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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. Vaping Prevents Long-Term Relapse

    Vaping Prevents Long-Term Relapse

    NEW research shows vaping prevents smokers from having a long-term relapse – even if they try a cigarette.

    Ex smokers don’t lapse for long if they’ve swapped to e-cigarettes and crucially don’t see it as “game over” for their quit attempt if they briefly re-try tobacco again, an investigation by British university researchers has found.

    The findings, funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the medical journal Drug and Alcohol Review, show vaping actively encourages not just smoking cessation, but long-term relapse prevention.

    Lead researcher Dr Caitlin Notley from University of East Anglia's Norwich

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  2. Vaping Faces Big Tax Hit In Trump Trade War

    Vaping Faces Big Tax Hit In Trump Trade War

    VAPING is set to be hit hard by a new US government tariff which would see a 25 per cent tax hike on imports from China.

    The potential impact would not just affect consumers buying over the internet but vape shops across US towns and cities who are already struggling to cope with high taxes on e-cigarettes and vape goods.

    The new tariff is to come into affect imminently if a trade war, which started on Friday (July 6th), between America and China continues.

    Earlier this year, President Trump warned he would implement tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports, saying his administration believed Beijing had unfairly acquired US intellectual property for decades and needed to pay the price. After slapping a 25 per cent tax on over 800 exported goods at the end of last week, Beijing has now retaliated by doing the same.

    Trump threatened to increase the scope to $450 billion if China started taxing in retaliation and with a trade war now in place,

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  3. Motorists Who Vape Face Prosecution Under New Laws

    Motorists Who Vape Face Prosecution Under New Laws

    MOTORISTS face losing their license if they are caught vaping behind the wheel – because it “obscures their vision”.

    Police have warned anyone driving and distracted by smoking e-cigarettes could be fined thousands of pounds or even banned, under new UK laws.

    Although vaping while driving isn’t illegal, officers say a vape cloud could momentarily blind drivers long enough to have a crash, according to Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, resulting in prosecution.

    Drivers could face a fine of up to £2,500 as well as incur three to nine points on a driving license and even disqualification in serious circumstances.

    Sergeant Carl Knapp of the Sussex Road Policing Unit warned: "The smoke caused by vapes are a distraction and the consequences of them can be dire, all it takes is a moment to become distracted and potentially cause a crash and even worse, a fatality."
    He added: “I strongly advise people to pay 100 per cent attention to

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  4. Top Award For Vaping.com Co-Founder

    Top Award For Vaping.com Co-Founder

    VAPING.COM co-founder and CEO of the seminal E-Cigarette Forum Oliver Kershaw has scooped the prestigious INNCO Honorary Advocate award for his outstanding service to vaping.

    Kershaw, who also co-founded the E-Cigarette Summit, was recognised by The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisation, which presented him with the new award, which honours an individual who has been “outstanding in promoting the cause of alternative risk reduced nicotine products through education, campaigning or collaboration”.

    The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) is the collective voice for the most influential nicotine consumer organisations in 25 countries across five continents, who each recognise there are safer ways to enjoy nicotine consumption than tobacco smoking.

    As well as co-founding Vaping.com, Kershaw set up the world's largest vape and e-cig website E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) in 2007, a website

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  5. UK Government embraces tobacco harm reduction - in all but name

    The UK Government issued today its tobacco control plan entitled: “Towards a Smoke Free Future”. It’s a comprehensive review of anti-smoking policy objectives over the next five years and contains significant support for vapor innovation throughout.

    As Clive Bates has pointed out, this makes the UK Government the first in the world to adopt an official tobacco harm reduction agenda.

    The plan crystallizes the UK’s trajectory from almost prohibiting vapor products in 2010 to being the world’s most forward thinking and liberal on vape today.

    It goes further too underscoring that vaping in public

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  6. Vaping Indoors Has Little Impact, New Research Shows

    Vaping Indoors Has Little Impact, New Research Shows

    VAPE clouds break down within seconds to allow air quality to return to normal levels - while cigarettes can take up to 45 minutes, new research has found.

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  7. E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    E-Cigarette Summit 5 - the return of the Summit

    The fifth E-Cigarette Summit took place at London’s Royal Society last Friday. For those interested in the true state of global science and regulations on vaping products (and, increasingly, other alternative nicotine products), the Summit is the calendar-event of note.

    The following is my personal take on the overall themes, and I’ll start off with a TLDR listicle:

    1. Vaping typically produces well under 5% of the HPHCs of smoking, likely even under 1%…..
    2. With the important caveat that cloud-chasing type exposures have not been studied widely.
    3. Regardless, it’s always possible that there’s an as-yet-unidentified interaction between those small quantities of HPHC that are present and which causes a problem…
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  8. Vaping is the reason for massive decline in UK smoking

    Vaping is the reason for massive decline in UK smoking

    New data released today in the UK show that smoking has declined from 20.2% of the British adult population in 2010 to 15.8% last year.

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  9. Politicians Call For Vaping At Work

    Politicians Call For Vaping At Work

    POLITICIANS have called for vaping to be allowed in the workplace – with the UK's Houses of Parliament leading the way as a vape-friendly zone, it has been revealed.

    In a drive to make e-cigarettes more acceptable at places of work in Britain - and given separate rules to smoking - a group of MPs (Members of Parliament) have called for new policies to be drawn up to help address common “misunderstandings” about the practice.

    Members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV) agreed designated vaping areas inside offices should be considered along with employers allowing e-cigarette use in all outside areas unless there is a legitimate safety or professional reason not to, according to UK news agency Press Association.

    There should also be guidelines for the “reasonable vaping etiquette expected from vapers”.

    In the UK, where vaping is banned in train stations, restaurants and airports and is routinely

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  10. Judge Caught Vaping Through Murder Trial

    Judge Caught Vaping Through Murder Trial

    A JUDGE has hit the headlines after vaping his way through a high-profile murder trial.

    Justice Vincent Del Giudice was spotted covertly enjoying an e-cigarette as he presided over a string of cases at the Brooklyn Supreme Court including the ongoing murder trial of accused “Brooklyn Ripper” Daniel St. Hubert.

    During the hearing of St. Hubert, who is standing trial for allegedly murdering a child and seriously injuring another four years ago, the judge of 38 years appeared to routinely hold his hands up to his face as though stroking his goatee beard in contemplation.

    But photos of Del Giudice show a blue light peeking out from his closed fist, showing he was secretly using a vaporizer.

    “Everybody knows about it, but nobody says anything,” one court worker told the New York Post newspaper.

    The judge's not so subtle vaping has reportedly “raised eyebrows” among courtroom lawyers who deem it not just unprofessional but in violation of a 2017

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  11. Vaping Set To Wipe Out Tobacco Bonds

    Vaping Set To Wipe Out Tobacco Bonds

    THE rapid rise in e-cigarette sales is threatening to wipe out tobacco bonds sooner than expected, it has been revealed.

    Tobacco bonds were forecast by many analysts to begin defaulting within the next decade but as more Americans swap cigarettes for vaping – far quicker than anticipated - some are predicted to default in less than five years.

    In 1998, big tobacco companies agreed to make annual payments to most U.S. states to cover medical costs for sick smokers.

    Many states opted to securitize that stream of money by selling municipal bonds backed by the expected payments from tobacco companies.

    However, the payments are tied to smoking rates. Fewer shipments of cigarettes means less money to back the bonds - and smoking rates have been falling.

    This means that when a bond defaults, the bond issuer - in this case the US states - fails to make its annual payment to the bond holder.

    It typically occurs when the bond issuer has run

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  12. Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit, Research Reveals

    Smokers Should Hang Out With Vapers To Quit, Research Reveals

    SMOKERS wanting to quit their cigarette habit have been urged to spend time with people who vape, following new research funded by Cancer Research UK.

    Scientists at University College London, who conducted the study, found that smokers who spend time with e-cigarette users were 20 times more likely to try and ditch tobacco for good.

    Over one in four cigarette smokers in the survey said they were regularly in close contact with e-cigarettes in the past year, with around a third (32.3 per cent) of those admitting they had tried to quit through vaping in the past year, according to the academic survey published in the BMC Medicine journal this week.

    In comparison, around a quarter (26.8 per cent) of smokers who don’t have regular contact with vapers,

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  13. British Tobacco Firm To Go Bigger On Vaping

    British Tobacco Firm To Go Bigger On Vaping

    British tobacco firm Imperial Brands has revealed it is to go “all-in” on vaping after a better than expected full-year revenue and profit.

    The maker of Gauloises and Winston cigarettes is now shifting its focus towards the vaping market and is preparing to launch a heated tobacco product in Japan in early 2019, according to a report by Reuters news agency.

    Imperial Brands, which reported a net revenue of $39.83 billion for the full-year ending September 30, is also planning to increase investment in its e-cigarette brand blu by around 100 million pounds ($131 million) over the coming six months.

    It’s plan for “Next Generation Products” (NGP) also includes launching a “connected” e-cigarette in America with built-in age verification, according to the company’s

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