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  • Underage Juuling and Four More Moral Panics

    Underage Juuling and Four More Moral Panics

    Interest groups, the media and well-intentioned parents are fuelling a moral panic about underage ‘Juuling’. Hungry for views, many news carriers have written countless stories about the ‘epidemic’ of vaping in schools. Some have even spread fanciful concerns about cocaine e-liquid. One of the keen drivers behind the moral panic in America has been interest groups like Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. These groups want the FDA to bring in new restrictions that will damage vaping companies. Juul devices are at the centre of this new moral panic A moral panic is an intense sense of fear that spreads rapidly through...
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  • E-Cigarette Ads Coming To TV!

    E-Cigarette Ads Coming To TV!

    E-cigarettes and vaping could start appearing in glossy TV, radio and newspaper ads under new laws in Canada. The federal government's new Tobacco and Vaping Products Act will force tobacco companies to use plain packaging but it also opens up a world of marketing possibilities for vaping liquids and e-cigarettes. The new law, which received royal assent last week, legalizes and regulates what had been a "bold, black market," according to David Hammond, a prominent university professor and chair of Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Nicotine e-liquids have, until now, been technically illegal but available at vape shops and other...
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  • EU Countries Ranked by Vaper Friendliness

    EU Countries Ranked by Vaper Friendliness

    A new report, which ranks EU countries by their vaper-friendliness, warns that some EU countries are restricting access to vape products and jeodpordizing citizens’ health. Published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Nanny State index tracks 'overbearing lifestyle regulations' on product categories including alcohol, food/soft drinks, tobacco and e-cigarettes. Their latest report centres on vaping and ranks European countries based on their approach to harm-reducing nicotine products. ‘Nanny state’ interventions Christopher Snowdon, the author of the report, lays out the case against e-cigarette regulation right at the start of the report. “Nanny state interventions… are invariably promoted on grounds...
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  • Top Doctor: Wet Lung Vaping Story “Nonsense”

    Top Doctor: Wet Lung Vaping Story “Nonsense”

    A TOP doctor has branded the media hype over a teenager developing "wet lung" from vaping as "total nonsense". The 18-year-old woman hit global headlines earlier this month for developing the rare condition after reportedly using e-cigarettes for three weeks. But top medic Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos has dismissed the sensational headlines as a "new low for e-cigarette opponents," explaining the patient, who had a history of mild asthma, suffered an allergic reaction which in turn triggered pneumonia. He also explained how the condition's other name, "wet lung", is a term rarely used in the medical world -  but was clearly...
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  • Vaping is Iceland's "Great Blessing"

    Vaping is Iceland's "Great Blessing"

    ICELAND has seen a dramatic 40 per cent drop in smokers thanks to vaping. E-cigarettes have now been hailed "a great blessing" for the country's overall public health. Doctors have thanked Iceland's tobacco control policies for its continued success in seeing smokers quit cigarettes by promoting vaping instead. Anti-tobacco campaigner and well-respected Italian doctor Riccardo Polosa said in a statement on social media site Twitter of the news this week: "This is a clear example that when the existing #tobaccocontrol policies are integrated with the promotion of #vaping extraordinary results can be achieved in terms of #publichealth." In 2014, 35,000...
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  • Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Should vaping be allowed at work?

    Vapers that use e-cigarettes at work have the potential to be healthier, happier and more productive. So should employers encourage them by allowing vaping in the workplace? Or should vapers be more mindful of their colleagues? As vaping gets more popular, the potential for conflict between vapers and non-vapers increases. This problem is made worse by the fact there is no set of universal written or unwritten rules around vaping etiquette. The law Many states have enacted statewide smoking bans and the majority of employers have their own rules about smoking tobacco cigarettes in the workplace. But most of these...
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  • New Zealand legalizes vaping!

    New Zealand legalizes vaping!

    VAPING with nicotine is now legal in New Zealand. The country’s ministry of health has announced all tobacco products (except types that are chewed or dissolved in the mouth) can be lawfully imported, sold and distributed under the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990. The move has been on the cards for over a year after Health Minister Nicky Wagner revealed in March 2017 how it was set to adopt a low risk approach to legalizing vaping, since "scientific evidence was still being developed". Last August, the health ministry went further by confirming smokeless tobacco products such as snus and inhaled nicotine...
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  • South Africa: new law could see vaping “go up in smoke"

    South Africa: new law could see vaping “go up in smoke"

    CONSUMERS in South Africa would find it harder to vape than smoke cigarettes if a new law is passed. A consumer group has also warned the country’s vaping industry could go "up in smoke" under new government proposals. The new law - The Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill - which is out for comment and consideration, proposes to bring e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products under regulatory control for the first time. Under the proposals, e-cigarettes will no longer be available in vending machines, will be sold in plain packaging and banned for under-18s. E-cigarettes users will also...
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  • Prescription E-Cigarettes To Switch Off Smokers?

    Prescription E-Cigarettes To Switch Off Smokers?

    Smokers who want to quit with e-cigarettes could be put off if they’re prescribed by doctors, experts say. Users who are thinking of using the devices as a stop-smoking tool might not experiment with vaping if they start to be treated as a medical product. Industry experts explained that because smokers don’t see their nicotine addiction as a disease, if patients starting picking up e-cigarettes at a pharmacy or via a medical prescription, it could have a “detrimental effect” on their success. Not only that, it could potentially make them less available on the high street. The warning given to...
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  • Crackdown on E-Liquid Packaging Which Mimics Food

    Crackdown on E-Liquid Packaging Which Mimics Food

    The FDA is cracking down on e-liquid labels, which could be mistaken for food or candy. The government department sent 13 warning letters last week to manufacturers, distributors and retailers who are packaging or advertising their vape juice as kid-friendly food products. The e-juice labels under fire were found to be nearly identical to recognisable edible items found in retail stores including juice boxes, candy and cookies. The FDA's crackdown is just one of many measures which the vaping industry is currently seeing almost weekly. The action comes less than a week after the FDA announced it sent a formal...
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