Best Vape Mods For 2023

So it's a new year and it time for us to create ultimate list of the best mods that you can buy now in 2023. Our lists are consistently updated to include all the latest releases so make sure you check back once in a while to see what we, our customers and our experts think are the best mods currently available.

Most 'best' vape compilations you'll find online are compiled by sites who are paid by vape brands to list their products or make money from linking to sites that sell them. Here at our experts test all the vape mods that we sell to make sure our customers are getting the best possible products. Our writers then collect customer reviews from online vape shops and compare them with the findings of our experts.

That's why this is the only best vape mod list you ever need to read. We don't just sell vapes, we love vapes and vaping.

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There are loads of mods on his list so we broke it down into a few different categories to help you find the perfect vape mod in the shortest time.

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New Vape Mod Releases Coming Up In 2020 (What to look forwards to this year)



Manufacturers send us brand new products all the time so that we can test them out before release. We also update our best of lists often to make sure that all the latest and greatest products get featured. For the most part vape mods tend to be for experienced vapers who are looking for 'the perfect vape'. However there are some mods in this list which are perfect for both beginners or vapers looking for their first mod. The recent introduction of pod mods, pod systems with big box mod type performance, look set to be a massive trend here in 2020. 2019 was the year of the pod vape, is 2020 set to be the year of the pod mod?

Mods feature the most advanced technology in the vaping world. Advanced mods will detect a new coil and set the correct resistance for you. With most mods, you'll be able to tweak the settings until you can find the setup that works best. Even customizing your power curves for the perfect vape.

For the most part box mods tend to be powered by 18650 batteries but some can also accommodate 20700, 21700s or even large integrated batteries. The vast majority of vape mods will use a dual battery configuration, particularly high wattage mods. Some of the smaller devices in our list, the mini-mods and the pod mods, feature integrated batteries. To avoid wear and tear on your mod we'd recommend using a dedicated charger for recharging your batteries (if it isn't built in). These are often faster at charging and safer too. At we have a range of vape battery chargers for you to choose from, we've picked only the best chargers currently on the market.

Always make sure you read the instructions which come with your mod and pair it with tank that's compatible.



Back in 2019 we saw more companies release compact box mods which used only one battery. With improvements in coil technology resistance dropped significantly meaning mods needed less power to get the same performance as dual battery configurations.

For vapers who want to chuck massive clouds!

For vapers who was to customize the vape experience

Not for inexperienced vapers

Not for vapers looking for a discreet vape

Mods when paired with a sub-Ohm vape tank help you produce massive, flavoursome clouds. More vapour equals more flavour! So which do our experts think are the best?

Let's find out.


GeekVape Aegis Solo 100W

When it comes to box mods the first place to look should always be with Geekvape. Their mods are built to last with IP67 certified water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof abilities.

Best Single 18650 Mods 2020 - GeekVape Aegis Solo 100W

Despite only uses a single 18650 battery the Aegis Solo can fire up to 100W and it fires super fast too. The AS-100 chipset has a range of protection features to keep you safe and has a wide range of modes to choose from. These include a full TCR suite, Bypass mode, Power modes and variable power curves for those that want to fully customize their vaping experience.


✅ Waterproof, dustproof & shock resistant
✅ Super durable
✅ Powerful
✅ Ergonomic
✅ Nice clicky buttons


❌ Not the best looking mod
❌ Battery latch is a bit fiddly





SMOK didn't sleep on the popularity of the practically indestructable GeekVape mods. Instead they make their own IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof mod the SMOK Mag P3.

Another mod where we recommend buying the kit, the Mag P3 comes bundled with the amazing 9mL (yes 9mL) TFV16 vape tank. Firing up to 230 watts at a resistance as low as 0.05 Ohm you'll need 9mL of vape juice, such is the speed which the Mag P3 vapes. You'll struggle to find any vape mod that produces as much vapour as this bad boy when paired with that tank.

The mod itself is not only super durable thanks to the reasons stated above but it also has the most impressive touchscreen in the industry. Super tactile and easy to use with a new UI to make it even easier to operate. The Mag style, in the shape of a pistol grip, couldn't be nicer to hold. The rubberized coating is soft and super grippy too.

As you would expect from any modern vape mod in 2020 the Mag P3 has all the modes you want and ever need. It really is the ultimate vape mod for 2020.


✅ Waterproof, dustproof & shock resistant
✅ Stunning touchscreen
✅ Easy to use UI
✅ Amazingly ergonomic
✅ Super Smart IQ-S Chipset
✅ Nice and grippy to hold


❌ Battery latch tough to close
❌ Not cheap (but it is totally worth it)
❌ Goes through vape juice like no other device
❌ Quite heavy and bulky to transport



Vaporesso Swag 2

Swag 2 has to be the best overal single 18650 vape mod when you factor in everything that you might be looking for. It looks gorgeous and with the scratch/fingerprint resistant rubberised coating and ergonomic design makes it feel awesome to hold. The design is super compact meaning that its an ultra portable vape mod.

We recommend buying the kit as it comes bundled with the excellent NRG PE tank which is compatible with the full range of NRG GT Coils. The only downside to the Swag 2 is the limitation on tank width. If you want to use a bigger tank but still want all the awesome features and feel of the Swag 2 check out the Vaporesso Gen (listed below).

Vaporesso's AXON chipset is one of the best in the industry and boasts a huge range of features. PULSE mode which fires consistently throughout your puff (every 0.2s) for more intense flavour, Power Eco mode to maximize battery life, Smart TC mode and DIY modes for the experienced vaper.

Released late in 2019 this is already looking like a tough mod to topple in 2020.


✅ Super compact
✅Stunningly looks
✅ Ergonomic
✅ Feels great in the hand
✅ Great value if you buy the kit


❌ Maximum tank diameter only 25mm



NOTE: We would of included the UWell Nunchaku 2 in this but we decided to put it in the 21700 list instead due to the lack of the products in that category.



For vapers who want to minimize the hassle when vaping. Pod mods use replaceable vape pods instead of tanks (although some now feature tank adapters). When the flavour and cloud production dissipates, you simply switch out the coil in the pod. In short, vape life is super easy with a pod mod. Furthermore they're smaller than even mini mods, so perfect when on the move. After the huge success of pod vapes in 2019 it looks like 2020 is going to the year of the pod mod.

Smallest, most portable mods

Surprisingly satisfying levels of performance

Super simple to use

Perfect for beginners

Battery life can be a concern

Not the most powerful mods on this list


Vaporesso Degree

Super badass looks and build quality - mod like performance in a small pod system. The smallest of the vape mods on this list but don't let its small size fool you into thinking it won't perform.

If you love mods but aren't a fan of their lack of portability its totally worth joining the pod mod revolution. The Vaporesso Degree provides the performance of big box mod in a small, super compact pod system.

Build Quality

The build quality of Vaporesso vapes is the benchmark for all vape companies. The Vaporesso Degree sets a totally new standard not only for Vaporesso but for all pod systems. Its so small it fits easily and discreetly in the palm when you close your hand. It has a really satisfying weight to it, put it this way, you wouldn't want to drop it on your toes. The magnets which hold the pod cover in place are strong enough to click the cover satisfyingly in place.

Vaporesso Degree Pods

Here at we love the Vaporesso Degree Pods. OK so the capacity isn't the best at 2mL but the coils are excellent. In the kit you get two pod options, 0.6 Ohm Mesh coil for regular vape juice direct lung vaping and a 1.3 Ohm CCell Coil for mouth to lung. The CCell Coil is super smooth and the Mesh coil produces amazing flavour and excellent clouds. Genuinely astonishing how well the Vaporesso Degree performs.


Using the Vaporesso Degree couldn't be easier, making it perfect for beginner vapers. Pods are automatically detected and the recommended wattage is preset for you. So all you really need to do is fill with vape juice and fire it up. In the top of the mod is Vaporesso's patented PTF (push to fill) system. Unlike the Vaporesso Podstick the slot is exposed. Meaning you can refill the pod faster than other vapes. You might be concerned about about the exposed PTF slot but you shouldn't be. Filling is super easy and any excess is easily cleaned.

The adjustable airflow makes a big difference to the vaping experience, perfect for finding your favourite draw. The AXON chip fires up to 30W and the big 950mAh integrated battery should hold enough charge to last the most avid vaper all day. Thanks to the DC5V/2A charge current it will surprise you how fast it charges. The AXON Chip has three unique features, PULSE mode, dry hit protection, and low e-liquid reminder. You don't need to monitor vape juice levels if you vape tells you when to refill. PULSE mode ramps up super fasts and fires every 0.02s in your vape, providing super large flavourful clouds with every vape.


We really don't think there's a better looking vape on the market. Vaporesso Gen Kit is probably most elegant vape mod currently available and only the cool 3d glass effect on the SMOK Fetch Mini bares comparison. In fact pictures don't really to it justice, you better off checking this quick 1 minute Vaporesso Degree unboxing video.


✅ Dry hit protection
✅ Low e-liquid warning
✅ Perfect portable vaping
✅ Awesome build quality
✅ Super easy refill
✅ Adjustable airflow
✅ Fast charging


❌  Vape juice capacity not that big
❌  Have to change pod not just coils
❌  Not the most powerful




Voopoo Vinci

Big battery, huge 5.5mL juice capacity, plug n play coils, adjustable airflow, draw activation and an impressive 1500mAh battery. What's not to love

Best Pod Mods 2020 - Voopoo Vinci
The Vinci Mod Pod arrived at the end of 2019 and looks set to be a front runner in the pod mod market well into 2020. There are some more recent releases in the Vinci line, the Vinci X and the Vinci R but we decided to stick with the original.

Firing up to 40W the Vinci powers it's way through your vape juice producing significant clouds with every puff. Its both draw and button activated which make it super simple to vape and the UI on the stunning 0.96 TFT screen is a delight to use. Voopoos excellent PnP coils give you range of resistances to choose from and you can rotate the pod 180º to adjust the airflow. And with intelligent coil recognition the Vinci is the easiest to use mod on our list.


✅ Super simple to use
✅ Looks good
✅ Awesome price
✅ Plug n Play coils
✅ RBA Coil option


❌  Not the most powerful mod
❌  Flavour not the best on this list





21700 batteries offer a larger capacity and can vape at higher wattage for longer. A relative new comer to the vaping scene compared to 18650s but given the improved performance we expect to see many more single 21700 mods released in 2020.

✅ Small but super powerful vaping experience

✅ Long lasting performance

❌ Not many devices to choose from



UWell Nunchaku 2

100W of power, unique 6 axis motion sensing adjustment and multiple battery size compatitibility.

Best 21700 Battery Mod - UWell Nunchaku 2

UWell was probably the best brand in 2019 with a number of releases which set a new standard in multiple vaping categories. Their Pro-FOCs taste technology wowed vapers all over the world and this is one of the main reasons we chose the Nunchaku 2. The mod itself awesome if you want to pair it with your favourite tank but to really get the most out of it you should buy the kit. The reason is the amazing UWell Nunchaku 2 sub-Ohm tank. But your not here to read about tanks so lets crack on to the mod.

UWell Nunchaku 2 mod is totally unique in that you can adjust setting buy tilting the device. This removes the need for adjustment buttons and therefore reduces the size. Should you choose to use a 21700 battery, and you should, the charge will last all day for even the most avid vaper.

Small size, massive power and immense clouds. You'll be hard pressed to find a better 21700 battery mod in 2020.


✅ Small size
✅ Massive clouds
✅ Multiple battery compatibility


❌  Titling setting adjustment not to everyone's taste






When you think about vape mods your most likely thinking about a dual 18650 mod. A dual battery configuration means you have enough charge at your disposal to vape at high wattages all day long.

Lots of awesome batteries to choose from

Powerful and long lasting performance

Lots of excellent vape mods to choose from

Charging external batteries can get tiresome

Big bulky box mods aren't very portable

Can be complicated to operate (not for beginners)

The most common category in this list and the most competitive by far. With so many to choose from which is the best?

Let's find out.


Vaporesso Gen

The best looking vape mod? We think so.

Firing up to 220W, amazing feel in the hand, lightweight design (107g without battery), awesome AXON chipset this is the vape mod to beat in 2020.

Best Dual 18650 Mod 2020 - Vaporesso Gen

Vaporesso Gen mod is unrivalled in it's all round performance. You have to start with the look at the feel. The design is super sleek and stunning to look at. The unique fingerprint and scratch resistant rubber coating (also featured on the Swag 2) is super grippy yet soft to hold. As mentioned the AXON chipset is a standout in the industry. Not only does it have all the modes under the sun but it also features some of the best safety features.

The paired back UI and modes make it super easy to use too. The Gen automatically recognises the resistance in the coil and sets the best settings for flavour. Other modes are available if you want to use your vaping expertise to customize your vaping experience. Perfect for beginners or more advanced users the Vaporesso Gen has to be in every best vape mod list for 2020.


✅ Stunning looks
✅ Amazing feel
✅ Super simple to use
✅ Amazing chipset with multiple modes and safety features


❌  USB-C would be better than Micro USB (we struggled for cons)




GeekVape Aegis X

Firing up to 200W, with extreme durability and a new and massive 2.4 inch OLED scree, the Aegis X the ultimate in the massively successful Aegis line of vape mods.

Best Dual 18650 Mods 2020 - GeekVape Aegis X

GeekVape are one of the most popular manufacturers of mods thanks to the extremely durability they provide. Waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof you can drop it out a window, in a puddle or toilet and even drive over it in your car and it'll still probably work just as well as before. The Aegis X has a new large touchscreen that is highly customisable. You can change the colours and theme which help you find look to match your style.

The new and improved UI is super easy to use and within the menu system you have all the settings you'll expect. AS 2.0 chipset also has a multitude of safety features. If you love GeekVape mods the Aegis X is a must to add to your collection.

If you stump up the cash for the kit you get rewarded with the Cerberus sub-ohm tank, one of the most underrated tanks in the industry. Either way you're getting a mod to last you all of 2020.


✅ Stunning screen
✅ Amazing durability
✅ Awesome features
✅ Customizable colours and themes


❌ Not as sylishly sexy as the SMOK Mag P3
❌  Battery door difficult to close







Dual 21700 mod provide the ultimate in long lasting, high wattage performance. If portability isn't a priority and power and performance is, pick up a dual 21700 vape mod.

✅ Perfect for chucking massive clouds all day long

✅ Experience vapers looking for a customized vaping experience

❌ Not for beginner vapers

❌ Not for those looking to vape discreetly

❌ Not the widest range of devices to choose from



UWell Evdilo

Compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries and with a super small for factor the UWell Evdilo is just about as powerful and portable as you can get in a vape mod.

Don't just buy the mod, get the kit. With it you get argubly the best vape tank (with the TFV16), the Valyrian 2 tank. We won't bang on about the tank as it's the mod your interested in so we'll just repeat ourselves instead, buy the UWell Evdilo Kit.

UWell Evdilo fires super fast, 0.008s quick fire in fact! The screen isn't the most advanced on this list but it does the job perfectly. In the menus you'll find all the modes you would expect of a mod here in 2020 including power and TCR modes.

Battery storage compartment is accessed using a unique and easy to use sliding mechanism. There are battery sleeves to help you fit whatever battery size you choose.


✅  Amazing small size
✅  Cool battery compartment
✅  Super fast firing
✅  Intelligent coil recognition
✅  Multiple battery compatibility
✅  Amazing tank (get the kit)


❌ Screen not impressive compared to competitors




Squonking may be a relatively new fashion but it's actually been around since it was invented by E-cigarette Forum members back in 2009. Squonkers squonk because you get all the flavours of dripping with half the hassle. Here are the best squonk mods our experts have found so far in 2019.

Perfect for vapers looking to take flavour to a new level

Good for vapers who want to build their own coils

Ideal for vapers looking to save money on coils

Extra preparation not for everyone


 Dovpo Topside Dual 200W

Dual battery sqounking goodness

Best Squonk Mods 2020 - Dovpo Topside Dual 200W

One of the best and most affordable dual battery squonk vape mods on the market. As you might expect from the name the Dovpo Topside Dual 200W mod is a top filled, dual battery squonker. Dovpo teamed up with The Vaper Chronicles to make the Topside Dual. With two of the biggest names in squonking, you know you're in safe hands.


It's a pretty chunky mod as a result of accommodating not only two vape batteries but also a hefty 10mL squonk bottle. Whilst we're talking about the batteries it should be said that the battery compartment is a bit of a fiddle to open and shut. The Topside Duals menu is nice, bright and super easy to use. In there you'll find all the settings you'd expect and the edition of the puff count/timer is a nice touch. It features a lovely clicky firing key and you can even squonk while vaping which is pretty cool. As you would expect from a squonker the flavour is intense and clouds massive. On the downside the Temperature Control isn't the best, certainly not the level of TC that you would expect from a DNA chip. One final thing that should be mentioned is the beautifully knurled squonk cap. It's so super grippy you'll be looking forward to having to use it again.


✅  Battery life is excellent
✅  Great vape juice capacity


❌ TC isn't the best




Don't fancy carrying around a massive mod but still want mod levels of performance? Mini mods give you mod levels of performance but small enough to easily fit in your pocket or purse.

Super performance in a small package

Not for vapers who love a nice big screen




Voopoo Drag Mini Mod

The perfect mini-mod for beginners.

Best Mini Mods 2020 - Voopoo Drag Mini

To begin with an integrated battery and special FIT settings make this one of the best vape mods on this list for first-time mod users. We've already featured the Drag 2 in this list so we were super excited fire up the Drag Mini. Incidentally, while it's slightly smaller than the Drag 2 and the original Drag it's still quite large when it comes to putting in your pocket. However, it will fit in a decent-sized trouser pocket. The weight isn't insignificant, you certainly won't forget that it's in your pocket.


All the edges have been bevelled which makes it much nicer to hold. All the Drags feel very well made and will no doubt take a fall or two before developing issues and the Drag Mini is the same. The firing button is quite small but it's still easy to fire with either thumb or forefinger. It's not the clickiest of the buttons compared to some mods on this list and the fire button on my Drag Mini is a bit loose. Doesn't make any difference to operate but does detract from the feeling of quality. Adjustment buttons are the same but roughly half the size. The adjustment of settings is a bit clunky, certainly in comparison with some of the mods with large touch screens.

The screen isn't very bright but you can download a firmware update that addresses this issue. Some vapers complained that the 510 tank connector was off centre in the Drag so they'll be pleased that on the Drag Mini its slap bang in the middle. The excellent GENE.FIT chip has 3 fit modes as covered above in the Drag 2 review. Incidentally, although we weren't too fond of it there it actually makes much more sense in the Drag Mini as it's targeted much more towards beginner vapers.


It might be Mini by name but its mighty by nature. The performance is astonishing for a mini-mod. Clouds are massive and the flavour production is amazing. Users of the Drag and the Drag 2 will be surprised just how good the Mini is at replicating its predecessors' performance. Despite a few negatives the Voopoo Drag Mini is still a super awesome mini-mod, order one today and find out for yourself!


✅  Awesome performance
✅  Looks and feel great


❌  Screen and UI could be improved
❌  Can't vape while it's charging




GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W

The ultimate super durable mini-mod

Best Mini Mods 2020 - GeekVape Aegis Mini

The GeekVape Aegis Mini is as the name suggests a smaller version of the popular Aegis Legend mod. Another vape mod that's perfect for beginners. For example, in this case, it has an integrated 2200 mAh battery which has quick charge capabilities. It charges really fast which is a good thing as the charge doesn't last that long, unfortunately.

The standout feature of the GeekVape Aegis Mini mod is the fact that its water resistant, dust resistant and shock resistance. It can even survive 30 minutes underwater at less than a meter. And when we say shock resistant we mean MIL STD 810G-516.6 military-grade shock resistance! This is one durable mini-mod.


Here at we love how this Mini Mod looks, especially the camo & gunmetal version. It's super ergonomic, fits snugly in your hand and is nice and easy to vape with. The rubber on the outside not only aids shock resistance but means the Aegis Mini mod is super grippy. The screen is pretty good for a mini mod and is coupled with a user interface that is easy to use. Brightness can be easily adjusted too, a very nice touch. It has to be said the two adjustment buttons are super clicky. So much so it's actually loud to use them.

A really cool feature is the ability to adjust your power curve so that you can perfectly customize your vaping experience. As a result of all this it's such an awesome mod that it's actually hard to find negatives. The only issue we found was the rubber stopper on the bottom of the device which provides access to the micro USB slot. It's attached using a small thin bit of rubber and isn't going to last very long. Thoughtfully GeekVape has provided an extra in the kit.

If you need a durable mini mod order yourself a GeekVape Aegis Mini Mod today!


✅  Super robust
✅  Great looking device
✅  Good clouds
✅  Power curve options


❌  Battery life



New Releases For 2022 (What to look forwards to this year)

2022 looks like it's set to be another exciting year for vapers. With the increased time and effort of vaping brands in R&D as well their continued examination of user feedback devices can only get better and better. For example many vapers loved the original SMOK Novo but experienced a number of different operations issues. SMOK listened to this feedback, quickly fixed them and returned with a new and improved SMOK Novo 2. With the pod mod revolution already underway we can expect some seriously amazing vape mods in 2020.

Here we round up some of the latest devices announced by your favourite vaping brands.

Excited yet? You will be.




Best New Signle 18650 Mods for 2020 - SMOK RPM80 Pro

SMOK RPM80 is the first pod mod to roll over the SMOK production line in 2020. The RPM80 Pro Version is designed for an external 18650. It gets a brand new User Interface so that both vaping veterans and beginner vapers can enjoy a simple vaping experience.

As the name suggests it fires up to 80W which is powerful for a pod mod. The RPM80 RGC features an adjustable airflow on the bottom of the pod allowing for further customization. With a leak-free top-fill system and clear pod you can easily monitor vape juice levels. When you use the RGC RBA coil you can even rebuild your own coils. All this brings fully customizable pod mods a thing of the present not just the future.




Wismec R80

Best Single 18650 Mods for 2020 - Wismec R80

The stunning Wismec R80 looks set to be fan favourite in 2020. Built to not only act as a traditional pod mod there is also a second version which is designed specifically to be a mod. Attached any tank you choose to thanks to the 510 adapter.

If you want to use it as a pod mod the coils are interchangeable and feature an adjustable airflow on the bottom. The design is super elegant and firing up to 80W the R80 looks to be a real player in both pod mods and traditional vape mods categories. No release data has been announced yet but if you follow the link above you can sign up to get an email the moment we get it in stock.





Best New Pod Mods for 2020 - SMOK RPM80

The standard SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod features and integrated 3000mAh battery instead of an external 18650 but features all the same awesome features. 9mm shorter than the Pro the device is essentially the same, just pick whether you want the hassle/benefits of external batteries. The only difference is that the RPM80 has a slightly larger resistance range (0.3-2.5 Ohm vs 0.5-3.0 Ohm).

New UI, new chipset and new top fill pods. If you like SMOK pod vape but want portable box mod style performance head over to the product page for a product alert when we get it in stock. Release date is set for early 2020 so not too long to wait...

Vaporesso Target PM80 Kit

Best Pod Mods for 2020 - Vaporesso Target PM80

Vaporesso weren't going to sit on their laurels as their competitors all released 80W pod mods. The Vaporesso Target PM80 is their response. Featuring the high standard of build quality you expect from Vaporesso and all the cool modes you've come to expect from the excellent AXON Chip.

Unlike the RPM80 the Target PM80 is designed to a purely direct to lung sub-Ohm pod vape. Using the latest replaceable GTX coils, intelligent coil recgonition, gorgeous 0.96" inch TFT screen and a whole suite of protection features it promises to be a challenger for the best pod mod of 2020.



But the question we're asking ourselves and you is 'which is the one your most excited about?'.


To summarize there are so many great vape mods out there the difficulty is finding the one that works best, for you. We hope this compilation of the best vape mods for 2020 has helped you make decide what you want. If not why not check out the experts guide to the best vape brands.

Did we miss anything?

Your favourite vape mod not on the list?

Let us know right now in the comments below if you agree or disagree with any of our choices.

Happy vaping!