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Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Vape Device Buying Guide FAQs

    Vape Device Buying Guide FAQs

    As you take your first steps into vaping, it can be difficult to know what’s right for you. There are several different types of vape devices that are designed with a variety of functions in mind. So, to help you find the best vape device for you, this guide outlines the different types of vape devices, as well as what they do and how they work.

    First, we answer a few frequently asked questions relating to vaping...

    How does vaping work?

    Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour created by a vape device. Vaping is non-combustible, so is considered a cleaner alternative to smoking as it doesn’t involve the same chemicals and tar associated with burning tobacco.

    What are the different styles of vaping?

    Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) are the two styles of vaping.

    Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

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  2. Vaping.com's Guide to Different Types of Vapes.

    Vaping.com's Guide to Different Types of Vapes

    Working out which type of vape pen is right for you can be tricky, especially when you’re new to vaping and faced with a huge variety of options to choose from - it can be overwhelming!

    Here at vaping.com, we want to help you choose the best vape when it comes to selecting a vape pen and understand the best vape liquid to use to ensure you’re getting not only value for money but something that suits your needs.

    So, we’ve put together this handy beginner guide to vaping with a vape pen and all the important information about the different types of vape pens available and how to start your journey.

    Disposable vape bars in a range of colours and flavours can be a great starting point


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