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JUUL Alternatives That Don’t Suck

JUUL Alternatives That Don’t Suck's Top 5 Recommendations

  1. Suorin Drop
  2. SMOK Fit
  3. Mi-Pod
  4. Limitless Pulse
  5. Suorin Air

JUUL - it’s the e-cigarette that everyone is talking about, but why do a lot of vapers dislike them. JUULs are everywhere these days, and represent a 75 percent of dollar market share in the four-week period ended Oct. 6 2018. Pod-based JUUL e-cigarettes aren’t like larger box mod devices. They are small and discrete and slip easily in your pocket. They’re classy too, and with no buttons they’re so easy to use that even your grandma – who struggles to operate a smartphone – could use one easily. The pods don’t make big clouds of vapor and they use nic salts, which gives a nice smooth vape experience, similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. People also like the fact that you can buy pods in places like gas stations and general stores, rather than just in vape shops. But there are some big issues with JUUL devices as well.

Non-refillable pods
Our main issue is with the pods. JUUL pods are made exclusively by the manufacturer, so you are stuck with their flavors. Additionally, the pods only contain 0.7ml of e-liquid and they are non-refillable, so you can get through them very quickly. There is a way of ‘hacking’ the pods open, but it isn’t easy to do and the hacked pods are prone to leaking. Oh, and they aren’t cheap either.

Lacking power
JUUL devices aren’t particularly powerful either. They run at between 3.6 and 4.2V based on the charge level with a wattage output of (we think) between 6.5 and 9 Watts. A JUUL also only has a 200mAh battery that quickly fades with consistent use. Some people can get over these problems quite easily, but we believe that there are some much better alternatives out there that you should at least consider before you buy a JUUL.

Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop



Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $23.99

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A super stylish device that won’t leave you high and dry, the Suorin Drop is one of the most popular pod mods with great reviews. The pod mods unique curves finish with a nice tight mouthpiece on top with a draw that mimics tobacco cigarettes perfectly. And with a 300mAh internal battery and 2ml of refillable e-liquid capacity, it beats the JUUL without even trying. Again, the pods are refillable and you can access hundreds of nicotine salt flavors. And the pod’s dual wicking system means you’ll always get juicy flavor-rich hits.

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SMOK Fit Kit

Fit Kit


Lean and slim, SMOK’s Fit pod system weighs just 20 grams, but it is more powerful than it looks. The Fit looks and feels just like a JUUL, but again, it has a bigger battery and larger pods. The draw is tight and similar to that of a tobacco cigarette, making this a great choice for anyone that’s just thinking about ditching tobacco. But the best thing about the Fit is how cost-effective it is. The starter kit, which includes two Fit pods, is significantly cheaper than a JUUL.

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Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Kit

Mi-Pod Kit

Smoking Vapor

This is another tiny pod mod. But it has the power and vape production to rival much larger box mod devices. Small enough to hang around on a lanyard, most vapers are shocked to discover that the Mi Pod has a 950mAh internal high drain battery. It also has the best airflow that we have seen on a pod system, giving users the ability to hit mouth to lung vapes and big airy direct to lung vapes as well. The 2ml pods are refillable and, apart from everything else, the pod looks incredible with some really great colorways available.

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Limitless Pulse

Limitless Pulse Pod System

Pulse Pod System


The Limitless Pulse is another portable pod mod that looks a bit like the JUUL, but again it outclasses its slimmed-down rival. Sleek and discrete, the Pulse’s bevel edge shape is designed to slip easily in your pocket, even when you aren’t looking. It has a bigger battery than the JUUL and the Phix Vape with 380mAh of internal power, but one of the best things about the Pulse is that the 2ml refillable pods are excellent value for money. The draw is nice and tight and it doesn't crackle like the JUUL when you inhale.

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Suorin Air

Suorin Air V2

Air V2


Small enough to fit in your wallet, the credit card-sized Suorin Air is the ultimate in portable vaping. It is lightweight and portable and has about the same depth as an iPhone. Even in this tiny frame, the manufacturers have managed to find room for a long-lasting 400 mAh battery (double the battery size of JUUL) and 2ml of your favorite e-juice (more than double the e-liquid capacity of the JUUL). The cartridges are better too. They’re big and they can be refilled about five times before they fail. And the unique corner mouthpiece gives a great mouth to lung hit.

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