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Dr Michael Mosley – Still not hooked!

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“Wait, who?”, I hear you ask. Dr Michael Mosley is a high profile author, television presenter and, most interestingly, self-experimenter. Following in the grand tradition of Barry Marshall, and others, Michael has variously fasted, performed high-intensity training and dieted, all the while being probed, sampled and having his internals videoed by researchers; the results being broadcast and watched by millions …

Enemies of Vaping - Logic Ecigs

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It's tough at the top – well, a few steps down the pecking order, but Logic certainly are not short of a few dollars. During yesterday's Senate Committee meeting, former Altria executive Mr Martin took the opportunity to remind people how responsible he is…

Introducing Dark Hand

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Dark Hand is a friend of vaping.com.  He will listen to your views.  He will say what you think.  He will fight for your rights. Read more…