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  • Mods and Pods - The 5 Best Pod Systems of 2017

    Mods and Pods - The 5 Best Pod Systems of 2017

    When it comes to discrete and stealthy vaping, few devices can compare to some of the new pod systems on the market - especially those that we’ve named on our Best Pod Systems list. Vapers are falling in love with the small size and portability that pod systems offer - and while we love our huge powerful sub-ohm devices, sometimes a small on-the-go device is exactly what we need in the moment. While vaping pod systems are still growing in popularity, vapers of all levels have been increasingly adding them to their device collections. Not familiar with pod systems, or...
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  • Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

    Six YouTube Vapers to Watch Today

    YouTube is a great place to learn about vaping and stay up to date with the latest e-cigarette news. It’s also a great place to watch reviews and keep up with the latest vaping products, but you should be aware that many product videos are sponsored by vape manufacturers. There are tons of interesting videos, but there’s a lot of timewasters too. This list should help you decide who is worth watching. GrimmGreen GrimmGreen describes himself as a regular guy who likes vaping a whole lot. He was one of the first vaping YouTubers and his videos set the bar...
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  • 9 Vaping Myths Debunked

    9 Vaping Myths Debunked

    Everyone seems to have opinions about vaping these days. One person could say vaping changed their life, while another could believe using an e-cigarette is just as bad as smoking. Then there are people who believe scaremongering stories about vaping - vape pens will explode in your pocket, e-liquid makes you fat, you’re filling your lungs with water every time you inhale….but how many of these statements are true? Here are 9 of the most popular vaping myths - debunked.   “Vaping dessert e-liquid will make me fat” Some people may look at strawberry shortcake and cherry pie e-liquids, then...
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  • The Five Best SMOK Mods - 2018 Reviews

    The Five Best SMOK Mods - 2018 Reviews

    SMOK has earned its reputation as one of the top vape manufacturers the hard way. It's clear that SMOK designers and engineers have a wholehearted commitment to quality and the company is known for trying to push the boundaries of possibility forwards. Other vape manufacturers often find themselves trying to keep up with SMOK and with a full range of devices - appealing to new and experienced vapers, the company has got something for everyone. Here’s our list of the five best SMOK devices. Choose a device that suits your needs and purchase from our online shop. SMOK Priv One...
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  • 26 tips to leave tobacco for good

    26 tips to leave tobacco for good

    Want to stop smoking tobacco this year? The success rate for smokers trying to kick the habit hit a record high in 2017, but many people still find it hard to stop using tobacco. YouGov research shows that ditching tobacco is a popular New Year’s Resolution, with 9% of Americans planning to give up in 2018. To give yourself the best chance of stopping, you have to adopt certain tactics to help deal with cravings. These are some of the most effective strategies that we’ve come across: Write down all the reasons why you want to stop using tobacco. Review...
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  • $700 Spring Clean Giveaway!

    OK, I know it's not spring, it is in fact the middle of winter, but that hasn't stopped us from rounding up some of the hottest devices of 2017 to warm you up.   There are 6 kits, 2 mods, a squonker, and RTA, an RDTA... and the list goes on, everything pictured is up for grabs.  There's just one catch, this time it's a winner takes all giveaway, so we expect you to do the right thing and pay it forward if you're the lucky winner! spring clean giveaway! Here's what you could win! 1 x SMOK GX350...
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  • 10 Mistakes New Vapers Make

    10 Mistakes New Vapers Make

    The world of vaping is an exciting one - but can sometimes feel a bit daunting, especially when it comes to how your shiny new device works. There are some basic rules to be aware of as you explore the plentiful options available to you - and following them will ensure you don’t get a nasty taste when you vape, take in too much nicotine or walk around with cotton mouth. Here are the top ten mistakes new vapers make, and how to avoid them.   1. Getting the wrong e-liquid Many new to vaping will decide to pick up...
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  • Here Are The 13 Best Vape Tanks On The Market Today

    Here Are The 13 Best Vape Tanks On The Market Today

    With hundreds of vape tanks available on the market today, it can often be difficult to filter through less quality options and select the best vape tank. When it comes to selecting the best tank, a variety of factors come into play: affordability, resistance rating, delivery, tank capacity and more. In the following post, we want to tell you everything you need to know about vape tanks, introduce the different types tanks, and give you a few of our suggestions for the best vape tanks on the market. Choosing The Best Vape Tank Before we get into the good stuff...
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  • Anti-vaping Crusader Sued for Sexual Harassment

    Anti-vaping Crusader Sued for Sexual Harassment

    Stanton Glantz has been sued for sexual harassment by a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, Buzzfeed reports. In a year that has seen high profile stars such as Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein accused of serious sexual crimes, Glantz – an outspoken critic of vaping – has been accused of forcing his former subordinate to hug her, repeatedly staring at her body, and displaying “misogynistic and racially insensitive behavior”. Glantz's accuser, Eunice Neely, claims that she was forced to leave UCSF due to his actions and the inability or unwillingness of the University to address...
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  • E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    The fifth E-Cigarette Summit took place at London’s Royal Society last Friday. For those interested in the true state of global science and regulations on vaping products (and, increasingly, other alternative nicotine products), the Summit is the calendar-event of note. The following is my personal take on the overall themes, and I’ll start off with a TLDR listicle: Vaping typically produces well under 5% of the HPHCs of smoking, likely even under 1%….. With the important caveat that cloud-chasing type exposures have not been studied widely. Regardless, it’s always possible that there’s an as-yet-unidentified interaction between those small quantities of...
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