The day the vape stood still

This is it. August 8th. The end of the golden age of vaping. From today, what you see is all you get. No more innovation, no new products. Vape is fossilized.

Since I set E-Cigarette-Forum up in 2007, vaping has become a global phenomenon, releasing many from the grip smoking. Sadly, vaping has also become the subject of moral panic. The dominant narrative has become: “vaping is an evil plot to hook teenagers on nicotine”.

Most troublingly, smokers are not taken seriously. They are viewed as carriers of disease and excluded from the debate over their own health.

America is about to become more draconian than Europe in its treatment of vaping products.

But there are reasons to be cheerful. These regulations could have come out two years ago when they were first proposed. Instead, the intervening years have seen vast improvements in products available to vapers, and many of these products will be available for the next two years at least.


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