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  • UK Government advisor backs vaping to achieve smoke-free 2030
    UK Government advisor backs vaping to achieve smoke-free 2030

    A top advisor to the UK Government has said that without drastic action – including the promotion of vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking – the country will miss its smoke-free 2030 target by 7 years.

    Dr Javed Khan OBE – a senior NHS leader and former CEO of the Barnardos children’s charity – was asked to review Britain’s progress towards its target of a smoking prevalence of less than 5% by 2030.

    Quote from Dr Javed Khan OBE

    Khan’s report to the Department of Health makes for critical recommendations:

    • Increase investment - around £125 million in smoke-free 2030 policies should fund accessible stop smoking support; while Khan also recommends implementing a tobacco industry levy in order to raise the money.
    • Increase the age of sale
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  • Grammy’s Vaping Surprise - Singer’s Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.
    Grammy’s Vaping Surprise - Singer’s Red Carpet Appearance Puts Famous Vapers in the Spotlight.

    Doja Cat. Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0

    US RAPPER Doja Cat put vaping firmly in the spotlight at the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas this month as she boldly vaped on the red carpet before receiving an award for her contribution to music.

    The star - who was nominated for a staggering eight Grammys at this year's event and took home the Best Pop Duo Performance award - turned heads for accessorizing her designer Versace gown with a vape pen as she appeared at the star-studded event.

    But despite it being cited as a bold move, Doja isn't the first musician to appear in public vaping, with many fellow singers attributing it to helping them make a switch away from smoking.


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Latest News

  • Glastonbury Disposable Vape Ban
    Glastonbury Disposable Vape Ban

    Glastonbury, the UK's most renowned summer festival, has made a significant decision regarding disposable vapes. With a staggering capacity of 200,000 attendees, the festival has decided to ban the use of disposable vapes due to concerns over their environmental impact. This move has ignited a broader conversation about the recycling and disposal of disposable vapes in the UK. 

    Neil McLaren, CMO at vaping.com, acknowledges the importance of addressing this issue and applauds Glastonbury for taking a stand. However, he believes that the ban should also extend to cigarettes, considering their well-documented harm and status as the world's most littered item. In this article, we explore the environmental implications of disposable vapes and offer a greener alternative for vapers concerned about the festival ban.

    Disposable Vapes: An Environmental Hazard:

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  • How Do Vapes Work?
    How Do Vapes Work?

    In this article, we’ll take you through some of the main types of vapes and how they work.

    If you’re new to vaping and just getting started, you’re bound to have questions around how a vape works. Vapes come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same basic components: a battery, coil and a tank or pod. Depending on the type of vape you want, some can be more complex and customisable, while others are simpler and easy to use. 

    How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

    Disposable vapes are non-rechargeable devices. There are many disposable vapes available in the UK, which come with a pre-filled e-liquid in a variety of different flavours and high nicotine strengths (up to 20 mg). The moment you remove them from their packaging, and peel away any hygiene seals, they’re ready to use. 

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  • Vaping and Travelling - Vaping Abroad
    Vaping and Travelling - Vaping Abroad

    Packing for a holiday? Don’t know whether you can take your vape with you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many vapers are unsure of the regulations around vaping and travelling. From Greece to Egypt, this article will take you through some of the most popular travel destinations, and the vaping regulations to take note of before jetting off. 

    Can You Take Vapes On A Plane?

    In the United Kingdom, you are not allowed to use your vape in any airport.1 You can, however, travel with vapes in your carry-on luggage.1 You are not permitted to store your vape in your checked luggage, which applies to both domestic and international flights.1 

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  • How Much Nicotine Is in a Cigarette vs Vape Products?
    How Much Nicotine Is in a Cigarette vs Vape Products?

    When using vapes as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, there are a few things you can learn to help make the switch smoother for you - including how much nicotine in a vape compares to that in a cigarette. 

    When first switching from cigarettes to vapes, it can be tricky to wrap your head around how the nicotine contents in each product differ, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will take you through the basics when it comes to nicotine vaping. Read on to learn more about nicotine, how much nicotine is in a cigarette vs a vape, and more. 

    What is Nicotine?

    Nicotine is a substance that’s found in both tobacco and nicotine e-liquids. It’s colourless,

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  • Vaping at Wimbledon: A Summer vape Flavours and Tennis
    Vaping at Wimbledon: A Summer vape Flavours and Tennis

    If you're lucky enough to experience Wimbledon first-hand and witness the pinnacle of tennis excellence this summer, then here's your trusted guide to safe vaping at one of Britain's greatest sports shows. We've even thrown in some of the best strawberry vape brands to complement your day!

    As the courts come alive with fierce competition and the sun bathes the historic grounds, there's a new twist in the air this summer. Here at Vaping.com, we have the perfect selection of strawberry vape juice, nic salts and disposable vapes to match your tennis taste buds.

    So, grab your binoculars and join us as we dive into the exciting world of tennis and Wimbledon's vaping rules and our guide to the

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  • World Vape Day and World No-Tobacco Day
    World Vape Day and World No-Tobacco Day

    Global charities and health campaigners are calling on smokers to quit their deadly cigarette habit on World No Tobacco Day.

    Cancer Research UK has released new analysis which estimates one person dies every five minutes from tobacco in Britain and has called on the government to do more to help smokers quit.

    It has launched a petition to coincide with World No Tobacco Day today, asking for the Prime Minister to establish a “Smokefree Fund ” which would help pay for the cost of tobacco control, which it says is seriously underfunded.

    Meanwhile, a group of leading tobacco harm reduction groups including World Vapers’ Alliance have been highlighting vaping’s role in cutting death and disease from smoking with the launch of World Vape Day yesterday (May 30th).

    Now in its fourth year, the event saw the worldwide vaping community champion global harm reduction efforts and the benefits of using e-cigarettes - which Public Health England deems

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  • 50/50 Vape Juice: Everything You Need to Know
    50/50 Vape Juice: Everything You Need to Know

    50/50 vape juice has become a popular balance of PG/VG in e-liquids. Many brands have ranges of PG/VG ratios available, each providing something different to the vaping experience. But what can 50/50 bring to the table? And what is the best 50/50 vape juice uk vapers can buy? 

    We’ll walk you through everything to know about 50/50 vape juice, and whether it’s a good e-liquid for you.

    What Is 50/50 Vape Juice?

    50/50 vape juice is an e-liquid that has a ratio of 50/50 propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG). Both PG and VG bring different qualities to vaping, and when in a 50/50 ratio, offer a nice balance of these qualities. 

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  • Beginner’s Guide to Disposable Vapes
    Beginner’s Guide to Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes are a great way to transition from smoking to the vaping world before moving on to a longer-term, rechargeable device. In fact, they’ve become increasingly popular in the last few years, with 15.2% of vapers in England using disposables in 2022 compared to 2.2% the previous year.1 

    But exactly how do disposable vapes work? Which type of vapers are they best suited to? And what disposable vape is best for those starting their vaping journey? If you’re just getting started with vaping and want to learn more about this fantastic product, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our beginner's guide to disposable vapes.

    What Is a Disposable Vape?

    A disposable

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  1. INFOGRAPHIC: The year in vaping

    INFOGRAPHIC: The year in vaping

    Even by the standards of an industry where ground breaking years are the norm, 2016 will go down in history as a period where vaping was changed forever.

    FDA unveiled its new regulations that essentially amount to a ban, but all this could change next year with a new President in the White House. Europe regulated the industry with a much lighter touch and Canada announced plans to legalize and regulate nicotine-containing vape juice for the first time.

    Doctors in the UK demanded that the government there promote vaping heavily as an alternative to smoking. And there were also a lot of new product launches and, of course, the launch of vaping.com.

    We recap the year’s most important events in this infographic. And if you’re looking to change your habits in the new year, or you need a new vape kit, we’re offering 10% off across vaping.com with the code “YEARINVAPING”.

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  2. 30 of the Most Hilarious Vape Memes Ever Created

    30 of the Most Hilarious Vape Memes Ever Created

    The Best Vape Memes on the Internet

    Vaping has blown up in popularity in recent years. Like anything popular, it’s become the subject of many a meme. Similar to being mocked by a TV show, having memes made about you is truly a sign you’ve made it. Thus, vape memes are, in our opinion, an honour. But which ones are the best?

    Our Top 30 Vape Memes

    There are vape memes for days. In fact, there are too many vape memes to count. We took it upon ourselves to do the absolutely back-breaking work of looking at hundreds and hundreds of memes to find the best the internet has to offer. Without further ado, here are our personal favourites.


    1. A Vape Too Far

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  3. Save vaping. Last chance. 

    Save vaping. Last chance. 

    Please contact your representative and senators today:  “Cole-Bishop” needs a push.

    If you’re new to vaping, or even a relatively experienced vaper you might be unaware of just how many times vape has nearly been prohibited over the last 10 years, both in the US and internationally.

    Vape survives today only because of the actions of thousands of people like you who step up when asked. Today is one of those days and CASAA has issued a call to action:

    Call and urge your Senators and Representative to support Cole-Bishop's inclusion in the 2017 budget!

    It's incredibly easy to find the contact details for your representative and senators:

    For your representative, go here and enter your zip

    For your senators, go here and choose your state

    Talking points:

    •Urge them to support the Cole-Bishop language in the 2017 US budget bill


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  4. New Zealand un-bans vaping, says it's good for public health

    New Zealand un-bans vaping, says it's good for public health

    The government of the islands of New Zealand - a country of 5 million people off the coast of Australia, has reversed its ban on nicotine-containing vape juice.

    In a bold move, the New Zealand government also decided to exempt nicotine containing liquids from the strong tobacco control laws in New Zealand - a country where cigarettes are sold in plain packages with some of the highest excise taxes in the world.

    "That's an important thing", said New Zealand Health Minister Nicky Wagner, "so that when a smoker goes into the dairy, he or she will see cigarettes at a very high price and e-cigarettes much cheaper."

    It's not all good news, however, as vaping will be banned in enclosed public spaces. But on the whole, vape

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  5. Exclusive ECF Interview: Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

    If you’re expressing your opinion about
    e-cigarettes in public, you should know
    what you’re talking about…

    Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is a Greek cardiovascular specialist who in recent years has become increasingly high-profile internationally on account of his groundbreaking clinical research into e-cigarettes and the effects of their use. He spoke to ECF as he embarked on a study into the ingredients of e-liquids that was made possible through crowdfunding by vapers and e-cigarette companies. We talked to him about his work, the future of vaping and how not all the reputed experts are telling the truth.

    E-Cigarette Forum: Your day job is in cardiovascular research at a Belgian hospital, so what led you from that to focus on e-cigarette research? Some might struggle to see the link.
    Dr Farsalinos: It came up by coincidence. I’d just finished a study detecting

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  6. Draft law to save vaping gathers steam in Congress

    Draft law to save vaping gathers steam in Congress

    A new bill has been introduced in Congress which, if passed, will prevent the FDA from banning 99.9% vapour products next year. 

    The cross-party draft law - known as the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017  - was tabled Thursday by Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sandford Bishop (D-GA) and is now gaining traction in Washington. If the bill passes it will move what is known as the "predicate date" for vapour products; all those that were on the market on 8 August 2016 would not now be subjected to a regulatory system so overbearing it amounts to a ban due to its cost and complexity.

    “Vapour products offer a promising path for harm reduction for those seeking to quit or limit their smoking,” said Rep. Bishop. “This legislation would ensure the FDA’s regulatory process does not limit the availability of safer tobacco options for those seeking

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  7. Mitch Zeller urged to save vaping by Iowa AG, Truth Chair, Hon Tom Miller

    Mitch Zeller urged to save vaping by Iowa AG, Truth Chair, Hon Tom Miller

    Iowa's Attorney General, Tom Miller, issued the strongest public challenge yet to Mitch Zeller, head of the FDA's Centre for Tobacco Products, to intervene in the way vaping products are regulated. Speaking at the Food and Drug Law Institute's Tobacco conference luncheon on October 27th, he urged Mitch Zeller to "come to the rescue and use his authority to the fullest extent to not overregulate e-cigarettes and the implementation of the rule."

    Tom Miller has served nine consecutive terms as Iowa's AG, was the president of the NAAG, and has a deep and long-standing involvement in US Tobacco Control efforts. AG Miller was instrumental in the Master

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  8. Vaping Better For Your Smile Say Scientists

    Vaping Better For Your Smile Say Scientists

    Millions of smokers have used e-cigarettes to ditch tobacco. And landmark studies have shown that vaping only carries a fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes.

    But the world of vaping can be confusing for beginners. Just look at some of the terminology involved.

    Sure, you can always ask for advice from your friend who has vaped for years. But an experienced vaper’s set-up probably isn’t suitable for someone who is just starting out.

    One of the first distinctions a new vaper needs to know about is the difference between Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung vaping.

    First and foremost, this is a difference in vaping styles. But it also affects what hardware and vape juice a vaper buys, because some products are optimized for Mouth to Lung vaping and some for Direct Lung

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  9. Vaping Slashes Youth Smoking Rates

    Vaping Slashes Youth Smoking Rates

    YOUTH smoking has fallen three times faster since the emergence of vaping, a new study has confirmed.

    The long-term decline in youth and young adults having a deadly cigarette habit has accelerated in the US since e-cigarettes became popular in 2014, according to research published in the Tobacco Control journal.

    Entitled “Examining the relationship of vaping to smoking initiation among US youth and young adults: a reality check”, the study was led by public health experts Professors David Levy, Ken Warner and Australian Ron Borland.

    The research, which used publicly available data to study the trends, revealed: “There was a substantial increase in youth vaping prevalence beginning in about 2014. Time trend analyses showed that the decline in past 30-day smoking prevalence accelerated

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  10. Vape Plan For Tenants Facing Cigarette Ban

    Vape Plan For Tenants Facing Cigarette Ban

    SMOKERS who live in public housing could face a smoking ban in their own homes and urged to vape instead, under new plans being considered in the UK.

    Following a recent report which revealed smoking is twice as common and “highly concentrated” in council-owned properties and estates, tenants of new housing blocks may be forced to stop smoking cigarettes under new proposals, it has been revealed.

    Politicians have suggested smokers be handed vaping kits by housing associations if the idea comes into force to help ease tenant's withdrawal symptoms and manage their nicotine addiction .

    Two All Party Parliamentary Groups and anti-smoking charity Ash believe the new measures could save lives and have asked housing associations to look at bringing in the ban to any new housing properties that become available.

    Ash’s Hazel Cheeseman said: “We are not saying all new developments should be [smoke-free] but it’s something that housing

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  11. U.S. Faces Imminent Restrictions On E-Cigarette Sales

    U.S. Faces Imminent Restrictions On E-Cigarette Sales

    AMERICA’S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to ban sales of most flavoured e-cigarettes in stores and gas stations nationwide under a plan to stop underage vaping, it has been revealed.

    The FDA is expected to announce details of the new measures next week, according to a senior agency official as reported in America’s Washington Post.

    New measures will also include setting up age-verification measures for online sales to stop minors buying flavoured pods.

    The sales ban in grocery stores and gas stations is not expected to include menthol and tobacco flavours, reportedly because there are concerns that adult vapers could switch to their cigarette equivalents if they are not easily available.

    The news comes just several weeks after FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told America’s CNBC that he was considering confining flavoured e-cigarette sales to vape

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  12. More Proof Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

    More Proof Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

    SWITCHING to vaping is successful in helping heavy smokers quit their habit, another new study has shown.

    New research presented at the nicotine and tobacco research conference, SRNT in Munich, showed – yet again - that e-cigarettes are helping those who are addicted to smoking tobacco.

    Senior Lecturer Alexis Bailey presented preliminary results to industry experts from his observational study, “SmokeFreeBrain”, which looked at the effect that switching from smoking to vaping for 28 days, had on heavy smokers.

    The team measured several parameters including psychometric, cardiovascular, quality of life, brain activity and bio-markers of toxicity.

    Findings from the 31 subjects who completed the study showed subtle but significant changes in psychometric parameters and a considerable reduction in bio-markers of toxicity.

    Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes also reduced the craving to smoke and affected brain regions associated with addiction. Exposure

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  13. Hong Kong To Ban Vaping But Keep Cigarettes

    Hong Kong To Ban Vaping But Keep Cigarettes

    HONG Kong plans to impose a total ban on e-cigarettes, it has been announced – because they are too tempting to young people.

    Chief executive Carrie Lam said in a policy address on Wednesday (October 11) that all alternative smoking devices, from e-cigarettes to heat-not-burn tobacco products, will be made illegal, including their sale, manufacture and import.

    Cigarettes and conventional tobacco products, however, will remain available.

    Hong Kong had ruled out a ban earlier this year and outlined in legislative proposal in June how it intended to regulate e-cigarettes by prohibiting advertising and restricting its sale to minors, as it does with traditional tobacco products.

    But in a dramatic U-turn, Lan announced that due to its attractiveness to young people and that there was “a lack of sufficient evidence to prove the products can help quit smoking” the government favoured an outright ban instead.

    Lam said at a briefing after her address: "Without

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  14. Health groups suing FDA over e-cigarettes under fire

    Health groups suing FDA over e-cigarettes under fire

    A COLLECTION of health groups who is suing the FDA for delaying e-cigarette regulations in a bid to get them banned, has come under fire.

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  15. FDA’s New Flavour Rules Under Fire

    FDA’s New Flavour Rules Under Fire

    AMERICA’S new restrictions on the sale of e-cigarette flavours have come under fire by both anti and pro vapers.

    The U.S. government's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that while it won’t implement a ban on flavoured vape juice and pods from stores and gas stations, as originally expected in its drive to restrict underage vaping, all shops must now “police” themselves.

    Stores will be expected to implement closed-off, over-18 areas instead, which would be inaccessible to teenagers, where fruit and candy flavours will be sold. Under the new laws, tobacco, menthol and mint flavours will remain unrestricted and can be sold anywhere.

    In a move that pro vapers and ex smokers say could result in stores cutting back on selling juices and pods all together, a separate cashier would be needed for the new

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  16. ACS Pro Vaping In Fight Against Tobacco

    ACS Pro Vaping In Fight Against Tobacco

    The American Cancer Society (ACS) has admitted the American public has been misinformed about the dangers of vaping - and is now going to promote it as an alternative to smoking.

    The leading health organization has set out in a public statement that it is tobacco, not nicotine, which contains the cancer-causing chemicals and carcinogens and states there's an "urgent need" for consumer education about the risks posed by different tobacco products

    While the ACS had already confirmed vaping was a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes in a report earlier this year, its tougher stance on eradicating the current smoking epidemic through actively promoting e-cigarettes and other cessation tools, is being seen as a positive step by vaping advocacy groups and public health experts.

    It said in the statement: “Although many Electronic Nicotine Device Systems [such as e-cigarettes] deliver nicotine, flavour additives, and other chemicals, they do not

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  17. Vaping.com responds to the mysterious lung illness linked with vaping THC

    Vaping.com responds to the mysterious lung illness linked with vaping THC

    You’ll probably be aware that there have been a number of recent injuries associated with vaping reported in the media.

    Naturally, we’ve been following this story closely and we want to reassure our customers that these injuries are completely unrelated to the products we sell. 

    All products on vaping.com are standard nicotine-containing vapour products and, since their availability in 2004, they have not been associated with any known outbreak of injuries.

    We are prevented from making specific claims about the safety of our products by FDA regulations, but we do believe we are legally entitled to reassure you that these injuries have been caused by THC products and not nicotine products.

    What do we know?

    As multiple outlets

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  18. Vapers are mad as hell, Detroit Mental Health Authority just found out

    Last Friday, the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority announced on Facebook a new billboard they had erected that claims vaping is equally dangerous as smoking. The posting was met with fury by vapers, and has caused long-term damage to the DWMHA’s organisational reputation.

    The billboard features a close-up image of a man vaping, and features the text: “E-qually dangerous” as well as a freephone telephone helpline number and the DWMHA logo. It’s unclear at present where the billboard is located.

    Greg Conley of the AVA shared the posting , commenting: “Even the prohibitionist groups you obviously adore like the Cancer Society and Lung Association will generally admit that vaping is significantly less hazardous than smoking. Shame on you.”

    Within hours, DWMHA’s Facebook was inundated with comments and “1-star” business reviews. At the time of writing DWHMA

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  19. E-Cigarettes are twice as effective as NRT, landmark UK study shows

    E-Cigarettes are twice as effective as NRT, landmark UK study shows

    A study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that e-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as NRT in helping smokers remain abstinent from cigarettes.

    The study team, from Queen Mary University of London, saw that 18% of participants who were given vaping products and a four-week behavioural course remained smoke-free after a year, compared with 10% of those given medical nicotine such as patches or gum. Participants were given a vaping starter-kit and advised to make their own future purchasing decisions.

    Previous e-cigarette studies using the “gold standard” randomised-controlled methodology were conducted years ago and based on a single (and no longer available) model of e-cigarette, which was poor at delivering nicotine. Even still, those studies showed a modest level of efficacy, approximately equal to that of patches and gums. The lack of a clear advantage,

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  20. President Trump’s Proposed Flavour Ban Under Fire

    President Trump’s Proposed Flavour Ban Under Fire

    PRESIDENT Trump’s proposal to ban all e-cigarette flavours has been questioned by health campaigners who say it could see millions switch back to tobacco.

    The US president announced on Wednesday that the government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” to force all sales of flavoured vape juice, other than tobacco, to be withdrawn from the market.

    Critics claim, however, that Trump’s announcement is a knee jerk reaction to an outbreak of a severe respiratory disease in the US, which is being blamed on vaping. However many of those hospitalized have admitted to vaping a range of substances and marijuana-based products and do-it-yourself brews, not regulated products.

    Trump, however, has said his proposed ban is to combat teen vaping and the FDA will now be developing guidelines to remove all flavours from sale, which have been blamed for enticing young people to vape.

    The proposed restrictions would only

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