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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Vapers Get Health Insurance Boost

    Vapers Get Health Insurance Boost

    VAPERS are to enjoy the same insurance rates as non-smokers for the first time, according to a UK report.

    E-cigarette users will save thousands of pounds in health insurance after years of being put in the same category as smokers.

    The change comes after a Public Health England report earlier this year showed vaping to be 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes. Vape advocates immediately called for a subsequent change to insurance premiums to reflect vaping being a far healthier alternative to smoking.

    Earlier this year, it was reported that life insurance had started to drop after experts revealed at an industry conference how insurance companies were downgrading the risk for users of e-cigarettes or nicotine-containing smoking substitutes.

    It was revealed at the time, by independent

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  2. European Union Considers Tax on Vapers

    European Union Considers Tax on Vapers

    The European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union (EU), is holding a public consultation on the taxation of tobacco and vaping products.

    After postponing a decision on an EU-wide vape tax earlier this year, the Commission could introduce excise duties or ‘sin taxes’ on vaping products in all 28 EU member states in 2019.

    Consumer associations and tobacco harm reduction organisations in 16 EU countries are encouraging European vapers to respond to the consultation questionnaire and sign a petition opposing the tax.

    In a similar consultation in 2016, 90% of respondents rejected the idea of taxing vapour products.

    At the time of writing, the Change.org petition had attracted more than 17,000 signatures.

    Vaping has helped more than 7.5m Europeans stop smoking

    Using data from the EU itself, vape advocates from the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK, among others, argue that vaping has helped more than

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  3. iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    iQOS hands on: What's better, iQOS or Vape?

    So, what’s iQOS really like?

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  4. Can Vapers Overdose on Nicotine? 

    Can Vapers Overdose on Nicotine? 

    The average vaper has little chance of overdosing on nicotine. As long as you aren’t abusing the products or using them unsafely, you have nothing to worry about.

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  5. How to Deep Clean Your Atomizer Tank

    How to Deep Clean Your Atomizer Tank

    Vaping is really simple but there are things you need to do to keep your vape in good condition. One thing you have to make sure you do is clean your tank out regularly.

    A dirty atomizer can make your vape taste funny and affect the longevity of your device. You should give your atomizer a quick clean each time you change your e-liquid or replace your coil.

    Here’s a quick cleaning job you can do:

    • Get rid of excess e-liquid by pouring it out or create a spinning centrifuge with a piece of string and a plastic bucket.
    • Remove the coil and rinse the tank out
    • Let the tank air dry and use a Q tip to clean any stubborn spots

    Deep cleaning your atomizer

    If your atomizer looks very dirty or starts tasting foul when you vape, you might have to do a more thorough cleaning job.

    Coils that look brown and burnt will not perform as well as they should. Cleaning these coils requires a deeper clean.

    The easiest

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  6. How to Get Your Parents to Vape

    How to Get Your Parents to Vape

    Sometimes, parents need to be parented.

    If your mom or dad has a decades-old cigarette addiction, worrying about their health can feel like a full-time job.

    We have all told our parents to reset the WiFi and to delete those dodgy apps from their smartphones. Now we can help them out again by telling them about the latest technology designed to help adults switch from smoking tobacco.

    We’re up against it when it comes to spreading the benefits of e-cigarettes.

    Every day, there are new sensationalized media reports about epidemics and stealthy new ‘USB-drive’ vapes.

    In fact, the number of Americans who wrongly believe that e-cigarettes are as harmful as or more harmful than combustible cigarettes tripled between 2012 and 2015.

    But out of the hype, a new scientific consensus is emerging. Landmark research

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  7. Ban Francisco: Reaction to the San Francisco Flavour Ban

    Ban Francisco: Reaction to the San Francisco Flavour Ban

    This week, San Francisco voted to uphold a ban on flavoured vape juice and other flavoured tobacco products.

    The public ballot could lead to more vape restrictions applied across the United States.

    Almost 70% voted in favour of ‘Proposition E’ after the city’s Board of Supervisors first approved a flavour ban last year.

    The ban includes all flavoured e-liquids, menthol cigarettes and flavoured cigars. It has been labelled one of the strictest local regulations anywhere in the western world.

    Several anti-tobacco interest groups and health bodies supported the flavour ban, claiming that bright packaging may encourage kids to start using tobacco.

    Vaping advocates opposed the ban, pointing out that vaping is safer than smoking and claiming that limiting access to e-cigarettes could dissuade adult smokers from trying to quit.

    There is also

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  8. Can Vaping Cause Headaches?

    Can Vaping Cause Headaches?

    This year, Public Health England reaffirmed their 2015 claim that e-cigarettes were at least 95% safer than combustible cigarettes.

    The 2018 review came a few weeks after the US National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine concluded that, on the available evidence, “e-cigarettes are likely to be far less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes.”

    They both agree that, as an alternative to smoking, vaping has the power to significantly improve health outcomes.

    But this doesn’t mean that vaping is perfect. More than half (55%) of e-cigarette users have experienced at least one side effect while vaping.

    While they are generally not as serious as the side effects of using tobacco, they can be uncomfortable.

    One reported

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  9. E-Cig Giant Pulls Flavours From Stores

    E-Cig Giant Pulls Flavours From Stores

    E-CIGARETTE giant Juul has pulled some of its flavoured vape products from retail stores and vape shops, it has announced.

    Sales of the flavoured pods which it deems the most appealing to young people will be only available on its own secure website - and restricted to consumers aged 21, through verification.

    Strict measures will include consumers having to input their social security number to match records as well as verifying identity through a phone number and photo at checkout.

    Flavours which have been pulled off shelves from over 90,000 retail stores across America include mango, fruit, crème and cucumber.

    Juul has also announced plans to delete its social media channels including Facebook and Instagram, because of its potential draw for teens.

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  10. FDA Considers Banning Online Vape Sales

    FDA Considers Banning Online Vape Sales

    THE US government is considering banning the online sales of e-cigarettes, it has been revealed.

    Head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Scott Gottlieb has admitted the shock move is one of the proposals "on the table" as part of its crackdown on teen vaping.

    While speaking on a panel discussion on e-cigarettes hosted by US news website Axios on Tuesday, Gottlieb explained the FDA will reveal more about its future plans in November when they release new data on the use of e-cigarettes by minors.

    The proposal has already been heavily criticized as a potential disaster to America's health with thousands of ex smokers having quit their deadly cigarette addiction thanks to vaping.

    Gottlieb told the panel: “One of the things we’re looking at is whether or not we should change our regulations to address how these products are being sold, particularly how they’re being sold online.

    “We have two problems

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  11. Flavoured E-Cigs Face Retail Store Ban

    Flavoured E-Cigs Face Retail Store Ban

    FLAVOURED e-cigarettes could only be sold in vape stores under a plan to stop underage sales, the US Food and Drug Administration has claimed.

    The government agency believes many teens are getting away with illegally buying flavoured vape products in retail shops and is considering taking drastic steps to curb it.

    Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told America’s CNBC that he believes vape stores are better at checking ID from customers and is considering confining some e-cigarette sales, specifically flavoured products, to specialist shops and disallowing them in stores such as 7-Eleven and Circle K.

    He said: "We're looking at what can be sold in brick-and-mortar stores and whether or not flavoured products can be sold in regular stores like a 7-Eleven and a truck stop

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  12. Juul To Launch Vape Device To Track Underage Users

    Juul To Launch Vape Device To Track Underage Users

    E-CIGARETTE manufacturer Juul Labs Inc is creating a new Bluetooth-linked vape which can detect if it’s being used by a minor.

    The inbuilt system, to be launched in some Western European countries and Israel, will be able to detect a users age in a bid to stop teenagers from vaping their popular brand.

    The Bluetooth tracker was originally designed to help former smokers watch their nicotine intake but CEO Kevin Burns has revealed it will now show how old its vaper is.

    The move comes as Juul’s sleek e-cigarette, which looks like a USB, has been at the centre of media controversy this year with headlines and anti-vaping groups accusing it of getting a whole generation of teenagers and young people addicted to nicotine.

    It has also been criticized by health and school officials who claim its not just it’s pocket-sized design which entices 15 to 24 year olds who make up the bulk of its demographic, but its range of fruit and candy flavours.


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  13. Philip Morris’s “Worst Day” In A Decade

    Philip Morris’s “Worst Day” In A Decade

    TOBACCO giant Philip Morris has had its worst day in a decade after rapidly declining cigarette volumes and sales of its "heat-not-burn" Iqos product have “plateaued”.

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  14. Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Flavours

    Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Flavours

    Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin has teamed up with Senator Lisa Mirkowski, a Republican, to launch a new offensive on e-liquid flavours.

    On Monday, Illinois Democrat Durbin announced plans for a bipartisan bill to restrict ‘child-friendly’ flavourings.

    Arguing that e-cigarettes were part of a Big Tobacco ploy to get a new generation of kids hooked on nicotine, Durbin’s bill would require manufacturers to prove that flavourings aren’t harmful, don’t tempt kids into using nicotine and help adults quit.

    Manufacturers would have to one year to provide such evidence to the FDA.

    “We have made great progress in convincing kids not to start smoking cigarettes. They know that cigarettes kill and that, nowadays, it’s hard to find someplace where smoking cigarettes is even allowed,” Durbin

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  15. Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Vapers that use e-cigarettes at work have the potential to be healthier, happier and more productive. So should employers encourage them by allowing vaping in the workplace?

    Or should vapers be more mindful of their colleagues?

    As vaping gets more popular, the potential for conflict between vapers and non-vapers increases. This problem is made worse by the fact there is no set of universal written or unwritten rules around vaping etiquette.

    The law

    Many states have enacted state-wide smoking bans and the majority of employers have their own rules about smoking tobacco cigarettes in the workplace. But most of these rules don’t include vaping.

    The law on vaping is different. About a dozen states, including New York and California, have implemented vape bans in workplaces and other public places.

    In other states, certain localities have passed their own rules about vaping. But many employers are still free to decide whether to allow

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  16. Thailand Takes Step Towards Lifting Vape Ban

    Thailand Takes Step Towards Lifting Vape Ban

    ONE of the strictest countries in the world for vaping has reportedly taken its first step towards lifting its notoriously rigorous e-cigarette ban.

    Thailand’s Foreign Trade ministry is currently considering allowing tourists to bring their personal vape gear and liquids into the country for personal use, according to news reports.

    Importing vape products to sell or to use in public, however, will remain strictly forbidden.

    In what is being seen as a positive move, a working group within the government has now been set up to look at the repercussions of lifting Thailand’s outright ban, which would mean foreigners are not found guilty of importing e-cigarettes when they bring vape products with them on holiday.

    According to reports, concerns within government about the law change include the possibility of turning more people into cigarette smokers and their appeal to teenagers and young people.

    Thailand remains

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  17. VAPING Destroying Cigarette Industry, Traders Say

    VAPING Destroying Cigarette Industry, Traders Say

    A TV money expert has highlighted how vaping is destroying the cigarette industry after last week’s drastic drop in shares of key tobacco stocks.

    ‘Mad Money’ host Jim Cramer has spoken out about the huge shifts within the long-standing cigarette industry after it was “obliterated” on Wall Street.

    He went further by urging viewers not to invest in the tobacco market after investors realized it was facing an “existential threat” from its vape competition.

    Speaking on his CNBC show, Cramer - a former hedge fund manager - addressed the shock share price drop in Altria, the parent company of Marlboro-makers Philip Morris International, by 16 per cent, which was blamed on rapidly declining cigarette volumes.

    Billed as its “worst day” in a decade, Altria also suffered after being downgraded from “buy” to “neutral” on the stock market by Citigroup analyst Adam Spielman following its weak earnings report.

    "We saw the market's sudden

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  18. Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Juice

    Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Juice

    There are thousands of vape juice options on the market, but unfortunately, they aren’t all made equally. Juice companies that take pride in their juices are able to create smooth flavours that are consistent and maintain the flavours that the manufacturer intended. Sometimes though, vape juices are much harsher than expected and may even have a less than desirable alcohol flavoured taste. While sometimes this may be due just a terrible flavour blend, other times it can be something more manufacturer based - it may be a result of a lack of steeping by the manufacturer. Luckily, if your manufacturer didn’t pre-steep your vape juice, it’s really not too difficult to do it yourself, at home! In this post, we will examine all the steps to steeping vape juice the right way so that you can get the full flavour profile of every juice you vape!

    What Is Steeping Vape Juice, Exactly?

    By definition, steeping means to soak something in water

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  19. Diacetyl now officially banned in eliquids in the UK

    Diacetyl now officially banned in eliquids in the UK

    On Monday this week the MHRA (the UK medicines body that has responsibility for regulating e-cigarettes) issued its draft guidance on eliquids. Amongst other stipulations, it listed the ingredients that manufacturers may not use in eliquid:

    So, it's official: companies will not be able to notify e-liquids which contain DA/AP, and these liquids will have to come off the UK market by May 20th next year.

    I'm reliably informed that this is unlikely to affect many vape juice currently manufactured in the UK, but US liquids have become something of a phenomenon

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  20. Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Stop Smoking Without Putting on Weight

    Quitting tobacco is hard. It’s even tougher to quit without piling on the pounds.

    Research from the UK and France indicates that smokers put on around 10 pounds in the first 12 months after they quit, with most of the weight gain coming in the first three months.

    Exercise, dieting and stop-smoking treatments can all help you control your weight gain throughout your quitting journey.

    Here is our guide to giving up tobacco cigarettes without putting on weight.

    Why Do Quitters Put on Weight?

    Ditching tobacco is a healthy lifestyle choice. After 24 hours, carbon monoxide is eliminated from your body and your lungs start to clear out mucus and other nasty stuff caused by smoking.

    After two days your sense of smell starts to improve and after

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