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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  1. Thailand Voted Worst Place For Vapers

    Thailand Voted Worst Place For Vapers

    THAILAND has been ranked as the worst place in the world for vapers.

    Holidaymakers to the country have been warned that flouting its draconian laws which ban the import, export, sale and possession of e-cigarettes could see them end up with big fines or even jail time.

    Australia has been ranked the second worst at this year’s Global Forum on Nicotine which saw 500 delegates from 60 countries vote, while India came in third.

    Members of the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations were each allowed to nominate up to five countries in the worst category and five in the best from a list of the world’s 100 most populated countries.

    From 36 members, an overwhelming 33 nominated Thailand as having the most unreasonable vaping regulations while 18 nominated Australia and 16 chose India.

    In Thailand, the strict vaping rules have been in place since November 2014.

    Anyone found breaking the law will have their items confiscated

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  2. Aussies Want Vape Ban Lifted

    Aussies Want Vape Ban Lifted

    Australian citizens want vaping to be legalised despite its government's refusal, new research shows.

    Ex smokers in the country want e-cigarettes to be made available in shops, according to a recent poll, since many are importing e-cigarettes over the internet instead.

    Experts say the trend could have major health implications for consumers buying their vape products from little-known merchants overseas and suggest it would be better for the nation's health to buy less harmful products from local stores.

    The Australian Retail Association poll, conducted by the Crosby Textor Group, shows 61 per cent of 1,200 adults backed a move towards legalizing e-cigarettes and vapes.

    ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman has now called on the government to follow the lead of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand by opening up the market.

    He said in a statement this week: "More and more Australians are buying personal

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  3. High Nicotine E-Cigs Advised For Ex-Smokers

    High Nicotine E-Cigs Advised For Ex-Smokers

    EX-SMOKERS would be better off with high over low nicotine strength e-cigarettes, new research has revealed.

    A recent experiment into vaping use, funded by well-respected charity Cancer Research, showed vapers who used to smoke tobacco are more likely to use their devices more intensely

    While ex smokers might believe that starting out on a low nicotine strength e-cigarette might be a good thing, it may be more beneficial to start high to reduce overuse and the amount of e-liquid used.

    While the amount of toxins in vaping is minimal compared with smoking and the impact on health is much smaller, the use of more e-liquid does come at a financial cost.

    Vapers are now advised to adjust nicotine levels in their e-cigarettes to a comfortable level where they don’t feel a strong urge to vape, don’t have acute withdrawal symptoms and are more satisfied after use.

    Researchers based at London South Bank University studied 20 e-cigarette users in the

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  4. Impending Vote On Flavour Ban!

    Impending Vote On Flavour Ban!

    A US city could have one of the strictest anti vaping regulations ever seen in the western world.
    A total ban on flavoured liquids is set to be voted for by San Francisco residents on Tuesday,  June 5th, after the city’s Board of Supervisors last year approved a total ban on flavoured tobacco products, including e-liquids.
    The law was agreed despite the city government facing fierce opposition from vaping advocates and the industry as a whole.
    But before it was actioned, tobacco company RJ Reynolds organised a petition to force a ballot – now known as Proposition E – which will see the law go to the public vote in a matter of days.
    The ban includes everything from candy-flavoured e-cigarettes to conventional menthol smokes.
    Opponents to the ban, who are mostly consumers and small business owners, are worried the law could kill off local businesses in the city.
    Vape users as well as harm reduction advocates also argue that banning flavours would

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