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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. University With Tobacco History Quits Cigs For Vaping!

    University With Tobacco History Quits Cigs For Vaping!

    ONE of America's top universities, named after James Duke who made his fortune from tobacco, is set to go smoke-free from 2020 - but will allow students to vape.

    Duke University will join over 2,000 educational institutions in outlawing smoking within two years - but unlike many American universities, the private research school will not ban e-cigarettes on campus.

    Instead students will be allowed to vape and use therapeutic nicotine aids on its North Carolina university grounds.

    The move has been cited as ironic since Duke’s history is bound together with tobacco and in particular, cigarettes, after it was named after donor James Buchanan Duke, who began his American Tobacco Company there in 1890.

    The industrial magnate — the first to use cigarette rolling machines to produce cigarettes — at one time controlled 90 percent of the U.S. cigarette market. He also co-founded the power company that later morphed into what is now called Duke Energy. In

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  2. Vaping solution for armed robberies

    Vaping solution for armed robberies

    CORNER shop owners in New Zealand are being urged to consider stocking e-cigarettes after an increase in violent tobacco-related robberies.

    Over 1,200 stores were raided in the past year for cash and cigarettes, which fetch a high price in the country, leaving businesses and workers living in terror.

    While mini markets are going to extreme lengths to protect themselves from the armed raids, including fog cannons and security guards, stocking e-cigarettes has now been put forward as an idea to reduce crime.

    Dairy store owner Sandeep Patel was forced to install a security cage around his Hamilton shop after two teenagers attacked him with a machete before making off with $20,000 of cigarettes and the entire till.

    With cigarettes accounting for 70 per cent of their shop sales, Patel's family claims without selling them their corner stores wouldn’t survive.

    "It's really, really scary now. This is happening everyday," he said, "It's happening

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  3. The E-Cigarette Summit USA is coming!

    The E-Cigarette Summit USA is coming!

    A HOST of experts in tobacco research and public health are set to speak at The E-cigarette Summit USA later this month.

    For the second consecutive year since launching in the US in 2017, the conference - which is held regularly in the UK - will take place in Washington DC on April 30th.

    Registration for the event is now open and with tickets selling out fast, interested parties are urged to secure their places as soon as possible.

    The event is considered to be particularly relevant to regulators and policy advisors, health care providers, tobacco researchers and medical professionals.

    Prominent speakers include renowned industry personalities Attorney General of Iowa, Tom Miller, CEO of Action on Smoking and Health UK, Deborah Arnott, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, Amy Fairchild and well-respected public health expert Clive Bates.

    Chaired by Professor Thomas Glynn, a varied and interesting

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  4. Brits Want Roast Chicken Vape

    VAPERS in the UK have voted for their most-wanted e-cigarette flavor of the future – roast chicken.

    VAPERS in the UK have voted for their most-wanted e-cigarette flavor of the future – roast chicken.

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  5. Thailand debates legalising e-cigarettes

    Thailand debates legalising e-cigarettes

    ONE of the world’s strictest countries with an outright ban on vaping is debating making it legal.

    Thailand, which has some of the harshest e-cigarette regulations worldwide - with a maximum 10-year prison term for importing and possession - is considering a change in law.

    Academics and vapers have now attended a potentially ground breaking seminar this week to discuss the health benefits of e-cigarettes to help discourage smoking in the country.

    The debaters agreed that the government should follow in the footsteps of the UK by legalising vaping in a bid to stop smokers using cigarettes. They also agreed it would improve health and cause less pollution.

    A ban on the import, export, sale and possession of vaping products has been in place in the country since November 2014. Anyone found breaking the law faces a hefty fine or a prison sentence of up to 10 years if convicted.

    Last December two young adults in Pathum Thani made the headlines

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  6. Fertility Charities Slam Vapers’ IVF Blow

    Fertility Charities Slam Vapers’ IVF Blow

    FERTILITY charities have slammed the NHS for refusing to give IVF to couples who use e-cigarettes – saying it is to save money.

    Charity organisation Fertility Networks says the decision by at least 16 authorities across the UK to not help women who use tobacco replacement therapies is an example of how “arbitrary access criteria” is being used to cut costs.

    Critics say it is unfair to refuse treatment to those who have switched from cigarettes to vaping or nicotine patches since there is no proof nicotine is harmful in pregnancy.

    The policy has been drawn up by 16 NHS authorities, known as clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), according to a survey for The Mail on Sunday.

    The CCGs that have introduced the measure include all ten in Greater Manchester as well as NHS Crawley, NHS Horsham and Mid-Sussex, NHS Ipswich and East Sussex, NHS West Suffolk, NHS Milton Keynes, and NHS Nene in Northamptonshire.

    Of the 117 CCGs that responded to the survey,

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