The day the vape stood still

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This is it. August 8th. The end of the golden age of vaping. From today, what you see is all you get. No more innovation, no new products. Vape is fossilized. Since I set E-Cigarette-Forum up in 2007, vaping has become a global phenomenon, releasing many from the grip smoking. Sadly, vaping has also become the subject of moral panic. …

Vapers are mad as hell, Detroit Mental Health Authority just found out

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Last Friday, the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority announced on Facebook a new billboard they had erected that claims vaping is equally dangerous as smoking. The posting was met with fury by vapers, and has caused long-term damage to the DWMHA’s organisational reputation. The billboard features a close-up image of a man vaping, and features the text: “E-qually dangerous” as well as a freephone telephone helpline number …


A Billion Lives, A Billion Thanks!

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Billed as “a true story of government failure, big business and the vaping revolution” and featuring ECF’s very own Oliver “Smokey Joe” Kershaw, vaping documentary “A Billion Lives” premiered to acclaim last month in Wellington, New Zealand. Since then, the team have been taking the movie across the globe on a tour of screenings and film festivals. The European premier takes …


FDA takes aim at vapers

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Two years after first proposing to regulate vapor products as tobacco, the Food and Drug Administration has finally followed through on its threat. The new rule will take effect on 8 August this year and effectively freeze the category after that date. While all products on the market by that point will have two years to submit a Premarket Tobacco …


Diacetyl now officially banned in eliquids in the UK

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On Monday this week the MHRA (the UK medicines body that has responsibility for regulating e-cigarettes) issued its draft guidance on eliquids. Amongst other stipulations, it listed the ingredients that manufacturers may not use in eliquid: So, it’s official: companies will not be able to notify e-liquids which contain DA/AP, and these liquids will have to come off the UK market by …


USA sees the biggest drop in smoking for decades

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The CDC announced today that the United States saw (pdf) last year the biggest drop in smoking among over 18s since 1992. Sounds like good news, right? Actually, when you consider the potential health impact of the decline from, say, TDOV (The Dawn of Vaping) in 2009 (20.6% of all adults), to now (15.1%), it’s somewhat staggering, especially when one looks …


Dr Michael Mosley – Still not hooked!

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[EDIT] Since this article was posted, the documentary has been broadcast, and you can watch it here “Wait, who?”, I hear you ask. Dr Michael Mosley is a high profile author, television presenter and, most interestingly, self-experimenter. Following in the grand tradition of Barry Marshall, and others, Michael has variously fasted, performed high-intensity training and dieted, all the while being …

Deeming Live!

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Mitch Zeller to make an announcement at 8.45am EST, widely reported to be the finalization of the rule to deem vaping products as tobacco. We’re live-blogging the reaction all day.  

Major UK medical body urges promotion of vaping to smokers

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E-cigarettes should be promoted widely “as a substitute for smoking” according to the Royal College of Physicians, a British organisation for doctors similar to the American Medical Association. Their comprehensive report, Nicotine Without Smoke, concludes that e-cigarettes “are likely to be beneficial to UK public health”. The press release tears down all of the arguments made by those who would …