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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. E-Cigarettes To Help Alcoholics Quit Their Addiction

    E-Cigarettes To Help Alcoholics Quit Their Addiction

    VAPING could help alcoholics quit their addiction, new research has found.

    Patients undergoing detox for alcohol in a New Zealand hospital revealed using e-cigarettes helped them through the process. It also reported those who vaped felt more inclined to give up smoking tobacco long term, over those who used nicotine gum or patches.

    Hospital nurses, who were initially concerned about patients smoking e-cigarettes inside the hospital, also seemed unconcerned by its use once they’d seen it in practice.

    Penelope Truman, who led the study at Kenepuru Hospital in Porirua, said during the experiment one group in rehabilitation were given standard nicotine replacement therapy and the other e-cigarettes.

    She explained the patients, already in a tough situation trying to come off alcohol, would usually have to go outside hospital grounds to smoke while being supervised by staff.

    Allowing them to vape indoors appeared to take the pressure off both

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  2. Public Health England slams critics by blasting e-cigarette myths

    Public Health England slams critics by blasting e-cigarette myths

    PUBLIC Health England has hit back at critics of its recent review of vaping – with a hard-hitting list of e-cigarette myths debunked.

    The government experts came under scrutiny following a report earlier this month which revealed at least 20,000 smokers a year have quit tobacco for vaping. It also went onto suggest e-cigarettes, which are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco, be allowed in hospitals and available on prescription.

    But following a backlash of “confused, and confusing” media reporting around the safety of vaping, the PHE has been forced to defend itself, saying the review was not only compiled by experts but its views are supported by a number of key bodies both in the UK and US including Cancer Research and the Royal College of Physicians.

    In a blog entitled “Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes”, PHE compared reaction to its report as being “a bit like Marmite” before clearing up the “inaccuracies and misconceptions”

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  3. Vaping Vouchers Launched for Cigarette Smokers

    Vaping Vouchers Launched for Cigarette Smokers

    CIGARETTE smokers are to be handed free vaping vouchers in a bid to kick their habit.

    The scheme run by UK charity Quit4 Life hopes the £25 coupons, which smokers can exchange for vaping kits, will help more people make the move away from tobacco.

    In collaboration with the government’s National Health Service, the stop smoking scheme currently being rolled out across Hampshire comes just a week after independent body Public Health England (PHE) said there was “compelling evidence” for e-cigarettes to be made available on prescription.

    In a report, PHE estimated the electronic alternatives could be helping at least 20,000 people give up smoking each year and suggested hospitals sell e-cigarettes in their shops and swap smoking shelters for vaping lounges.

    Julia Robson, clinical service manager of Quit4Life said of the new voucher scheme: “Quit4Life is excited to be supporting Public Health England in their message to embrace quitting smoking through

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  4. Why You Might Struggle to Buy a New Vape This Month

    Why You Might Struggle to Buy a New Vape This Month

    Friday 16th February signals the start of the Year of the Dog, but Chinese New Year celebrations could bring mass disruption to vaping supply chains.

    Chinese New Year is based on a lunar calendar and it’s very important in Chinese culture – on a par with Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States.

    Government offices close across China and most factories shut down for up to two weeks.

    Because most mods, tanks and other vape devices are assembled in China it is almost impossible to get anything shipped immediately before and after Chinese New Year.

    SMOK, a leading manufacturer based in Shenzhen, posted this message on its website:

    “As you know, the most valuable holiday in China - Chinese Lunar New Year, is just around the corner.

    “SMOK team will take 12 days off for the Chinese New Year from February 12 - February 23”

    This is typical of Chinese

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  5. Politician Runs Vape Rings Around Parliament in Valentine’s Day Stunt

    Politician Runs Vape Rings Around Parliament in Valentine’s Day Stunt

    AN Australian politician has spent Valentine’s Day looping around Parliament House in a bus dubbed ‘Vape Force One’ to protest against the country’s “illogical” vaping laws.

    The off-the-wall stunt by Cory Bernardi saw the senator drive a camper van plastered with pro-vaping messages around Canberra to highlight his campaign to decriminalize e-cigarettes.
    During the morning, Bernardi was spotted doing 30km per hour laps of the roads surrounding the city’s government buildings while spreading his message on the side of the bus to “save the lives of 500,000 today”.

    The health buff and former smoker wants to make vaping with nicotine legal because he believes the government’s ban on buying e-cigarettes is “illogical” given the health evidence.
    He said earlier today: "Vaping is a safer method of delivering or satisfying people's nicotine addictions and if we can break the cycle and do it in a safer and healthier manner, the government should be embracing

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  6. Call For Vapers To Help Halt Vape Tax

    Call For Vapers To Help Halt Vape Tax

    AN URGENT call to vapers has gone out to help stop a 60 per cent tax on vaping products.

    The “crippling” added cost to both sellers and vapers proposed for Washington State is a moneymaking scheme exploiting the entire vaping community, according to CASAA (Consumer Advocates For Smoke-Free Alternatives Association), who is calling for action to stop it.

    Opposers to the tax, from vapers to vape business owners, are now being urged to get in touch with local lawmakers ahead of the bill’s hearing in the capitol.

    If passed, HB 2165, which is larger than the Pennsylvania 40 per cent tax which shutdown over 100 businesses in 2016, could cripple or kill off most vape shops and e-liquid manufacturers in the state.

    The 60 per cent tax would also hit all sides in the sale of vaping products with it being paid by distributors when purchasing wholesale from manufacturers and directly by

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  7. Quit Smoking Services for Vape Shops?

    Quit Smoking Services for Vape Shops?

    Quit smoking services should be launched in vape shops to give smokers a better chance of success, a new Cancer Research-funded study has revealed.

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