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Monthly Archives: November 2022

  1. When does Vape Juice Expire?

    When does Vape Juice Expire?

    We all love that comforting feeling when you find a trusted e-liquid to match your new vaping device, but wouldn’t it be a shame if all that delicious flavour went to waste because you forgot to check the vape juice shelf life?

    An important question that most vapers forget to ask our experts is, how long does vape juice last?

    The answer depends on how you care for your e-liquid after purchasing, so we’ve created this guide to explain how to store vape juice, helping you to get the most out of your favourite flavours.

    How long do vape juices last?

    The answer is that after purchasing, your e-liquid shelf life can last up to two years if it has been stored correctly. Value for money or what? This isn’t us saying that every vape juice will go bad after two years, different ingredients can also have an impact on determining how long vape juices last.

    PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) are featured in all vape juices whilst differing in

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  2. NHS & Government Campaigners Scoop Prizes at Vaping Industry Recognition Awards 2022

    NHS & Government Campaigners Scoop Prizes at Vaping Industry Recognition Awards 2022

    Some of the biggest supporters and pro-campaigners of Britain’s ever-emerging vape industry have been honoured at the prestigious Vaping Industry Recognition Awards 2022.

    Hosted by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), the ceremony saw members from all sectors of the industry, including politicians and representatives from the NHS and Trading Standards, celebrated for their hard work and support.

    Dr Anita Sharma, a local GP from Oldham who has been campaigning for smokers, including pregnant women, to switch to vaping to improve their health, was awarded Most Supportive Public Health Professional.

    While Mike Pawsey MP, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping which explores appropriate legislative responses and reports into e-cigarettes as a harm reduction tool was handed the accolade for Most Supportive Parliamentarian.

    The Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) meanwhile

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  3. Don't Tax My Vape!

    Don't Tax My Vape!

    The Financial Times has reported today that the European Union, which faces significant economic problems, plans to triple vaping tax in the near future. 

    This measure, to increased levies- especially on the higher nicotine strengths, potentially doubling their current cost and adding up to 3€ to the retail price, will hit the most addicted smokers turned vapers the hardest - pushing many back to smoking.

    In response, vaping.com is launching a campaign to make sure the UK Government doesn’t tax vaping in the same way as cigarettes, and instead, looks to reduce vape VAT to 5% - in line with other nicotine replacement therapies such as gum and patches.

    With the British Government also facing an apparent £40 billion black hole in its finances, it’s not hard to imagine that the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, could be looking to similarly hike taxes on vaping.

    But Hunt – the longest-serving

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  4. Free Vapes For Prisoners

    Free Vapes For Prisoners

    Prisoners are to be handed free vaping kits as jails in Scotland go tobacco-free.

    Cigarettes will be banned in all prisons from November 30th to bring them in line with UK law, which forbids smoking in public places.

    Until now, prisoners have been allowed to smoke in their cells and some communal areas.

    The new £200,000 initiative is part of a country-wide programme to support inmates giving up tobacco. Vapes will be given to all prisoners free of charge at the start of November, to give them time to make the switch before the new rules come into force.

    Plans to ban tobacco in prison were announced last year amid growing concern about the health risks of passive smoking.

    At present, 80 per cent of the prison population are still smoking cigarettes in Scotland and it is hoped the vaping kits will prevent unrest and even riots which has occurred

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  5. Ex Smokers Prefer Fruity E-Liquids Says Doctor's FDA Survey

    Ex Smokers Prefer Fruity E-Liquids Says Doctor's FDA Survey

    VAPERS who no longer smoke cigarettes prefer fruit and dessert e-liquids over tobacco flavours, according to the findings of a major survey overseen by a leading doctor.

    The data from nearly 70,000 Americans who vape or have tried vaping, and took part in the US Flavours Survey initiated by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and a team of colleagues has now been submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration.

    The government department asked for feedback in response to its Advanced Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking on vape (and other “tobacco product”) flavours earlier this year and Dr Farsalinos, a research fellow and cardiologist who has published over 50 studies and articles on smoking, tobacco harm and e-cigarettes, believed it was vital someone gathered data direct from vapers across America to help shape new government policy.
    Lead author Dr Farsalinos says the research team, which includes two of his colleagues from the

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  6. Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

    Vape Ban For Football Fans Going To World Cup in Qatar

    VAPING football fans travelling to the World Cup in Qatar will face imprisonment and heavy fines if they take e-cigarettes with them, it has been reported.

    Supporters flying in from across the world to watch the tournament in November are being advised to leave all vape equipment behind due to strict Qatar laws.

    E-cigarettes were banned in the country in 2014 and anyone caught in possession face penalties ranging from fines of up to 10,000 riyals - or £1600 - to a three-month prison sentence.

    Those who vape having switched from cigarettes are advised to consider taking alternative nicotine replacement therapies with them instead.

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  7. “Worrisome” US Vape Research Blasted As “Irresponsible” By Top UK Scientists

    “Worrisome” US Vape Research Blasted As  “Irresponsible” By Top UK Scientists

    Senior British academics, who recently carried out the largest review of its kind on e-cigarettes for the UK government, were reportedly “in despair” over the new research in America which made global headlines, explaining that nicotine in vaping causes these symptoms - and coffee create a similar if not larger response.

    The American research by the University of Wisconsin sparked a barrage of news articles last week when it’s Cardiac and Lung E-Cig Smoking (CLUES) Study - due to be presented at this weekend’s American Heart Association’s Scientific Session - reported how participants suffered increased blood pressure and heart rate along with blood constriction, immediately after vaping or smoking cigarettes. 

    In a second report, they found people who used e-cigarettes consistently performed worse on treadmill exercise measurements, compared to those who did not use nicotine. The “significant

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  8. Best Vape Devices for Thanksgiving and the Soccer World Cup

    Best Vape Devices for Thanksgiving and the Soccer World Cup

    Here at Vaping.com, we’re committed to ensuring your vaping experience is the best it can be, whether you’re at the start of your journey to a smoke-free you or you’re an accomplished vaper. 

    That’s why when we compile these monthly blogs, we’re not just offering our expertise, we also take into account the opinions of our 270,000-plus e-cigarette forum members too – ensuring you receive the best advice possible. 

    Each recommendation, whether we’re discussing disposables, talking tanks or speaking about starter kits, is made to make sure you’re using the most suitable vape devices all year round. 

    This month,

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  9. How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

    How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

    The disposable vape phenomenon has swept our globe in recent years due to the sheer convenience of each device. It’s true that disposable vapes are guaranteed to be lightweight, low cost and discreet, so that begs the question, what is the best disposable vape pen? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose the perfect partner for your transition into vaping.

    What is a disposable vape pen?

    A disposable vape is a compact and lightweight vaping device that contains an integrated battery and closed flavour pod, prefilled with different strengths of flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid. No maintenance is required and if you want to enjoy vaping simply, without the hassle of refilling, cleaning and recharging, then a disposable vape device seems the perfect fit. Each device has a specific puff count, some lasting longer than others, once this runs out, the vape needs to be responsibly disposed of. Easy!

    With flavoured nicotine salt e-liquid, users experience

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