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  • VApril is coming!

    VApril is coming!

    THE vaping industry is set to launch its first ever awareness month in April across the UK. Organized by the Vaping Industry Association, VApril hopes to urge smokers to switch to e-cigarettes for the month to show them it is a healthier choice Following in the footsteps of Stoptober, the NHS’s stop smoking challenge six months earlier, the awareness campaign will engage with the general public, government and public health organizations across the country to spread the message that vaping is better than tobacco. With TV doctor Dr Christian Jessen fronting the campaign, famous in the UK for his Channel...
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  • UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    UAE ramps up its vaping ban… but not cigarettes

    THE UAE is at the centre of a plan to ramp up its ban on vaping but not cigarettes - saying it’s “a well known fact” they are no better than tobacco. The country is bringing in further stringent regulations to ensure there is no way e-cigarettes can be brought into the country while cigarettes, although heavily taxed, remain easily available In a statement which has shocked pro-vapers, Head of the National Tobacco Control Committee, Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, explained a proposal to work better with customs to clamp down on e-cigarettes, adding it was a “well known fact” e-cigarettes...
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  • Call For US Vapers To Help Stop E-Cigarettes Becoming Illegal

    Call For US Vapers To Help Stop E-Cigarettes Becoming Illegal

    Pro-vaping association CASAA has called on Americans to reach out to Congress to stop e-cigarettes becoming illegal. Vapers have until March 22nd to get in touch with their local politicians to help ensure modern vaping products have modern legislation to match. Congress is currently drawing up its budget and working out how to fund a massive two-year spending package so non-profit NGO Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives says now is the time to act. One of the final appropriations bills in the mix for negotiation, which will fund the government for fiscal year 2018, is the Cole-Bishop Amendment (house bill...
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  • Hospitals start to roll out vaping zones after PHE advice

    Hospitals start to roll out vaping zones after PHE advice

    HOSPITALS across the UK have started to roll out vaping zones following Public Health England advice. While many are already smoke-free, hospitals have agreed patients, staff and visitors alike can vape in certain areas. In support of today’s (March 14th) No Smoking Day, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust is reaffirming its commitment to being a smoke free organization and has gone one step further in taking the decision to allow the use of e-cigarettes. The move was taken in the wake of PHE’s findings that vaping is considerably less harmful than tobacco. In its report last month, the agency...
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  • What to Vape This St Patrick’s Day

    What to Vape This St Patrick’s Day

    This Saturday is St Patrick’s Day, an event marked in the United States with lots of parades, parties, food and beer drinking. In this quick guide we talk about what vape juice you should vape while your sat in an Irish bar glugging green beer and Guinness. ‘Guinness and Black’ In the UK, one popular way of drinking Guinness is by mixing it with a splash of concentrated blackcurrant juice. If you don’t like dark stout, then a ‘Guinness and Black’ is more palatable. Blackcurrant farming was outlawed in the US because it threatened the logging industry, so it’s not...
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  • Heated scenes for vapers at anti-tobacco conference

    Heated scenes for vapers at anti-tobacco conference

    PRO-vapers have defended their position after a fracas broke out at the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town with non-smoking activists. News outlets reported on a “commotion” erupting at the anti-tobacco summit in South Africa between a vaping and non-smoking organization between heated debates. Pro-vapers have since defended their position saying while in an ideal world smokers would simply give up nicotine altogether, e-cigarettes do provide a method of displacing smoking which in turn provides a huge public health benefit. Prominent pro-vaper Clive Bates added e-cigarettes of the future will be even more effective in providing...
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  • Smokers False Belief: Nicotine Causes Cancer

    Smokers False Belief: Nicotine Causes Cancer

    A STUDY has found most adults falsely link nicotine to cancer - which could put them off switching to e-cigarettes, it has been revealed. Smokers understand that nicotine is what makes them crave a cigarette but don’t realize it’s the burning tobacco which releases the most health-affecting carcinogens. US company PinneyAssociates presented the findings to the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s 24th annual meeting last week. Researchers from the group analyzed data from 1,736 adults and found around 85 per cent believed nicotine is what caused people to want to keep smoking. Nearly 53 percent went on to...
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  • Vaping TV Adverts Help Smokers Switch

    Vaping TV Adverts Help Smokers Switch

    TV COMMERCIALS for e-cigarettes encourage smokers to quit, new research has claimed. Watching adverts for vaping products on the small screen gives tobacco smokers the urge to ditch their habit, a report has revealed, and so successful is the marketing, a ban could lead to a 3 percent drop in quitters. At present, there are four times as many television commercials for nicotine replacement therapies than e-cigarettes but researchers at Bentley University, the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Cornell University and the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that an increase in vaping ads could lead...
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  • Philip Morris Ignites Formula 1 Ferrari Habit With IQOS

    Philip Morris Ignites Formula 1 Ferrari Habit With IQOS

    TOBACCO giant Philip Morris is making its move into vaping by promoting its “smoke free” products at Formula One, it has been revealed. The tobacco company, which has spent £2.5bn on developing smoke-free alternatives to its famous cigarette brands, has partnered up with F1 team Ferrari to help drive its new range. Philip Morris has been sponsoring Ferrari since the mid-80s, but the Marlboro cigarette brand has not featured on the racing cars since 2007 due to strict advertising laws. But along with extending its sponsorship deal with Scuderia Ferrari until 2021, the company will now be using the partnership...
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  • Leading Doctor Questions ‘Metals Found in Vaping’ research

    Leading Doctor Questions ‘Metals Found in Vaping’ research

    A LEADING doctor has poured cold water on a report which claims e-cigarette users are inhaling significant amounts of lead and toxic metals. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, a research fellow and cardiologist who has published over 50 studies and articles on smoking, tobacco harm and e-cigarettes, has questioned the findings by John Hopkins University which claimed dangerous levels of toxins - including lead, chromium and arsenic – are being inhaled by vapers. The study published last week triggered a wealth of media reports, which went on to claim absorbing toxic metals could be linked to heart and brain damage. But Dr...
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