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New Zealand un-bans vaping, says it's good for public health

New Zealand un-bans vaping, says it's good for public health

The government of the islands of New Zealand - a country of 5 million people off the coast of Australia, has reversed its ban on nicotine-containing vape juice.

In a bold move, the New Zealand government also decided to exempt nicotine containing liquids from the strong tobacco control laws in New Zealand - a country where cigarettes are sold in plain packages with some of the highest excise taxes in the world.

"That's an important thing", said New Zealand Health Minister Nicky Wagner, "so that when a smoker goes into the dairy, he or she will see cigarettes at a very high price and e-cigarettes much cheaper."

It's not all good news, however, as vaping will be banned in enclosed public spaces. But on the whole, vape shop owners were happy with the decision - to date they have been providing nicotine-free eliquid at their stores. While the addition to nicotine in stores is not uncommon in the country, no-one has ever been arrested for it.

Cosmic, which claims to be the country's leading e-cigarette retailer, and its owner Mark Carswell, were delighted by the decision.

"We stand behind the counter day after day. We're at the coalface," he said. "We have smokers who've been smoking 30, 40 years saying this is the best thing that's happened to them."

Peter Beckett is MD of Beckett Associates

  • Daxx10

    Brilliant NZ - Congrats from UK

  • Linus Merchant

    Just a couple of things - our population is closer to 5 million. Taxes on cigarettes is huge - a pack of 20's is about NZ$24, plain packaging hasn't been bought in yet, but its illegal to display smokes.. they're kept in cabinets or under the counter. A "dairy" is a convenience store. Good on our govt for finally getting it together!

  • M23

    Very awesome news!! I hope other countries where it's banned follows NZ! Especially Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many other countries in SEA.. as well as in Africa, South America, Middle East and more.

  • Duncan

    I wish they'd just leave the law as is - thoroughly flouted and happily ignored by the authorities. Then I can keep vaping in my pub.

  • Terry Flynn

    A major victory for common-sense over ideological knee-jerk reaction! Congratulations to everyone involved and hope other countries will soon follow.

    Just thinking of all the pain, suffering and lives these people will save, must feel great to have been involved!

  • Steve Tobias

    Hope they do the same in Australia soon, only selling nicotine free juices is crazy, imagine the heath increase to give incentive for smokers to switch to vaping and still get their nic hit without the many other cancer causing chemicals.

  • Maskull Fronzac

    Hallelujah! Now we can hope that the enlightenment will jump the ditch!

  • supertrunker

    There may yet be a triumph of commonsense over corporate greed and Puritanical dogma yet.

    One country at a time.


  • jonsieling

    finally some good news for the industry!

  • Gordon Whittet

    Regarding PUBS and CLUBS, it should be up to THEM- My 'local' pub would definitely be A ''VAPE-FRINDLY''


  • Lily

    FINALLY! Sanity prevails, that was a true case of 'the law being as ass'. I will be forever gratefully for vaping ending a 30 year deadly habit and now that finally ridiculous loop hole has closed I can look forward to a wider range of NZ made/imported nicotine e-liquids without the heavy international shipping charges.
    Well done Govt, you got it right this time.

  • Ray P. G.Yeates

    From all of us here in Canada, congratulations to all of you who stood up and fought for this huge undertaking., " Congratulations " your awesome! Thank you.

    Regards: THRA_CANADA

  • Malcolm MacLean

    Congratulations from Scotland.

  • Papadrew

    Great news! Congratulations from Dallas, TX!

  • Brian Coe

    Vaping . Com

    Just to point out that in NZ there is no legislation for public indoor bans for vaping nor is there in the the new proposed consumer regulations on vaping, please read the Regulation Impact Assessment it's all in there, do your research before publishing misinformation, vaping already has enough of that going on.

  • Brian Coe

    smoking is a choice, vaping is a choice and vaping isn't quitting, it's continuing to enjoy nicotine without the harms of lit tobacco. #switch

  • David McClure

    It's good news and long overdue, we sell a lot to customers in New Zealand (and Australia) It was a real eye opener watching a Billion Lives, at last the truth about big Pharma is coming out into the open, well done and good luck from the UK (just about to be dragged down by the EU TPD regulations - Aaaahhhhh!!

  • Brian Coe

    I don't see the relevance on my personal use of nicotine but yeah since switching from smoking to vaping 3.5 years ago I am now at 6mg/ml sub ohm RTA having started on 24 mg on an ego / CE4 style kit so that's because one is MTL and one DTL , but I enjoy nicotine still without the harms of smoking as you do right ? Also nicotine is a none issue if it's keeping you from relapsing, if I dropped to 3mg I'd be vaping a lot more Eliquid because your body compensates, you self titrate. beteeen Flavours and nicotine it's the flavours that poses more harm than nicotine, still all very low risks but it would be a mistake to get hung up about nicotine when it's only like enjoying caffeine.

    If you're vaping more Eliquid since going to zero nic then you may want to consider going back to nicotine, but if you're happy with knowing that then it's all good, vaping is for enjoying as a consumer product.