through, crystal-clear mouthpiece so you can see exactly how much liquid is left to vape. Enjoy a high-quality MTL vaping experience with ease using the draw-activated pod and meshed coil, which is wicked with organic cotton. The discreet cloud release allows you to vape on your own terms.

Choose from the following great flavours:

  • Blueberry Blackberry: This combination offers a delightful burst of fruity flavours. With its sweet and tangy notes, the aroma alone is enough to make one's mouth water!
  • Strawberry Guava: Indulge in the tropical goodness of fresh strawberries and mouth-watering guava with this exquisite blend. This juicy delicacy promises double the sweetness for a delectable MTL experience.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: Try a fruity and nostalgic bubblegum flavour to invigorate your senses and tantalize your taste buds. A perfect choice for those seeking unique flavours.
  • Passionfruit & Mango: Exotic favourites combined to create an extra juicy burst of paradise. Whatever the weather, you’ll feel revitalised with this exotic mix of delicious, beach-holiday fruits.
  • Apple & Raspberry: This flavour combination is a timeless classic that can be savoured at any time of the day. The perfect mix of sweet and tart from both fruits creates a delicious blend that tantalizes the senses.
  • Strawberry Peach Lemonade: There's nothing quite like the refreshing taste of zesty, ice-cold lemonade infused with the juicy goodness of fresh strawberries and peaches. The combination of all three flavours is simply divine, delivering a delicious blend of citrus and sweetness.
  • Blue Razz Lemonade: One of the most sought-after flavours in the vaping community is blue raspberry. Its delectable taste is perfectly complemented by a refreshing summer drink, resulting in a tantalizing blend of sweet and zesty flavour.
  • Frozen Berries: Experience a delightful blend of your most-loved berries infused with a refreshing touch of menthol. The fusion of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries will burst in your mouth, offering a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and tangy flavours.
  • Blueberry: A crowd favourite amongst vapers both entry-level and experienced, the tasty blueberry flavour is bursting with juicy sweetness and guaranteed to impress juicy fruit connoisseurs.
  • Strawberry Raspberry: A complementary mix of fresh strawberries and raspberries that provides a combination of sweetness and tang. The refreshing juices create an indulgent vape liquid.
  • Cherry: A sweet blend of luscious cherries with lip-licking flavour, this one-fruit vape classic packs a perfect punch!


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