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The JoyeTech brand is known for its innovation in the vape industry. In 2008, they released their first product, the Joye 510, while subsequently, creating the concept of a manual battery -- which solved the industry-wide cartridge leakage problem. In 2009, they developed the Joye eGO e-cigarette, which started a new trend of sleek design and increased battery life.

JoyeTech is an excellent company, and rarely will you find a negative JoyeTech review. However, beware of buying from unscrupulous and uncredible online sites, as knockoff JoyeTech products are common online. The brand’s website (www joyetech com) provides a list of online copycat suppliers and unauthorized JoyeTech distributors that you should avoid.

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JoyeTech Vape

JoyeTech Vape LogoFounded in 2007, JoyeTech has introduced several products that are highly respected in the vape world. Their most popular device is the JoyeTech eGO AIO, although it is only one model amongst many JoyeTech pens. This model is pocket-friendly, leakproof and powerful, and provides an incredible vaping experience. The eGO also ensures security with a child lock on the atomizer cap. When you choose to vape JoyeTech products, you are choosing high-quality products and the backing of a highly reputable company.

JoyeTech Starter Kits

As well as vape pens JoyeTech has also produced excellent vape starter kits. Our favorite at vaping.com in the ESPION Infinite kit which is so advanced it features an AI which reacts to your voice then produces a unique lighting display.

JoyeTech has recently released the Ultex T80 Kit, which uses an innovative NCFilm kanthal coil that can be cleaned when flavor begins to decline. NCFilm coils can last up to 3 months longer!

JoyeTech Mods

Always innovating and producing cutting-edge vaping devices you should check out the JoyeTech ESPION Infinite Mod. It has a dual battery configuration which means it can power up to an impressive 230W, it truly is a favorite vape mod here at vaping.com.

JoyeTech ecigs are known for their simplicity and user-friendliness. They have produced many different JoyeTech Vape Devices including the CuBox with CUBIS 2, the CuAIO D22, the CUBOID TAP, eVic Primo, JoyeTech eGO AIO ProBox, the OCULAR, and many more.

JoyeTech Coils & Tanks

JoyeTech USA also offers a wide range of advanced vape tanks, including the ProCore Series, the ProCore Remix, the CUBIS 2 Atomizer, the UNIMAX 2 Atomizer, the Ornate Atomizer, the Cubis Pro Mini Atomizer, and the ULTIMO Atomizer.