SMOK Novo Comparison

SMOK Novo Comparison

SMOK Novo Comparison - Which is the best?

With 6 SMOK Novo options to choose from, which do you pick?
Hot on the heels of the super impressive and popular Novo pod system has been new innovative reiterations. First came the SMOK Novo 2, then the Novo X was released to mark SMOK's 10 year anniversary. SMOK Novo 3 was released in order to meet PMTA requirements and SMOK released the SMOK Novo 4.
Now we celebrate the release of the new SMOK Novo 2S, a revised version of what can be described as the most popular pod vape on the planet.
Before we get onto all the new cool features on each version let's check out the handy SMOK Novo quick comparison chart below.



Why release a SMOK Novo 2S?

SMOK Novo 2 was one of the most popular vapes that vaping has ever seen. The original was much loved but the sequel doubled the battery and fixed any issues with draw activation. It instantly became a favourite vape all over the world.
The combination of draw activation, small size, easy to use pods and super satisfying vaping meant that SMOK Novo 2 was so popular we struggled with demand.
SMOK Novo 2S is simply an upgrade to what was in many people's eyes the perfect pod vape. Let's look into what's been added.

The evolution of the SMOK Novo

As you can see from the graphic above there have been many changes to the Novo over time. Screen and adjustment buttons have been added (Novo X) and taken away (Novo 3). SMOK Novo 4 was the first to feature an adjustable airflow. But what is different about the SMOK Novo 2S.
SMOK Novo 2S features Type-C USB charging which means it charges faster. The charging port has added 4mm in height to the Novo 3 but it is still smaller and thinner than the chunky Novo 4.
Unlike Novo 4 the Novo 2S features a closed pod where you can't change the coil. This makes using the SMOK Novo 2S easier to use and less likely to leak.
Novo 2S pods feature a new design which brings down the vape juice capacity of the pod to 1.8mL making it the smallest capacity pod of all Novo's. However with it's transparent plastic design vape juice levels are ever easier to monitor than previous versions.

SMOK Novo 2S Fast Charge

Another brand new feature to the Novo series is the Type-C USB 0.74A charging port SMOK have added. The battery is the same capacity as previous versions, 800mAh, but now can be fully charged in just 90 minutes. As it has only just been announced we can't say at this stage if you can vape while charging but all previous versions had this functionality.

SMOK Novo 2S Pods

Inside the pod you get a 0.9 Ohm coil which is ideal for mouth to lung vaping. Pods filled in the side fill slot, with the robber stopper redesigned to ensure a tight seal and doesn't come loose when opening.
<img alt="" src="{{media url=wysiwyg/AnyConv.com__smok-novo-2S-pod-design.jpeg}}" />

New Novo2S Release Date

Release date for the SMOK Novo 2S is currently unknown but you can sign up on our SMOK Novo 2S product page today and get an email notification as soon as we get it in stock.
You can also still buy the original Novo, Novo 2, Novo X, Novo 3 and Novo 4 in our online vape shop.

Which is the best SMOK Novo?

Depending on how you vape each offers a different experience. However we believe it's quite telling that after the X, 3 and 4 SMOK have returned with a new version of Novo 2. It was the biggest selling and most loved version in the series so it makes lots of sense to give it an upgraded charging and better pods.
Use the comparison chart above to get an idea of the merit of each. We try to make the product descriptions as helpful as possible so make sure to get the lowdown there. Also it's aways worth reading the reviews of your fellow vapers for their personal experience using the product.

New Novo 2S Price

When it arrives in the US here at it will be selling it around £29.99.

SMOK Novo 2S Colours Options

Novo 2S is made from a textured Zinc alloy that is tough, durable and stylish. When initially released it will be available in the following colour options:
  • 7-Colour Armor
  • Black Armor
  • Blue Armor
  • Blue Grey Armor
  • Green Armor
  • Rasta Green Armor
  • Red Armor
  • Red Grey Armor
  • White Armor

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