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Monthly Archives: January 2023

  1. Best Disposable Vapes 2023

    Best Disposable Vapes 2023

    Disposable vaping is at its peak of trendiness right now, with 2023 looking to be filled with even more low-cost, low-hassle disposable vape pens for you to choose from.

    If you are new to vaping and wondering why these prefilled pod vapes are so popular, it’s simply because you don’t have to refill, recharge or clean. Just choose your favourite flavour, inhale and responsibly dispose of the vape once it runs out.

    Here at Vaping.com, we stock a huge range of the best disposable vapes. Use this list as your introduction to the world of disposables, where you’ll find our pick of the bunch for 2023!

    Which are the best disposable vapes?

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  2. Best Cheap Vapes

    Best Cheap Vapes

    Our pick of the best low-cost pens and pods, updated for 2023

    Best Cheap Vapes for 2023

    The rising cost of living has pushed many smokers to try vaping in 2023.

    The cost of living is becoming an increasing cause for concern

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  3. Best Vape Mods For 2023

    Best Vape Mods For 2023

    So it's a new year and it time for us to create ultimate list of the best mods that you can buy now in 2023. Our lists are consistently updated to include all the latest releases so make sure you check back once in a while to see what we, our customers and our experts think are the best mods currently available.

    Most 'best' vape compilations you'll find online are compiled by sites who are paid by vape brands to list their products or make money from linking to sites that sell them. Here at Vaping.com our experts test all the vape mods that we sell to make sure our customers are getting the best possible products. Our writers then collect customer reviews from online vape shops and compare them with the findings of our experts.

    That's why this is the only best vape mod list you ever need to read. We don't just sell vapes, we love vapes and vaping.

    If you want to find out what thousand of vapers and the Vaping.com experts think is the

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  4. Best Vape (right now)

    Best Vapes (right now)

    Want to know the best vape right now? These are the best vapes as chosen by thousands of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews by vapers & the vaping.com experts

    We've taken time to carefully extract our favourite vapes from 4 categories so you know exactly what's hot this year. Vaping.com experts worked tirelessly to test out the best pod vapes, disposable vapes, vape pens and tank mods taking into account flavour, build quality and ease of use. 

    Our 'best'

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  5. Best Vape Pen [2023]

    Best Vape Pens for 2023

    What is the best vape pen in 2023? Check out our selections in 4 categories below.

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    Vaporesso Xros Mini Pod Kit Best New Vape Pen

    Vaporesso GTX Go Pen Kit = Best Versatile Vape Pen ✅

    Esco Bars Mega = Best Disposable Vape Pen ✅

    SMOK Novo 4 Mini = Best Compact Vape Pen

    What is a vape pen?

    Vape pens or vape sticks are vapes which come in a cylindrical form.

    They come in a wide range of sizes from small devices which fit within your palm to large pen vapes that will take up your full grip. Most vape pens have an integrated battery in the main mod device with either a tank or a pod containing a coil. Stealthier than vape kits and mods, a good vape

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  6. Best Salt Nic Vapes for 2023 (updated)

    Best Salt Nic Vapes 2023

    Salt nic vapes are just right for those who adore that smooth throat hit on a pod vape that’s nice and comfortable in the hand. These compact pod kits are easy to use, low maintenance and relievingly stress-free. 

    Best Salt Nic Vapes For 2023

    In no particular order - they're all pretty awesome:

    1. OXVA Oxbar Bipod
    2. GeekVape Sonder U
    3. Freemax Galex Nano Kit
    4. UWELL Caliburn GK2
    5. Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod system
    6. SMOK Novo 4 Mini
    7. SMOK Nord 2

    Nicotine salt e-liquid is a natural source of nicotine, great for ex-smokers who are transitioning or have transitioned

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  7. Small Vapes [updated for 2023]

    Best Small Vapes For 2023

    Small Vapes For 2023 (updated)

    Our experts have compiled the ultimate list of the best small vapes for you in 2023. Tiny, lightweight and discreet, find the best small vape pods & mods for your needs. We update this page regularly to make sure this list is perfectly up to date with the latest and greatest small vape technology.

    These are the vaping.com best small vapes of 2023 so far:

    1. SMOK SOLUS Kit
    2. UWELL Caliburn Tenet Koko
    3. SMOK Novo 4 Mini Pod Kit


    While big and bulky vape mods have some advantages - they are powerful, they have multiple batteries, and they can have super high wattage capabilities. However, there’s one thing that they are not… small or discreet! While

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  8. JUUL Alternatives For 2023 (That Don’t Suck)

    JUUL Alternatives for 2023

    Vaping.com's best JUUL alternative vapes

    1. SMOK Novo 2C
    2. Freemax Galex Nano Kit
    3. SMOK Nord 4
    4. SMOK Novo 4 Mini

    How we scored the best JUUL alternatives. We gave each a score out of 5 for each of the following categories:

    Scroll down to see how we scored the JUUL...


    JUUL - it’s the e-cigarette that everyone is talking about, but why do a lot of vapers dislike them? JUUL's are everywhere these days, and represent a 75 percent of dollar market share in the four-week period ended Oct. 6 2018. Pod-based

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  9. Best Pod Vapes for 2023 - UPDATED

    Best Pod Vapes for 2023

    Our team has tested hundreds of refillable pod systems over the last 12 months. Here are our favourite pod systems for 2023.

    Best New Pod Vapes for 2023

    Pod vapes arrived on the market in the mid 2010's, intended for ex-smokers to have a familiar transition into vaping. Since then, pod vapes have grown in popularity amongst vapers of all kinds.

    New vapers love the ease and simplicity that comes with replaceable pods.

    Most pod vapes come

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