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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Call For Action To Stop Vape Flavour Ban

    Call For Action To Stop Vape Flavour Ban

    A PLAN to ban flavors in tobacco products including vape juice is set to be rolled out by the US government, according to industry experts.

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  2. Vaping Cuts Fire Risk

    Vaping Cuts Fire Risk

    VAPING massively reduces the risk of house fires, a new report by the fire services has revealed.

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  3. Call For US Vapers To Help Stop E-Cigarettes Becoming Illegal

    Call For US Vapers To Help Stop E-Cigarettes Becoming Illegal

    Pro-vaping association CASAA has called on Americans to reach out to Congress to stop e-cigarettes becoming illegal.

    Vapers have until March 22nd to get in touch with their local politicians to help ensure modern vaping products have modern legislation to match.

    Congress is currently drawing up its budget and working out how to fund a massive two-year spending package so non-profit NGO Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives says now is the time to act.

    One of the final appropriations bills in the mix for negotiation, which will fund the government for fiscal year 2018, is the Cole-Bishop Amendment (house bill HR 1136), a bill introduced last year by Reps. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Sanford Bishop of Georgia which would set in place more appropriate regulations for e-cigarettes and most importantly would change the predicate date to August 8, 2016.

    The current predicate date is currently set at February

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  4. UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    THE UAE is at the centre of a plan to ramp up its ban on vaping but not cigarettes - saying it’s “a well known fact” they are no better than tobacco.

    The country is bringing in further stringent regulations to ensure there is no way e-cigarettes can be brought into the country while cigarettes, although heavily taxed, remain easily available

    In a statement which has shocked pro-vapers, Head of the National Tobacco Control Committee, Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, explained a proposal to work better with customs to clamp down on e-cigarettes, adding it was a “well known fact” e-cigarettes are no better than cigarettes and do not really help to quit smoking.

    Branded by pro-vapers as “comedic”, “out-of-date” and neither “well known” nor “fact”, her statement comes just a month after Public Health England reported vaping is 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes following research by some of the world’s top experts and scientists.

    Despite further world-class

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  5. Smokers False Belief: Nicotine Causes Cancer

    Smokers False Belief: Nicotine Causes Cancer

    A STUDY has found most adults falsely link nicotine to cancer - which could put them off switching to e-cigarettes, it has been revealed.

    Smokers understand that nicotine is what makes them crave a cigarette but don’t realize it’s the burning tobacco which releases the most health-affecting carcinogens.

    US company Pinney Associates presented the findings to the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s 24th annual meeting last week.

    Researchers from the group analysed data from 1,736 adults and found around 85 per cent believed nicotine is what caused people to want to keep smoking. Nearly 53 percent went on to say they believed nicotine causes most of the cancer related to smoking.

    While nicotine is present in combustible and electronic cigarettes, often used by smokers to quit their habit, several prominent studies - including research by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians - have found that vaping is up to 95 percent less harmful to use

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  6. Vaping TV Adverts Help Smokers Switch

    Vaping TV Adverts Help Smokers Switch

    TV COMMERCIALS for e-cigarettes encourage smokers to quit, new research has claimed.

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