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Best Pod Vapes for 2023 - UPDATED

Best Pod Vapes for 2023 - UPDATED

Our team has tested hundreds of refillable pod systems over the last 12 months. Here are our favourite pod systems for 2023.

Best New Pod Vapes for 2023

Pod vapes arrived on the market in the mid 2010's, intended for ex-smokers to have a familiar transition into vaping. Since then, pod vapes have grown in popularity amongst vapers of all kinds.

New vapers love the ease and simplicity that comes with replaceable pods.

Most pod vapes come with replaceable pods, meaning once the lifespan of the coil inside the pod runs out, the coil is replaced by responsibly disposing of the entire pod. This is an easier and hassle-free way of coil replacement, much preferred by new vapers.

With experienced vapers jumping onto the pod vape craze, manufacturers came up with a super simple way of replacing the coil in miniature pods. The Plug 'N Play coil system means you just have to 'pop' out the coil and put a new one in once it has deteriorated. Some vapers prefer this so they can choose which resistance of coil they can vape without having to buy an entirely new pod. 

As one of the leading online vape shops in the UK, we have a huge selection of pod vapes that we asked our experts to try out. Not only this, we extract data from our database of customer feedback in order to determine the best pod vapes for 2023. 

We don't get paid to recommend any products over others and we'll always try to keep our 'Best of' guides up to date, so you can be sure you're reading about the latest technology.

What is a pod vape?

Simply put, pod vapes are compact vapes that consist of a battery and a small pod. In the UK, pod capacity for all vapes are limited to 2ml so pod vapes are always lightweight and portable. 

They're always simple to use and don't require anywhere near as much maintenance as a box mod. Pod vapes or pod kits are a great way of learning how to vape, all you need to do is find your favourite flavour of liquid to go with it.

Who are they for?

Now with the ever-growing popularity of pod kits, more people want a slice of the pie. Manufacturers are making them more intelligent, user-friendly and powerful than ever before. Meaning they're not only fantastic ways of starting your vaping journey, but once you're experienced you'll find one that still caters for you!

Here are our Top Pod Vapes for 2023


  • Nice loose MTL airflow
  • Delicious flavour
  • Draw activated
  • Simple but elegant design
  • Excellent battery life


  • No backup pod 
  • No Type-C USB cable 
  • No replaceable coils
  • Not top fill

GeekVape have failed to make a splash with a pod systems, but that changes with the Sonder U pod kit. Priced to compete with disposables all you get in the kit is the device with a preinstalled pod. No replacement pod or Type-C USB cable. The pod has a 2ml vape juice capacity with a side fill slot and magnets hold the pod securely in place.

Sonder U is super lightweight with an impressive 1000mAh battery given the small form factor. The Sonder badge on the front is a finger print magnet but it makes the device nice to look at. It feels great in the hand thanks to a slightly rubberized finish which is grippy.

Where the Geekvape Sonder U really makes an impact is the flavour, for a small pod system the flavour is remarkable. If you compare it to other pod systems and even our picks for the best here it really holds it's own.

The price really does make it a superb low cost pod system but it does mean you'll need your own Type-C cable to charge it.

Sonder U tastes great, it feels great to hold and we think it looks great. Don't wonder about the Sonder U add it to your bag today.


  • Adjustable airflow
  • Easy to use
  • Draw activated
  • Stylish designs
  • Great flavour
  • Long battery life
  • Good build quality
  • No leaking
  • Top fill pods
  • Replaceable coils


  • Airflow can be a little loud

Voopoo's Vinci range is much loved by the vaping community and Vinci 3 is new and packed with cool new features. Before we get onto that lets go through the standard stuff, the integrated rechargeable battery is 1800mAh, which even at the recommended 35W should last all day without recharging. On the side is the Type-C USB slot where you can recharge.

Pod are 2ml and have top fill to mimimise leaking, to refill simply snap off the top cap and fill. Pods are held securely in place by magnets. Inside the kick are two new and improved PnP sub ohm coils. A 0.3ohm PNP-TW30 Meshed Coil and 0.6ohm PNP-DW60 Meshed Coil. The flavour generated is extremely impressive and will keep you coming back for more.

On the front is an airflow control slider that you can easily adjust to get the preferred airflow. Given the resistance of the coils it's strictly a direct lung or restricted direct lung vaping experience.

The chipset inside the Vinci 3 is the latest version of the Gene.AI technology. Using a creatively designed user interface you can adjust your settings with just the firing button. Within the user interface you can choose to disable button firing and use it as an auto draw device. Wattage is automatically set to the recommended wattage but you can adjust to increase or decrease power to fine tune your vape.

You always get good build quality with a Voopoo vape and the Vinci 3 is no exception. Coming in a range of stunning colour options you'll be spolit for choice.


  • 780mAh battery
  • Low-cost
  • Top fill port
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Fire button or draw activated
  • Durable zinc alloy
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Refillable pods
  • Optimized MTL airflow
  • 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods included
  • USB-C charging


  • No option to enable just auto-draw
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Difficult to see e-liquid window

GeekVape Aegis One comes in two forms, the Aegis One and the Aegis One FC (fast-charging). Both are identical with the only difference being the battery capacity. Aegis One contains a 780mAh battery whilst the Aegis One FC contains an integrated 550mAh battery to enable a faster charge.

This vape is perfect for transitioners who are looking for a low-cost, straightforward pod kit that can provide a familiar mouth-to-lung style with a choice of sub-ohm or above-ohm coils. Ignited using both fire button and auto-draw, the fire button can be locked to prevent accidental pocket firing.

Little maintenance is required to keep this device running smoothly. Not even replacing coils is necessary as it comes complete with a 0.8ohm pod (sub-ohm) and a 1.2ohm pod (above-ohm) both with integrated meshed coils.

Top fill is a huge benefit to this pod kit, especially given the way the mouthpiece is removed to reveal the fill port, meaning you don't even have to remove the pod itself in order to fill.

The design of the GeekVape Aegis One is sleek, coming in multiple colours each with a different coloured rubber grip. Its zinc alloy frame makes it suitable for vaping in any environment along with a secure rubber grip.

Colours include Black, Gunmetal, and Blue Denim, Rainbow, and Silver.


  • 2000mAh integrated & rechargeable battery
  • OLED screen
  • 80W max output
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Sub-ohm optimized
  • Includes two coils
  • Stylish grip and appearance
  • Coil locking system
  • Type-C charging


  • No auto-draw function
  • Not so discrete

SMOK Nord 5 80W Kit is a compact powerhouse with huge cloud production and unbeatable flavour potential. In what is essentially a sub-ohm tank on a pod mod, this device provides excellent sub-ohm characteristics while being able to fit perfectly in your pocket, leaving room for keys!

An adjustable airflow switch located on the side of the SMOK Nord 5 allows users to switch accurately between MTL, RDTL, and DTL vaping. Given the 0.15ohm and 0.23ohm RPM 3 coils included, airflow options are vast and necessary.

Aimed at the slightly more experienced vaper, the Nord 5 by SMOK still holds the simplicity of a beginner's device. Its fire-button draw is accompanied by a small OLED screen that provides info on puff count, puff timer, wattage, and battery level.

Its 2000mAh integrated and rechargeable battery is a huge plus, giving you multiple days of vape time without being interrupted. Dense clouds are produced with each DTL draw with meshed coils that provide intense flavour, replaced using a simple plug 'n play system. Coils are secured into place for safety with a new locking system.

Colours come in 7 styles catering to a wide range of preferences including more subtle designs such as the Black Leather or Beige White Leather, or more outgoing patterns like the 7-Color Dart.

The entire colour list includes Black Leather, Black Dart, Blue Gray Dart, Blue Pink Dart, Brown Leather, 7-Color Dart, and Beige White Leather.

Customer reviews:

"I love the Nord 5. My juice tastes great from it. It's easy to use and love the ability to change the power of it so I get the hit I want"


  • Easy to use
  • Draw activated
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Artistic design
  • Great flavour
  • Pulsing LED graphics
  • Battery indicator
  • LED haptic feedback
  • Long battery life
  • Good build quality
  • No leaking
  • Refillable pods
  • Replaceable coils
  • Lanyard
  • USB-C charging


  • No e-liquid window
  • Not so discrete

Here at, we love the Caliburn series and the UWell Caliburn GK2 Kit has become a fan favourite since its release in early 2022. Its compact, square-shaped body has artistic designs engraved into the front and back, made up of LED lights that energetically pulsate with each draw. An integrated & rechargeable 650mAh battery means a long and consistent vaping experience.

Lights flash on and off with a colour-coded display indicating battery life. Each hit is ignited using auto-draw, which sees the patterns on the front illuminate adding a stylish and informative touch.

Pods are 2ml in size with replaceable coils and a simple top-fill port. Each port has a strong silicone membrane relieving any worry about leaks, just insert the nozzle and watch your coil saturate from the top down.

Coils included are Uwell's infamous G coils, utilizing both a 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm meshed G coil replaced using a plug 'n play method. Uwell G2 pods contain a unique airflow control wheel that provides a precise switch between MTL and RDTL vaping. Two perfect styles when paired with the sub-ohm and above-ohm coils included.

Uwell GK2 pod kit is available in 4 matte colour designs that look awesome when illuminated during each draw. Colours include Aurora Green, Matte Black, Ocean Flame and Ribbon Red. All colours include a lanyard to help keep this portable little number close at all times.

Customer reviews:

"Best vape I've ever had! Love this vape. Hits nice flavour is amazing so glad I chose this device!"

"Smooth, small, and perfect."


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Low cost
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish gradient design
  • Slim and compact
  • Leak-proof
  • Draw activated
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Good mouth-to-lung hit
  • Refillable pods
  • Replaceable pods


  • No charging cable
  • Micro USB
  • Only one pod

SMOK SOLUS threw itself onto the market for one main purpose, to provide a low-cost solution to vape transitioning. If you're looking for your first pod vape and don't want to break the bank before the ball gets rolling, you'll love this nifty pod kit.

Slim, smooth and simple are the three design features that make the SOLUS by SMOK one of the best transition vapes on the market. Auto-draw removes accidental pocket ignition creating a carefree device for new vapers looking for a familiar, mouth-to-lung style hit.

The preinstalled 0.9ohm meshed coil is a clever integration to the pod, leaving little to no maintenance required by the user in order to truly experience their first vape.

A well-built kit is strengthened by its desirable gradient pattern, keeping the device cool yet subtle, not to mention the discrete vapour production complimenting a lovely MTL hit.

Colours available include Black, Blue Purple, Cyan Pink, Gold/Red and Gray.

Customer reviews:

"These are my go-to refillable cartridge vape pens. They are reliable and don't leak. The cartridges are inexpensive too."

"Compact and holds a good charge. Like this one the best"

As you know, our best vape lists are constantly being updated throughout the year, just like pod vapes are rapidly being released catering for a range of vapers.
If you agree/disagree with the pod vapes on this list, let us know in the comments so we can include your feedback in the next update of this article.
In the meantime, check out our huge range of pod kits, pod vapes and starter kits here at, where we're committed to finding you the best vape to match your style!

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