What You Need To Know About Different Types of Vapes

What You Need To Know About Different Types of Vapes
When it comes to vaping, not all vapes are made equal. As the market becomes more advanced, there are now different types of vape mods available for each different type of vape user - from those who want to vape discreetly, to those who want huge clouds, to those who want a device that closely resembles a smoking experience. The question, "what is the best vape device", is often asked; and the honest answer is, it depends on what experience you're looking for! The best vape device is the one that allows the vaper to vape the way they want to vape and that means different vape mods for each person. There are many different types of vaping mods, and the best of one type of mod, might not be the best mod for the experience you're seeking. Different mods vape in a different way: the best vape for clouds is a bad fit for someone looking for a mouth to lung vape.
In this post, we'll explore all the different types of vapes and help you find the perfect device for your situation and suggest the best vape mods out of the different types of vaping devices. No matter what experience you're looking for, there is a device out there that is made especially for you!

Vape Pens

A vape pen mod is exactly what it sounds like - these types of vapes are shaped to resemble a pen. These mod types are cylindrical in shape, a familiar shape to those who smoked in the past. Vape pen mods are quite simple in construction, consisting of a battery with a firing button, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. Because of its simplicity, pen style mods are the most common types of vape. With a single battery, these devices are typically lower in wattage, but easy to carry and handle. You may want to consider a pen style device if you are looking for:
  • A device that most resembles a smoking experience.
  • A simple and low wattage device.
  • An affordable and discreet option.
  • Very few settings or options; fill and go.

Pod Systems

Pod vapes are new generation devices that take pen-style mods to the next level. Unlike its pen style counterparts, pod mods are based around ultra simplicity; accepting a pre-filled or refillable pod that can simply be popped into the device. These types of mods are built for ultimate compactness and are made to be easily carried in a pocket or purse. With pod vapes, there's no need to carry around large bottles of juice to refill your device; just grab a couple pods on your way out the door and you're set for the day!
You'll probably love a pod mod system if you're looking for:
  • A small and lightweight device that fits anywhere.
  • A discrete and non-bulky device that doesn't resemble a normal vape mod.
  • A great travel companion, even as a secondary device if you already own other mods.

Box Mods

Box mod kits are typically larger in shape, and are quite a bit more bulky than the previously mentioned types of vape mods. Their boxy style often allows them to fit anywhere from 1-4 batteries - resulting in longer usage duration between charges, and more importantly, the potential for greater wattages in these vape types. Box mods can reach wattages anywhere from 10w to 300w, depending on the device. Most commercial vape box mods are regulated, meaning that these mods have internal circuit boards and safety features to ensure that the device won't misfire or won't fire at all if there is an issue with the battery, atomizer, or the connection between the two.
There are many different types of vape box mods, but generally, a regulated box mod is probably best for you if:
  • You're looking for a powerful but safe sub-ohm vaping experience.
  • You want a device with a larger vape tank so you don't have to refill vape juice as often.
  • You want a device with a variety of available coils, and one that allows you to change settings for your ideal vape experience.
  • You want to have better battery life and more vaping between charges.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are extremely simple in construction. In the most basic terms, it is a device that supplies battery power to an atomizer. In fact, these mods are typically only comprised of three parts: the housing, the battery, and the atomizer. Mech mods can come in a variety of shapes, from the very-common tube style mod, to not so common housings such as wooden boxes or user-modified Altoid cans. Unlike the other types of vape mods, mech mods are not "charge-and-go". Coils have to be installed correctly, and since these devices do not have circuit boards that regulate for safety, many precautions need to be considered before firing a mechanical device. Since they aren't regulated, mech mods give veteran vapers the chance to really customize their experience and push the limits of their device. Many vaping accidents were can be directly linked to the improper use of a mechanical mod; make sure you learn everything there is to know about them before making a purchase!
A mechanical mod would probably suit your style perfectly if:
  • You are an expert vaper who wants a more powerful device, or wants to be able to better control their vape experience.
  • You have the time and patience to rebuild coils and maintain the device for safety.
  • You want big clouds and maximum wattage capability.

Pick Your Perfect Mod

When you know what you want out of your device, it becomes much easier to find one that's right for you out of the different kinds of vapes. Whether you're looking for a cheap mod, a box mod, a pod system, or anything else - there is a mod out there to suit your specific situation. Check out our vape mod category for the best selection of mods from the most trusted brands in the vaping industry!
Are there different types of mod vapes we might have missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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