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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. Philip Morris Ordered To Stop Advertising Its Tobacco Alternative

    Philip Morris Ordered To Stop Advertising Its Tobacco Alternative

    Philip Morris International (PMI) has been ordered by the British government to stop advertising its iQOS devices.

    The UK’s Department of Health has sent a formal warning to the tobacco giant after discovering it had been illegally supplying newsagents and corner stores with posters promoting its “healthier alternative” to the Marlboro cigarettes it has been selling for generations.

    The new smokeless cigarette devices, which stand for “I quit original smoking”, have cost $3billion to develop by PMI and while they are less dangerous than smoking, they are not as low risk as vaping, according to reports.

    Using an electronic "heat not burn" system, which heats tobacco sticks up to 350°C, around half the temperature of cigarettes, it generates a nicotine-containing vapour and is part of the company's long-term strategy of building a "smoke-free future".

    But during an investigation, British newspaper The Telegraph, found the world’s largest tobacco firm

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  2. Are E-cigarettes Included in the Public Housing Smoking Ban?

    Are E-cigarettes Included in the Public Housing Smoking Ban?

    From 31 July, tobacco smokers won’t be able to light up in or near public housing, but vaping may still be permitted.

    It is thought that e-cigarettes will still be allowed in the majority of public housing communities, however, it will probably be banned in places where legislation restricts the use of e-cigarettes in line with combustible cigarettes.

    In the state of New York, for example, the Smoke-Free Air Act prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in places where smoking is also banned. This includes bars, restaurants, offices, parks and, from the end of this month, public housing.

    Guidance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says that “electronic or e-cigarettes may

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  3. More Vaping Ads Please, Say Smokers

    More Vaping Ads Please, Say Smokers

    SMOKERS believe more advertising showing the public health and cost benefits of vaping compared to cigarettes is key in helping them quit, new research reveals.
    Both smokers and industry experts now want to see a change in advertising rules on TV, radio and print media so information on e-cigarettes can reach those who would benefit most from making the switch.
    The study published this week by Consumer Intelligence on behalf of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) reveals that:

    • 68% felt that changing current advertising restrictions imposed by the Advertising Standards Agency to allow public health messages to be promoted by the vaping industry would help more smokers make the switch.

    • nearly 2 in every 3 smokers (63%) interviewed felt that information from their GP, pharmacist or a healthcare professional would influence their decision to make the change.

    • 61% said that visible information in a healthcare environment would be beneficial.

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  4. Vaping Helps 1.6 Million Quit Cigs

    Vaping Helps 1.6 Million Quit Cigs

    VAPING has helped to slash smoking numbers by 1.6 million in six years, an official report has revealed.
    The impressive new figures show as the number of vape users have risen in Britain, a million and a half tobacco smokers have kicked their deadly habit for good.
    Experts believe the drop in smokers and rise in e-cigarette users is also due to the UK having a pro-vaping government with its National Health Service encouraging smokers to make the switch to vaping when offering advice on cessation aids.
    According to the report published by the Office of National Statistics this week, 6.1 million, or 15%, of adults in England used tobacco in 2017 – down from 7.7 million, or 20%, in 2011.
    And there are now 2.8 million vapers after 5.5% of adults said they used an e-cig in 2017 – up from 3.7% when records started in 2014.
    Health officials in the UK have now tentatively confirmed the UK is winning the war on tobacco as more of its population is continuing to

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  5. Nurses face punishment for Vaping

    A UK healthcare trust has extended itsno smoking policy to cover vaping - and has threatened disciplinary action against staff who flout its new rules.

    The Western Health and Social Care Trust, which is responsible for NHS healthcare in the western half of Northern Ireland, has ignored the latest government guidance and added vapour products to its existing smoking ban.

    The move, which bans the use of e-cigarettes on any of the trust’s properties, has already upset medical staff – particularly nurses who are the most likely victims of the harsh new policy.

    Anyone caught using an e-cigarette on hospital grounds now faces punishment. Staff are also being encouraged to ask carers and service users who smoke [or vape], to refrain from doing so an hour before any scheduled visit and while they are in the trust’s hospitals and grounds.

    Dessie Lowry of the Royal College of Nursing described

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