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Sex, betrayal and box mods: when vaping met reality TV

Sex, betrayal and box mods: when vaping met reality TV

A British reality TV show where contestants engage in on-screen romances for the chance to win $65,000 has seen a vape invasion in recent days.

While the show involves on screen sex scenes as the norm - this year one couple were filmed going at it live while another couple slept next to them - the British TV regulator Ofccom received far more complaints about contestants smoking than they did about the x-rated scene.

Contestants were smoking so much that the British Lung Foundation, which campaigns against cigarette smoking in the UK, teamed up with a British vaping company to insist that the show’s producers offer vapes as an alternative.

So today, along with their regular delivery of 200 cigarettes, contestants will also be receiving a selection of vapes that they can use as an alternative.

A source told The Sun Online: “They’re now being given normal cigarettes and vape sticks so they can make a choice.”

In tonight’s show, contestant Marcel Somerville will be one of the first to put down his packet of cigarettes and start vaping.

Dr Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, was positive about the show’s move, saying that vapes “are less harmful than smoking tobacco. Their vapor doesn't contain lung-clogging tar, and they can help you quit."

The show’s decision to offer vaping as an alternative to smoking for contestants comes two years after the UK government advised Brits that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

  • Robin Lawthers

    That is awesome!!! Kudos to the U.K.!

  • Darren Bentley

    Nice just wish the Government would now take notice an Reduce this harsh TDP Regulations and stop this 2ml max capacity tank size or you will see them refilling every hour lol

  • Jim Grams

    Good for the U.K. BUT keep their vape regulations over there and the hell away from the US.

  • Jim Grams

    It would be awesome if the government and FDA would just stay out of the picture.

  • Jim Grams

    I'm sure the taxes are coming. Two of my favorite juice shop sites have already closed down. Apparently FDA and government think flavored eliquid gets kids to start smoking. Well then go after flavored booze?

  • Namma

    The only complaints were from SJW fools who are obeying the bidding of the masters that hold the chain to their collars. Expose those robots for what they are.

    So weary of nancy-pants alleged "do-gooders" sticking their noses into eveyrone else's "nether regions".

    You know what type of law there should be worldwide? One against any citizen of any type from any background and ANY socioeconomic level badgering the courts and law enforcement with frivolous issues. They should be convicted of felonious abuse of the system and sentenced to two years of cleaning roads, sorting trash or some other low level task that suits their mental capacity.