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  • Australia’s Big Step to Legalize Vaping

    Australia’s Big Step to Legalize Vaping

    Australia - one of the only western countries where nicotine vaping is effectively still banned - has taken an important step towards legalization. Earlier this week, Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt succumbed to pressure from members of his Liberal Party and agreed to commission a new scientific inquiry into vaping. Vape advocates welcomed the move, suggesting that it could pave the way for the legalization of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes. Is Vaping Illegal in Australia? Vape law is complicated in Australia. Nicotine-containing e-liquids are classified as a schedule 7 dangerous poison under the National Poisons Standard, so their sale is banned across...
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  • FDA’s Anti-Vape Bathroom Campaign Slammed

    FDA’s Anti-Vape Bathroom Campaign Slammed

    EXPERTS have slammed a new government campaign to place posters on the “dangers” of e-cigarettes in 10,000 high school bathrooms across America. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week a new campaign to warn teens and young people off vaping in response to a so-called “epidemic” sweeping the nation, with a new package of disturbing commercials. But the ads placed in school washrooms as well as distributed across social media including Instagram, Facebook and Spotify, has already received a mixed response with some academics and pro-health campaigners branding the FDA's anti-vape drive as “irresponsible” and potentially ineffective...
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  • Why Vaping is up in Britain but down in the US

    Why Vaping is up in Britain but down in the US

    The number of vapers in Great Britain has topped three million for the first time, while e-cigarette use in the United States continues to fall. From a survey of 12,000 British adults, charity group Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) estimates that e-cigarette users increased 10% between 2017 and 2018, up from 2.9 to 3.2 million. 3.2 million vapers represents almost five percent of Britain’s population. Across the Atlantic, meanwhile, the number of e-cigarette users is falling. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that the number of US adults who tried vaping rose between 2014 and 2016...
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  • Vapers Rise To Over 3 Million In UK

    Vapers Rise To Over 3 Million In UK

    SMOKERS in the UK are turning to e-cigarettes in their droves – with the number of vapers topping 3 million. New figures show e-cigarettes users have quadrupled in the country in just five years with an estimated 3.2 million vapers compared to just 700,000 in 2012. The results of the new survey for Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) published today (Tuesday) is further proof the gap in the number of people using e-cigarettes compared to tobacco is closing, with the number of smokers in the country currently estimated at 7.4 million. YouGov surveyed over 12,000 adults for ASH, with...
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  • Call For Low-Cost Vaping In Poor Countries

    Call For Low-Cost Vaping In Poor Countries

    SMOKERS in the developing world should have low-cost e-cigarettes made available to them, researchers say, to help them quit their deadly habit. The urgent need for the price of vaping to be reduced in the developing world was also branded a “human rights issue” at a leading industry conference in London. Experts agreed smokers in poor countries are currently unlikely to be able to afford nicotine-based products to help them quit and vaping products should therefore be made more attainable. There are currently 1.1 billion smokers in the world with six million dying each year as a direct result of...
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  • Tobacco Stocks Rise as FDA Threatens to Pull Vape Products 

    Tobacco Stocks Rise as FDA Threatens to Pull Vape Products 

    Shares in tobacco companies surged yesterday after the FDA threatened to pull flavored e-cigarette products from shelves in 60 days if “widespread” teen use isn’t tackled. Altria shares rose more than 6% in their best day since November 2008 while Philip Morris International shares increased by around 3% and British American Tobacco stocks increased almost 6%. The increase came after the FDA announced that it was ordering the five largest e-cigarette manufacturers to submit plans on how they will prevent teens from using their products. JUUL, Vuse, MarkTen, Blu E-cigs and Logic will have 60 days to respond to the...
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  • JUUL Cracks Down On Fakes

    JUUL Cracks Down On Fakes

    VAPE manufacturers JUUL has taken drastic action on fake Chinese lookalike e-cigarettes with restraining orders, according to US reports. In a bid to force the vape products off the market, which falsely used their name, the company has also ordered a federal judge to freeze the PayPal accounts of the offending sellers. In a statement, JUUL confirmed it had filed trademark claims against 30 entities in China for selling counterfeit JUUL-brand devices and nicotine pods on EBay Inc. JUUL had already been granted a temporary restraining order late last month by a federal court judge, who froze the PayPal accounts...
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  • Five E-liquids for the New NFL Season

    Five E-liquids for the New NFL Season

    The new NFL season is here, after an eventful first game week the championship is well set-up for the Super Bowl at the remarkable new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta next year. The perennial New England Patriots are early favorites to take the championship, along with last year’s winners the Philadelphia Eagles and the Packers and Steelers. In truth, we can’t say who will take the 49th Super Bowl crown, but we can answer the question on every vaper’s lips - what should I vape while I’m watching NFL action? As far as we know, nobody has perfected a chicken wing...
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  • Tobacco Giant Slammed For City Vape Partnership

    Tobacco Giant Slammed For City Vape Partnership

    British American Tobacco (BAT) has been branded “a disgrace” for its part in a UK city’s vaping project, which has seen their e-cigarettes being dispensed as stop smoking aids. In a report by the UK's Observer newspaper, it has been revealed in emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act that the tobacco giant and Birmingham City Council have been piloting a project together to exclusively promote its vape products to smokers wanting to quit tobacco. Health campaigners say the tie-in breaches established local government guidelines, which regulate the role of tobacco companies in public health and promote transparency. Under...
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  • Juul Plans New Technology To Help Vapers Quit E-Cigs

    Juul Plans New Technology To Help Vapers Quit E-Cigs

    E-cigarette maker Juul claims it is planning new technology - which will help users to quit vaping. Juul’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer James Monsees told a technology conference this week how a new “connected” device is planned for 2019, which will allow vapers to wean themselves off the product. The new vape equipment, which is pending FDA approval in the US, will see users connect the e-cigarette to their phone where they will be able to personalize the product to how they want to use it. Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Monsees explained the new vape will...
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