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Best Vape Pens 2019

Best Vape Pens 2019

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What is a vape pen?

Vape pens are vape devices which resemble a pen in shape and size.

They come in a wide range of sizes from tiny to large vapes which look like an extra large magic marker. Most vape pens have an integrated battery in the main body or mod with a tank containing a heating coil. Stealthier than vape kits and mods, a good vape pen is a great all-around vaping device.

Before we give you our list of the best vape pens we need to cover off some of the common questions we get asked.

How much is a vape pen?

As you might expect with such a wide range of sizes prices of vape pen range from $15 to $50.

Cheaper vape pens have refillable cartridges that need replacing after prolonged usage.

Bigger and more expensive = more vape juice capacity and longer between charging.

Save time by using closed pod cartridges, but spend more and get less flavor options.

Save money on your vaping purchases - buy online.

Online vape shops don’t have overheads of a store so can provide you with more options and better prices.

How do you use a vape pen?

Draw on the device like a cigarette or press the firing key.

So easy to use - you don't need to set the wattage on a vape pen.

Are vape pens bad for you?

If you’re a smoker, using a vape pen instead of cigarettes will offer significant harm reduction.

Reduce the nicotine level in your vape juice over time. Once your addiction to nicotine has gone you can stop vaping much easier.

Stop smoking, start vaping.

Read how this smoker used vaping to quit smoking and vaping altogether.

How to charge a vape pen?

All vape pens get sold with a USB cable to charge it with, plug it in and connect to a USB port.

Vape pens have protections against overcharging. Never leave a charging vape pen unattended.

How to fill a vape pen?

Depending on the type of vape pen you have, filling with vape juice can be quick and easy or a little bit of a fiddle.

Large vape pens can be top filled. Find the small rubber stopper covering the fill slots or locate the slide mechanism.

If you have a pod system you have to remove the pod from the device before refilling. Consult the instructions that came with the device to find where the fill slots are on your device.

What makes the best vape pen?

Let's look at the factors that will help you find the best vape pen that’s perfect for you. So we’ve broken it down into the following categories;

Battery Life

An important consideration when picking your vape pen is the battery capacity. Super small vape pens like the SMOK SLM have very small batteries which don’t store much charge. They need to charged often which can be annoying when on the move.

Chunkier devices have the appearance of highlighter pens. They contain much larger batteries which provide longer periods without a charge.

Juice Capacity

Smaller devices are going to have less capacity for vape juice.

Having to refill your device can become annoying.

Pens that use Nicotine Salts deliver larger amounts of nicotine. This can offset the smaller tank capacity.


If you love vaping as much as we do then cost will be a massive consideration. If this is your main concern a larger vape pen which has mesh coils will be your best bet. Mesh coils heat evenly and last longer than traditional coils.

Replacement coils and vape juice are your major expense once you’ve bought your device. If you have a pod system the cartridges which contain the coils will need to be replaced.

Don't forget to look at how much replacement vape parts are going to be.

Pod Vapes

Even vape veterans are coming around to the pod system revolution.

Tiny pod vapes like the SMOK Novo and Infinix are super small but contain long-lasting coils.

Nic salts mean the smaller vape juice capacity isn’t as convenient as you might expect.

If you want a super easy to use device and don’t mind paying more then a vape pen pod system is what you should go for.

Vape Coils

Vape coils for pens are less complicated than coils for kits and mods.

Size and shapes of vape pens vary a lot much. Less cross coil compatibility makes life easier but also limits your options. When purchasing a vape coil find out how much the replacement coils cost.

The first sign that your vape coils needing replacement is that the vape juice starts to lose its flavor. If your vape tastes burnt then it’s time to switch out your old coils for new ones.


SMOK Nord - Best Vape Pen Starter Kit

SMOK Nord in Gold - Best Vape Pen Starter Kit 2019

+ Awesome Price
+ Great Flavor
+ Cheap Coils

The SMOK Nord has to be the best all-round vape pen on the market today. It’s super small, looks great and offers both sub-Ohm vaping as well as MTL vaping. The duck-billed mouthpiece feels nice in your mouth. The fire button is pressed with your thumb. It’s cheap to maintain as SMOK Nord replacement coils are under $10 for 5, so what’s not to love? It’s so good it’s in the Best Pod Vapes and the Best Small Vape Mods for 2019. We love it, our customers love it and you’ll love it too.

Customer Reviews - ‘Great pod system for clouds and flavor. It's a great little pod system, very well made, and especially for those of us that want the convenience of a pod system but still like a decent amount of flavor.’


JoyeTech ULTEX T80 Vape Pen - Best Long Term Value Vape Pen

JoyeTech Ultex T80 Cubis Max Tank - Best Value Vape Pen

+ NCFilm Coil-less design ( lasts a reported 3 months longer!)
+ Fast 2A Charge
+ Ease of use
The NCFilm is a new innovation from JoyeTech that they claim last 3 times longer than normal coils. At the bottom of the CUBIS MAX vape tank you can unscrew the base to reveal the NCFilm. Its a kanthal heating element thats cleaned with cloth once flavor drops. Once clean, wet the cotton with vape juice and inhale a few times when power is off (airflow wide open) to avoid dry burn. Always make sure the bottom of the tank is in the correct position when putting back together. There is a nice slide back mechanism to reveal the top fill slot on the top of the tank. Get awesome flavor, amazing clouds and excellent long term value with the ULTEX T80.
Customer Review - "Very happy I bought this. I was wanting a stick mod for awhile now. The ones I have are to old to handle sub ohm. This is going to make me very happy! Works great, tastes great! Just not sure yet where I got to go when I need to replace the NCFilm."

SMOK Stick V9 60W Kit - Best Vape Pen For Flavor

SMOK Stick V9 60W Kit - Best Vape Pen For Flavor 2019

+ Insane Flavor
+ Amazing battery life
+ Great clouds

You thought the SMOK V8 was good, meet the SMOK V9. SMOK have managed to improve almost every single aspect. This is THE best vape pen for flavor. It has an awesome 3000 mAh battery which will keep you vaping all day long. The Baby V2 Coil system is amazing, you get super dense flavors and immense clouds. Vapers have complained that some SMOK sticks don’t have a battery indicator. SMOK listened. All you need to do is press the firing button twice to get a light which indicated battery charge level. Never get caught short with the SMOK V9.


SMOK SLM Pod Kit - Best Cheap Vape Pen

SMOK SLM Pod Kit - Best Cheap Vape Pen 2019

+ Super small
+ Easy to use
+ Very similar experience to smoking

If you're looking to replicate the experience of smoking with a vape pen you need the SMOK SLM. It’s super slim, as the name SLM suggests, and all you need to do is draw to activate it. Unlike the other vape pens on this list you can also hold it and use it exactly like you would a cigarette. As you might expect with such a small device the battery life isn’t the longest. Once you pair this your favorite nicotine salt you’ll get an amazing experience. In comparison to the SMOK Nord the SLM replacement coils aren’t cheapest. But if you want the smallest, stealthiest most cig-a-like vape pen this is for you.

Customer Review - ‘It's good. Very stealthy, doesn't leak too bad, and cheap.’