Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

Flying Vapes - What Are The TSA Vape Rules?

TSA Vape Rules: Sky High with Your Vape Accessories

The airport can be a real nightmare, even on a good day. While TSA regulations serve to make things safer, they also add in a whole layer of complications. Is this too much shampoo? Can I travel with my vape juice? Will I be mocked for having mismatched socks when I inevitably have to take my shoes off? Imagining the TSA vape rules can be terrifying on its own.

Traveling with your vaping equipment sounds like it must be impossible. Right?

Playing by the TSA Vape Rules

It should come as no surprise that there are various TSA vape rules that you must abide by when traveling with your vaping equipment. Understandably so, as anything with batteries carries certain risks with it.

While there are some things to remember when traveling with vape equipment, the good news is that you can travel with vaping equipment. Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling with your vape juice and kits to ensure that you are traveling within the boundaries of the TSA vape rules.

TSA Rules about Vape Mods

Regarding vape mods or vaping devices, the TSA is pretty lenient. If you plan on taking your mod with you, keep the following in mind:

  • Remove the tank from your mod
  • Remove coil or atomizer if you have one installed
  • Remove the battery
  • Check your device in and carry it on

According to TSA vape rules, batteries absolutely must be removed from your device. Once removed, make sure the battery is in a compliant traveling case. Also, the battery can only be carried on.

Traveling with Vape Juice

Now that your mods and batteries are secured, it's time to figure out what to do with that juice you've been telling your friends back home about.

  • Place any juice in a tightly sealed plastic container (Glass could shatter during travel)
  • Put the plastic container of vape juice in a clear, gallon bag
  • Remember that most airlines only allow up to 100ml of liquids in total, including your vape juice
  • Your juice can be checked in or carried on

In some cases it can be easier to just buy vape juice when you land. Before packing up your entire collection, look at the shops local to your destination and see if there's anything promising. This can save you the hassle of dealing with the 100ml limit, and you may end up finding a new favorite when you check out the local shops.

Packing your Tanks and RDAs

Just like your vape juice containers, your tank is susceptible to cracking. Because of this we suggest carrying this with you. Beyond that, make sure both the tank and RDA are empty of any juice so they don't leak.

These can be checked in, but again, we suggest carrying it with you to prevent any cracking in the non-pressurized cargo container of the plane.

Tips for Enjoying your Trip

With your vaping gear secured and packed properly, it's time to make sure your other bases are covered.

For starters, make sure you know the vaping laws of your destination. Some places aren't very vape-friendly, so you may end up being forced to leave your mod in the case the entire trip. There have even been instances of countries detaining or harassing people for vaping due to their strict laws.

As previously mentioned, make sure to scope out the local vape shops before traveling. You could miss out on some local gems if you bring your own juice and don't check out the local scene. Again, this can also save you the hassle of having to pack your juice ahead of time.

You also might consider getting a pod system if you don't already have one. This can be easier to pack than a traditional kit, and require less work when dealing with TSA regulations.

Things to Avoid When Traveling with Vape Equipment

As a vaping enthusiast, there are some precautions to take when traveling abroad, and even within the United States.

Beyond abiding by the TSA vape rules, you need to also be aware of a few things regarding your destination. These precautions aren't always about legalities, but also being a conscientious vaper.

Know the Vaping Culture of Your Destination

Vaping culture is still incredibly new in the United States, and around the world. Even within the United States there are certain places where vaping regulations are tighter.

It's especially important that you be aware of the culture around vaping when traveling abroad, as many developing countries are completely unfamiliar with vaping. While these places may not arrest you for vaping in public, you still might catch some strange looks when pumping out clouds in the middle of the plaza.

Always be aware of a country's vaping laws, and make sure vaping isn't something that will violate the local laws or regulations. Sometimes, you may not be able to bring your device certain places - even if you are following the TSA vape rules. And as always, be mindful of those around you when vaping.

Don't Assume There's a Vape Shop

While scouting out local vape shops ahead of time can help you skip the hassle of packing your vape juices, it can also give you a heads up there isn't anywhere to buy juices in the first place.

Before you skip over packing your vape juice, double-check that there are places to buy vape juice near your destination. If you don't see any, it's also a good idea to double-check the vaping laws in that area to ensure you're not flying into a non-vaping zone with your vape equipment.

Don't Vape on the Plane

This should go without saying, but don't vape when you're flying. "It's not smoke," you might say. That being said, mods still use batteries that have been deemed a hazard by the TSA. Also, vaping can still trigger the smoke alarms, so don't think you can be sneaky or stealthy and vape in the bathroom.

Have a Great Trip

There may be a ton of TSA vape rules and regulations, but as far as it goes with traveling with your vape juice and vaping mods - they're surprisingly easy to abide by. Like anything, knowing the rules and playing by them is key to having an easy trip. TSA vape rules are there for a reason, and while they may be an annoyance, they really aren't extremely restrictive.

As always, be mindful of those around you anytime you vape to avoid upsetting people or giving vaping a bad name. As an emerging practice, vaping is still under extreme scrutiny and it's important that ever vaping enthusiast also be a vaping ambassador.

Most of all, travel safely and have a great trip!

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