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Nic Salts 10ml

Nic Salts 10ml

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Nic Salt Vape Juice

Nicotine Salts, Salt Nic or Nic Salts? Whatever you call it, it is all the same thing, but how are Nic Salt different from regular sub-ohm vape juices

Standard nicotine found in most low-strength - sub-Ohm vape juices is alkaline (the opposite of acidic – or pH > 7 for those who enjoy their science) which means it is naturally harsh on the throat and therefore only available in lower, 3-12mg nicotine strengths.

Nicotine salts are nicotine plus acid. It might seem strange, but adding acid to the nicotine actually makes it smoother and allows the stronger e-liquid to be palatable.

Nic Salts are not acidic or alkali, and so are gentler on the throat allowing for their higher 10-20mg strengths. This is because acid plus alkali creates a pH-neutral salt (hence the name Nicotine Salts). 

Stronger juice means a more satisfying vaping experience without the need for massive clouds and clunky high-powered box mod kits and vape pen devices.

These salt nic blends always come in a thinner 50/50 PG/VG liquid. They are designed for smaller, less powerful devices like pod systems which use 0.8 Ohm and above-ohm coils.

What Are The Benefits of Nicotine Salts?

Although many vapers still prefer regular e-liquids, nicotine salts provide a host of benefits to those who desire a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping experience.

Smoother throat feel: Since salt nicotine is pH neutral, the throat hits aren’t as harsh with the higher concentration.

Less vaping: With nicotine salts having a higher level of concentration, it doesn’t take as much to reach a level of satisfaction. Less vaping means that your e-liquid and your battery will last longer!

Longer shelf life: Nicotine salts are more stable than regular premixed 10ml vape juices and they can remain on the shelf or in storage for much longer without nicotine degradation.

To optimise the storage of e-liquids we recommend keeping them tightly sealed in a cool dark place as they degrade much faster when exposed to light and air.

What Type Of Devices Are Right For Vaping Nicotine Salts?

Salt-based nicotine vape juice is intended for vaping from lower-powered devices such as pod systems and is compatible with some pen-style devices - always check the product descriptions to ensure they refer to mouth-to-lung and above Ohm vaping.

Pod systems are the perfect type of device for vaping nicotine salts. These small and compact devices deliver a low vapour production - allowing vapers to receive a satisfying nicotine hit without producing huge clouds or having to take a long pull.