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SMOK Vapes

The SMOK brand has never been one to follow market trends, but instead, has consistently been a brand that sets new standards. From innovating its SMOK Box Mods to its long line of SMOK coils, the brand has led the industry in new technology since its birth. Some of the most notable innovations from the SMOK brand include:

  • Dual Coil Atomizers - Although dual coil atomizers existed in 2011, the SMOK brand made it available on a mass level. With the introduction of these new SMOK coils, vapers were able to achieve a whole new vaping experience with enhanced flavor and atomizer performance.

  • Variable Wattage - The SMOK vape pen wasn’t the first to use variable wattage control, but the brand definitely helped push the technology along and made it more available to vapers around the world. Early on when variable wattage was barely heard of, SMOK introduced a whole line of variable wattage devices. These early devices, launched in 2014, included the Rocket, Shuttle, and Silenus. Although many brands offer variable wattage devices today, the SMOK vape brand was one of the first to introduce it across a whole line of easy-to-use devices.

  • Sub-Ohm Vaping - At one point, sub-ohm vaping was an experience that could only be delivered with a mechanical mod. The technology that the brand put behind its SMOK tanks over the last several years, however, have allowed even those with personal vaporizer devices to experience the same level of high-volume vaping as those who use mech mods. The first breakthrough in the SMOK tank department was the introduction of the TFV4, which was compatible with its line of sub-ohm coils; allowing for major vapor production at each and every vape session. Later, the brand introduced new innovative SMOK products with the TFV18. This tank was revered by many veteran vapers and constantly claimed as one of the best vape tanks on the market.

SMOK Vape Kits & SMOK Mods

From SMOK Vape Pens to full Starter Kits, there are perfect SMOK products for all levels of vapers. For new vapers or those who prefer a discrete experience, the SMOK brand offers a long line of pod mod and vape pen selections.

For those who prefer maximum vape production and require more control over their experience, the SMOK store offers some of the best sub-ohm and box mod devices. Some of the most notable SMOK Box Mods include:

SMOK Pod Systems

  • Novo has been one of our best selling pod systems of 2019. Our customers love the small convenient size and portability it offers. Now SMOK has given it a revamp. The brand new SMOK Novo 4 has a bigger battery, larger wattage range, new pod design and a range of new coils to choose from.

  • If you've read any of our best of compilations you'll have seen how highly we rate the SMOK Nord 5 Kit. Simply put it's one of the best pod systems money can buy. 

SMOK Tanks

We've got all the latest SMOK tank releases as they continue to revolutionize vaping with their innovative designs. Most vapers will be familiar with the TFV line of vape tanks, the amazing TFV9 is one the most popular vape tanks in our online vape store.


Is SMOK a good brand?

Yes, SMOK is the best selling vape brand in the world for a reason. They've designed and manufactured some of the most cutting edge and popular vape kits in the industry. Their manufacturing might means that they can create kits which are not only cutting edge but cost less than their competitors. SMOK's output is so significant it can be said they make almost double the number of different devices compared to anyone else. To call them prolific would be an understatement. Whether you're looking for a large box mod kit, a small portable pod vape or just an awesome sub-ohm tank - SMOK will have a device to fit your needs.  

What is the best SMOK vape?

Currently the best SMOK vape would have to be the Novo 4. A small and portable pod vape that packs a punch. If you're a fan of sub-Ohm vaping then you need to check out the SMOK Morph 2 Kit. A box mod kit with a large screen vaping up to 230W, big clouds and massive flavour guaranteed. 

What is SMOK For?

SMOK or SMOKTECH is the main brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd, based in China. 2020 marks their 10 year anniversary and to celebrate the occasion they've released a special vape kit, SMOK Novo X.

How to turn on a SMOK vape?

Like most other vaping brands to turn on and power up a SMOK vape you will need to press the firing button 5 times quickly. If your SMOK vape doesn't have a firing button and is draw activated it will always be on unless it has run out of charge.

How to unlock a SMOK vape?

To lock and unlock a SMOK vape press the firing button 3 times quickly.