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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  1. Public Vaping To Be Banned In South Africa

    Public Vaping To Be Banned In South Africa

    Vapers in South Africa will be banned from using e-cigarettes in public if the government’s proposed Tobacco Draft Bill is passed.

    The country’s Department of Health is waging war on cigarettes with a set of new laws - and vaping is going to be hit with the same legalities.

    The proposed bill sets out stricter laws on the recreational habit including more graphic packaging, banning smoking in public places and the removal of all signage on cigarette packaging.

    The CEO of the Vapour Product Association of South Africa (VPA), Zodwa Velleman, has confirmed electronic cigarettes are currently included for the proposed new laws.

    The VPA is now urging national government to adjust the bill to treat vapes and tobacco cigarettes as two separate concepts, instead of lumping them into one category.

    “The industry is not saying we don’t want regulation, we need regulations as an industry even though we have our own self regulation that ensures we only

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  2. MPs Call For Drastic Overhaul To Relax Vaping Laws

    MPs Call For Drastic Overhaul To Relax Vaping Laws

    POLITICANS in the UK have called on its government to actively support vaping to reduce death and disease from smoking, saying it is far less harmful than cigarettes.

    MPs on the Commons Science and Technology Committee have published a report packed with facts, figures and recommendations to relax current vaping laws and make e-cigarettes more attractive to the British public.

    The committee noted that about 2.9 million people in the UK are using e-cigarettes, including 470,000 who are trying to stop smoking and vaping could be key in helping the National Health Service (NHS) address the issue.

    It also said pubs, employers and train operators should re-think blanket bans on e-cigarette use, with suggestions like vaping carriages on trains or on buses as a way of making it easier for users.

    “Concerns that e-cigarettes could be a gateway to conventional smoking, including for young non-smokers, have not materialised,” said Norman Lamb, who chairs the

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  3. Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    Charities Hit Back At Vape Tax Plan

    CANCER charities along with the UK vaping industry have hit back at a government plan to tax e-cigarettes.

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  4. UK To Be Hit With Vape Tax

    UK To Be Hit With Vape Tax

    THE UK is to be hit with a vape tax to raise an extra £40million for the country’s ailing National Health Service.
    According to government insiders, e-cigarettes are to be added to the so-called list of “sin taxes”, which are set for increases in this Fall’s budget.
    The punitive measure is set to hit the UK’s 2.9million vapers, half of which claim they took up the recreational activity to help quit their deadly habit.
    The news comes despite the NHS itself encouraging e-cigarettes as a way of giving up smoking with vaping allowed in many of its hospitals.
    One Whitehall insider told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Vapers are likely to be hit as they are not taxed at all.”
    Users typically spend around £275 a year on vaping fluid. A five per cent tax would cost them £13.75 a year and raise almost £40million.
    But last night Chris Snowdon, of think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said a vaping tax would harm the nation’s health.
    He said:

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