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  • Vaping Slashes Youth Smoking Rates

    Vaping Slashes Youth Smoking Rates

    YOUTH smoking has fallen three times faster since the emergence of vaping, a new study has confirmed. The long-term decline in youth and young adults having a deadly cigarette habit has accelerated in the US since e-cigarettes became popular in 2014, according to research published in the Tobacco Control journal. Entitled “Examining the relationship of vaping to smoking initiation among US youth and young adults: a reality check”, the study was led by public health experts Professors David Levy, Ken Warner and Australian Ron Borland. The research, which used publicly available data to study the trends, revealed: “There was a...
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  • Call For "Shake And Vape" Products Crackdown

    Call For "Shake And Vape" Products Crackdown

    BOSSES of leading vape companies have called for an urgent worldwide crackdown on “shake and vape” fluids found on the internet. Following an investigation in Britain’s The Times newspaper this week which discovered e-cigarette products resembling sweet treats and containing potentially dangerous chemicals are being sold on Amazon, industry figures are again urging the UK government to take action. “Shake and vape” fluids currently escape rules for tobacco and e-cigarette products because they contain no nicotine themselves. Instead, the bottles that are marketed to mimic fizzy drinks, candy or cakes, are designed for customers to mix with a $1 shot...
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  • Vaping Prevents Long-Term Relapse

    Vaping Prevents Long-Term Relapse

    NEW research shows vaping prevents smokers from having a long-term relapse – even if they try a cigarette. Ex smokers don’t lapse for long if they’ve swapped to e-cigarettes and crucially don’t see it as “game over” for their quit attempt if they briefly re-try tobacco again, an investigation by British university researchers has found. The findings, funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the medical journal Drug and Alcohol Review, show vaping actively encourages not just smoking cessation, but long-term relapse prevention. Lead researcher Dr Caitlin Notley from University of East Anglia's Norwich Medical School, who conducted the...
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  • Vape Plan For Tenants Facing Cigarette Ban

    Vape Plan For Tenants Facing Cigarette Ban

    SMOKERS who live in public housing could face a smoking ban in their own homes and urged to vape instead, under new plans being considered in the UK. Following a recent report which revealed smoking is twice as common and “highly concentrated” in council-owned properties and estates, tenants of new housing blocks may be forced to stop smoking cigarettes under new proposals, it has been revealed. Politicians have suggested smokers be handed vaping kits by housing associations if the idea comes into force to help ease tenant's withdrawal symptoms and manage their nicotine addiction . Two All Party Parliamentary Groups...
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  • Politicians Call For Vaping At Work

    Politicians Call For Vaping At Work

    POLITICIANS have called for vaping to be allowed in the workplace – with the UK's Houses of Parliament leading the way as a vape-friendly zone, it has been revealed. In a drive to make e-cigarettes more acceptable at places of work in Britain - and given separate rules to smoking - a group of MPs (Members of Parliament) have called for new policies to be drawn up to help address common “misunderstandings” about the practice. Members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV) agreed designated vaping areas inside offices should be considered along with employers allowing e-cigarette use in...
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  • FDA’s New Flavor Rules Under Fire

    FDA’s New Flavor Rules Under Fire

    AMERICA’S new restrictions on the sale of e-cigarette flavors have come under fire by both anti and pro vapers. The U.S. government's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that while it won’t implement a ban on flavored vape juice and pods from stores and gas stations, as originally expected in its drive to restrict underage vaping, all shops must now “police” themselves. Stores will be expected to implement closed-off, over-18 areas instead, which would be inaccessible to teenagers, where fruit and candy flavors will be sold. Under the new laws, tobacco, menthol and mint flavors will remain unrestricted and...
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  • Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit, Research Reveals

    Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit, Research Reveals

    SMOKERS wanting to quit their cigarette habit have been urged to spend time with people who vape, following new research funded by Cancer Research UK. Scientists at University College London, who conducted the study, found that smokers who spend time with e-cigarette users were 20 times more likely to try and ditch tobacco for good. Over one in four cigarette smokers in the survey said they were regularly in close contact with e-cigarettes in the past year, with around a third (32.3 per cent) of those admitting they had tried to quit through vaping in the past year, according to...
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  • E-Cig Giant Pulls Flavors From Stores

    E-Cig Giant Pulls Flavors From Stores

    E-CIGARETTE giant Juul has pulled some of its flavored vape products from retail stores and vape shops, it has announced. Sales of the flavored pods which it deems the most appealing to young people will be only available on its own secure website - and restricted to consumers aged 21, through verification. Strict measures will include consumers having to input their social security number to match records as well as verifying identity through a phone number and photo at checkout. Flavors which have been pulled off shelves from over 90,000 retail stores across America include mango, fruit, crème and cucumber...
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  • U.S. Faces Imminent Restrictions On E-Cigarette Sales

    U.S. Faces Imminent Restrictions On E-Cigarette Sales

    AMERICA’S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to ban sales of most flavored e-cigarettes in stores and gas stations nationwide under a plan to stop underage vaping, it has been revealed. The FDA is expected to announce details of the new measures next week, according to a senior agency official as reported in America’s Washington Post. New measures will also include setting up age-verification measures for online sales to stop minors buying flavored pods. The sales ban in grocery stores and gas stations is not expected to include menthol and tobacco flavors, reportedly because there are concerns that adult vapers...
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  • Thailand Takes Step Towards Lifting Vape Ban

    Thailand Takes Step Towards Lifting Vape Ban

    ONE of the strictest countries in the world for vaping has reportedly taken its first step towards lifting its notoriously rigorous e-cigarette ban. Thailand’s Foreign Trade ministry is currently considering allowing tourists to bring their personal vape gear and liquids into the country for personal use, according to news reports. Importing vape products to sell or to use in public, however, will remain strictly forbidden. In what is being seen as a positive move, a working group within the government has now been set up to look at the repercussions of lifting Thailand’s outright ban, which would mean foreigners are...
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