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Monthly Archives: January 2022

  1. Best Vape Juice Flavours - The Ultimate Expert Guide

    Best Vape Juice Flavours - The Ultimate Expert Guide

    No matter what vape juice flavour profile suits your taste palate, from coffee to blue taffy, there’s definitely a vape juice out there that’s perfect for you.

    Best vape juice by category:

    Choosing the right vape juice can be a challenge however. With thousands of different vape flavours and hundreds of e-liquid brands on the market today, it can seem impossible to choose a flavour that you’ll truly love. It’s

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  2. The NHS and Vaping

    The NHS and Vaping

    The NHS and vaping - how does the British healthcare system treat vapers?

    Britain’s National Health Service is unquestionably the most popular institution the country has. Founded in 1945, it offers all kinds of healthcare free at the point of use to anyone in the country who needs it.

    The British Government has also been at the forefront of encouraging smokers to switch to less harmful products like vapes or nicotine pouches. The Department of Health, backed by medical doctors at the Royal College of Physicians, regularly tells smokers that they’d be far better off if they vaped, and that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

    But how does the NHS itself - the hospitals and other healthcare facilities that fall within the remit of this huge national treasure - deal with vaping in the real world?

    We decided to

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  3. Vaping and the environment

    Vaping and the environment - everything you need to know.

    We’re all trying to be environmentally friendly these days, and for a lot of people that means cutting down on plastic waste. It's difficult to vape these days without encountering some form of single use plastic, although there are still some vape juice brands that use glass bottles.

    But what’s the likely impact of vaping on the environment, and how can we try to minimize the amount of plastic waste we produce while vaping?

    Is vaping as bad as cigarettes for the environment?

    Simply put, no.

    Cigarette butts don’t just smell disgusting, they are also one of the most pervasive forms of pollution. There are a staggering 4.5 trillion individual cigarette butts polluting the oceans right now, making

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  4. Best Vape Brands

    Best Vape Brands

    Here at Vaping.com and on our forum ECF we see this question a lot...

    What is the best brand of vape?

    It's a good question and one that's easy to answer. There is no best vape brand. Nearly all of the vape companies in this list have a vape that's so good it features in our best compilations. When a game-changing vape gets released the big companies are quick to release a product that is very similar in appearance and functionality.

    So which vape brand do you choose?

    Our experts have picked their favourite vape brands for devices and vape juice, click the links below to find out why.

    Here are the best brands for hardware:

    1. SMOK
    2. Vaporesso
    3. Voopoo
    4. GeekVape
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