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  • Best Small Vapes for 2019

    Best Small Vapes for 2019

    Best Small Vapes for 2019 by the experts Our experts have compiled the ultimate list of the best small vapes for 2019. Tiny, lightweight and discreet, find the best small vape pods & mods for your needs. We update this page regularly to make sure this list is perfectly up to date with the latest and greatest small vapes. Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Project Sub-Ohm Edition SMOK Nord Kit Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Device SMOK SLM Vaporesso Tarot Baby SMOK G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Kit Suorin Air v2 Vaporesso Armour Pro SMOK Priv M17 Renova Zero Pod Device...
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  • Best Salt Nic Vape Juices

    Best Salt Nic Vape Juices

    1. Propaganda Salts - Blue Slushee 2. Aqua Salts - Rainbow Drops 3. Propaganda Salts - Cookie Butter Salts 4. Air Factory - Strawberry Kiwi Salts 5. Mad Hatter Juice - (I Love Salts) Pacific Passion 6. Propaganda Salts - Wildfire 7. Beard Vape Co. - No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco 8. Air Factory - Melon Lush Salts 9. I Love Salts - Juicy Apples 10. Beard Vape Co. - No. 5 NY Cheesecake Nic salt-based e-liquids or more commonly known nic salts are all the rage at the minute. Driven in part by the popularity of low output pod mod...
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  • 13 Vape Gear Essentials That You Should Never Run Out Of

    13 Vape Gear Essentials That You Should Never Run Out Of

    Very few industries have innovated and progressed as fast as the vaping industry. If you look back at the history of vaping, you’ll see that the industry has quickly grown from small cigarette-style devices with leaky cartridges and inconsistent performance to a variety of awesome devices that allow vapers to control every aspect of their vaping experience. In only a decade, the world has changed in its embrace of vaping, and this is reflected by all the awesome vape gear that has hit the market over the last several years. Depending on how you vape and what type of experience...
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  • To Drop or Not: The Suorin Drop vs Air

    To Drop or Not: The Suorin Drop vs Air

    Suorin Showdown: The Suorin Drop vs Air They say you can’t judge a book by a cover, but when you see a vape pod that looks like a tiny pastel clamshell, can you really pass it up? Novelty items are often just that, a novelty. Is the Suorin Drop a novelty vape kit, or is it functional and fun? And what about its more utilitarian cousin, the Suorin Air? The Lowdown: The Suorin Drop and Suorin Air Despite both devices being made by Suorin, the two kits couldn’t be more different if they tried. To provide a proper examination of...
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  • Vaper’s Tongue: Why Does E-Liquid Lose Its Flavor?

    Vaper’s Tongue: Why Does E-Liquid Lose Its Flavor?

    A lot of smokers switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes because they taste better. Instead of that throaty burnt ash hit, vapers can get a huge array of different fruit, dessert and menthol vape juice flavors loaded in their e-cig. But while the first few puffs of a new vape juice are almost always magnificent, vape juice flavors can lose their potency after you have been vaping them for a while. This is totally normal. There’s nothing up with your device or your tank. You just have what the e-cigarette community calls vaper’s tongue. What is Vaper’s Tongue?  It might...
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  • The Best New Vape Mods of 2018

    The Best New Vape Mods of 2018

    Can’t-Miss Vape Mods of 2018 New vape mods are constantly releasing. Keeping up with them can be tough. Even worse is trying to figure out which ones are worth spending your hard-earned money on. We fancy ourselves experts, and have put together a list of the best new vape mods of 2018, so you don’t have to risk getting a terrible mod. Top New Vape Mods Vape mods come in all shapes and sizes. The beauty of 2018 is that more mods than ever are heading your way. The downside is that this can be overwhelming. If you don’t know...
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  • Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

    Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

    TSA Vape Rules: Sky High with Your Vape Accessories The airport can be a real nightmare, even on a good day. While TSA regulations serve to make things safer, they also add in a whole layer of complications. Is this too much shampoo? Can I travel with my vape juice? Will I be mocked for having mismatched socks when I inevitably have to take my shoes off? Imagining the TSA vape rules can be terrifying on its own. Traveling with your vaping equipment sounds like it must be impossible. Right? Playing by the TSA Vape Rules It should come as...
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  • Anti-Vape Epidemic Sees Drop In Vapers

    Anti-Vape Epidemic Sees Drop In Vapers

    THE number of vapers are falling in America, shock new data has revealed, proving its portrayal as a menacing new epidemic by government and anti-tobacco interest groups has been worryingly effective. About 6.9 million Americans were current users of e-cigarettes in 2017, according to the latest National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which was a million fewer than the previous year. The survey, which is the source for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) national smoking estimates (the nation’s health protection agency), it makes the number of current vapers two million fewer than in 2014, the first year NHIS...
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  • YouTube vs Vape!

    YouTube vs Vape!

    YouTube is removing videos relating to vaping products, it has been reported. E-cigarette reviewers claim content has been ripped from the video-hosting platform while others report channels are being deleted with little chance to appeal. Posts that mention the controversial vape brand JUUL, currently being investigated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of its alleged appeal to teenagers, appear to be the most targeted. Experts claim the move by YouTube comes after a state-backed push against e-cigarette advertising in America, particularly in regard to flavored e-juice which are used in vaporizers and pressure groups claim are tempting...
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  • UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    THE UAE is at the centre of a plan to ramp up its ban on vaping but not cigarettes - saying it’s “a well known fact” they are no better than tobacco. The country is bringing in further stringent regulations to ensure there is no way e-cigarettes can be brought into the country while cigarettes, although heavily taxed, remain easily available In a statement which has shocked pro-vapers, Head of the National Tobacco Control Committee, Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, explained a proposal to work better with customs to clamp down on e-cigarettes, adding it was a “well known fact” e-cigarettes...
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