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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. Buying Your First Vape? Here’s What You Need To Know

    Buying Your First Vape? Here’s What You Need To Know

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    Box Mod vs Vape Pen vs Pod System

    If you’re new to the vaping world and wondering what vape you should buy, things can get confusing pretty quick. You go to buy your first device and come across terms like a personal vaporizer, mech mod, unregulated box mod, vape pen, pod vape and more. You go to buy your first bottle of juice and you have a million different flavours and a wide range of nicotine levels. Luckily for you we've created lots of blog posts to help you find out which the best

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  2. Vaping Helps Stub Out Cigarette Litter

    Vaping Helps Stub Out Cigarette Litter

    Cigarette butts are the most common piece of litter picked up in the United States. Thrown butts are also a big problem on beaches and in oceans around the world.

    Although e-cigarettes still create some litter, making the switch to vaping can help clean up streets, parks and beaches and stop toxic chemicals from used butts leaching into the environment.

    The problem with cigarette butts

    Cigarette butts have consistently made up around 30-40% of all litter items collected in urban and coastal clean-ups. This is despite the fact that smoking rates have been dropping across much of the Western world.

    A Keep America Beautiful roadway litter survey found that - along with other tobacco products like cigars and tobacco packaging - cigarette butts were the single biggest item of litter collected. Butts made up 38% of the 51.2

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  3. A Glimpse into the Regulatory Future of Vaping

    A Glimpse into the Regulatory Future of Vaping

    Eric Lindblom, senior scholar at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, and former Senior Advisor to the FDA’s Centre for Tobacco Products has published a lengthy report in the Food and Drug Law Journal entitled “Effectively Regulating E-Cigarettes and Their Advertising - and the First Amendment” (pdf download). This is an important document which gives great insight into the legal thought that will inform FDA’s actions going forward. 

    Fundamentally, Lindblom supposes that the scientific questions as to safety, gateways, dual use, cessation efficacy and so forth do not need be resolved prior to the issuance of the regulation, since the law will allow the FDA to resolve these questions at its leisure once it is in place.

    At the very core of Mr Lindblom’s argument is the following logic chain:

    As a result of the tobacco act and the deeming

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  4. 10 Things You Should Know Before Vaping for the First Time

    10 Things You Should Know Before Vaping for the First Time

    This is it. You’re ready to vape. You’ll buy some kit, power it up with your favourite vape juice and be ripping fat clouds in no time.

    Well, maybe not exactly. Vaping isn’t complicated, but there are some things that you need to know about if you want to avoid embarrassment and accidents.

    There are different types of e-cigarette 

    While it is tempting to call all the devices e-cigarettes or vapes, there are important distinctions between product categories.

    Disposable e-cigarettes like those made by Blu and NJOY are easily available from gas stations, but they aren’t very powerful. Cigalikes and pen mods are a bit more substantial, but they won’t satisfy everyone.

    It’s when you graduate to a vape mod that vaping gets more fun. These larger devices give bigger clouds and they let you change the hardware and alter wattage or temperature output to suit your preferences.

    Mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung

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  5. Vaping Glossary

    Vaping Glossary

    The ultimate vaping glossary for new and experienced vapers. 

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  6. What To Expect Your First Time Vaping

    What To Expect Your First Time Vaping

    You’ve decided that you want to purchase your first vape mod or e-cigarette, but there’s one problem - you’ve never actually vaped before and you have no idea what to expect. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. At one point, every vaper was was facing their first time vaping and was a bit overwhelmed by how much there was to know. Getting started vaping for the first time isn’t as easy as going to the local store and buying a pack of cigarettes - you have to find the right mod, match it with the right coils and batteries, find a vape juice that you like, and then figure out how to put it all together.

    With all of these things that you need to know just to get your mod screen to turn on, your first vape can become confusing. We want to help you navigate through this process and give you a few first time vaping tips to get the maximum amount of pleasure and enjoyment on your first time using a vape.

    Every Vaper Has A First Vaping Experience

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  7. Stealth Vapes for 2023: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible

    Stealth Vapes for 2023: How To Vape Like You Are Totally Invisible

    Some vapers love blowing huge clouds, doing vape tricks and bringing as much attention to their vaping session as possible. Every now and then you’ll see them out and about with their vape mods, just subtly visible behind a dense vape fog with a small group of interested people surrounding them in curiosity. However, not every vaper begs for this type of attention. In fact, some vapers live in areas where vaping is much more restricted, looked down upon, or maybe even illegal. While some vapers command to be the centre of attention, others have a much different objective. If anything, they seek the opposite - the ability to seem totally invisible while they are vaping.

    At times, we just want to vape in peace, without the awkward stares or question from others. This is where “stealth vape” is extremely useful. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to vape like you’re invisible; from the perfect stealth mods to the expert

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  8. Mechanical Mods Explained: What You Need To Know

    Mechanical Mods Explained: What You Need To Know

    If you’re a fan of clouds, cloud chasing or vape tricks, you’ve probably come across the term “mechanical mods” or “mech mods” several times. For someone unfamiliar with what mechanical vape mods are and how they work, mechanical vapes can seem extremely complex and difficult to understand. Those who watch vaping videos on YouTube are often curious about why the mods they see on the videos aren’t the same as the vape mods they see at their local vape shop. In this post, we’re going to explore the world of mechanical mods, and give you some insight into using one safely.

    Mechanical Mods Explained

    Mechanical mods (also known as mech mods) aren’t as sophisticated as they seem. Basically, a mech mod is a device that supplies pure battery power to an atomizer. While mech mods seem like complex contraptions that can only be understood by electrical engineers, it turns out mech mods are

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  9. Best 200+ Watt Vape Mods (updated for 2023)

    Best 200+ Watt Vape Mods (updated for 2023)

    As the technology improves and discerning vapers demand better devices, box vape mods are getting increasingly powerful.

    Today, there are dozens of devices breaking the 200 Watt barrier. But this can cause a problem for power junkies.

    How do you know which box vape mod is best for low resistance, high voltage, big cloud vaping?

    At vaping.com we want to help all our customers get the best kit to suit their needs.

    Relying on our second-to-none industry knowledge and customer feedback, we try to make sure that we always have the best products in stock.

    So here is our pick of the top 200+ Watt box mods on the market today. Alternatively, why not check out the vaping.com ultimate guide to the best vape mods of 2019 so far.

    GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Mod

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  10. Mech mods exploding: history repeating, with no end in sight

    Mech mods exploding: history repeating, with no end in sight

    In February 2012 a Florida man, Tom Holloway, suffered extensive injuries after his vape device exploded, gaining the unfortunate distinction of being the first person to be injured by vape mod. By today’s standards, this device was primitive: it was a closed tube with a button on the side and a screw thread on the top to connect the atomizing unit. Variations on this same technology still in wide use, known as “mech mods” because they close the electrical circuit in a purely mechanical fashion.

    This injury didn’t come as a surprise to many in the then small but fast-growing vape community. Indeed, E-Cigarette-Forum had tried to create a standard which would mitigate the fallout of so-called “thermal failures”; simple things like ensuring vents could allow explosive gasses to escape and be directed

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