SMOK Novo Comparison

SMOK Novo Comparison - Which is the best?

With 6 SMOK Novo options to choose from, which do you pick?

Hot on the heels of the super impressive and popular Novo pod system has been new innovative reiterations. First came the SMOK Novo 2, then the Novo X was released to mark SMOK's 10 year anniversary. SMOK Novo 3 was released in order to meet PMTA requirements and SMOK then released the SMOK Novo 4.

Now we celebrate the release of the new SMOK Novo 2S, a revised version of what can be described as the most popular pod vape on the planet.

Before we get onto all the new cool features on each version let's check out the handy SMOK Novo quick comparison chart below.

(note: sizes have been rounded to the nearest mm)

Why release a SMOK Novo 2S?

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