How to Get Your Parents to Vape

How to Get Your Parents to Vape
Sometimes, parents need to be parented.
If your mom or dad has a decades-old cigarette addiction, worrying about their health can feel like a full-time job.
We have all told our parents to reset the WiFi and to delete those dodgy apps from their smartphones. Now we can help them out again by telling them about the latest technology designed to help adults switch from smoking tobacco.
We're up against it when it comes to spreading the benefits of e-cigarettes.
Every day, there are new sensationalized media reports about epidemics and stealthy new 'USB-drive' vapes.
But out of the hype, a new scientific consensus is emerging. Landmark research reveals that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.
Although e-cigarettes are not without their risks (and are not a good idea for never smokers), adults who ditch tobacco for e-cigarettes can enjoy positive health outcomes, no matter how old they are.

Get your parents into vaping

We're the first to admit it, the world of vaping can be confusing.
There are dozens of different styles, even more designs and thousands of different kinds of e-liquid.
And if your mom or dad got a product that wasn't suited to them then they could easily dismiss vaping as 'not for them'.
If you vape, you can help them get started, but don't forget that what works for you might not necessarily work for them. If you have a high-powered cloud-chaser rig, you might just blow their head off.
In our vape shop, we have a good range of starter vape kits for beginners and an excellent range of pod vapes that are perfect for people who don't want to fuss around with coils and tanks.
The other thing you need to make sure your parents get right is their e-liquid - particularly the nicotine strength.
Generally speaking, if they are using a low-powered set-up like a pod mod, they will need juice with a higher nicotine content (6-30 mg/ml) and if they are using higher-powered set up like a box mod, they will need less nicotine (3-6 mg/ml).
Exactly how much nicotine they will need will depend on how addicted to nicotine they are. Read our guide to find our how much nicotine smokers need for more information.
If you need any additional help, there is a lot of information in blogs and on YouTube. You can also speak to friends or a local vape shop owner.

Tips to get your parents to switch

Tell them how you feel

Cigarette addictions can be insidious. After many years of smoking, it is easy to lose sight of how the habit affects the people you love.
You can help your parents get some perspective by telling them how you feel about their habit. It's important that the switcher feels like they are in charge, but having an upfront conversation with them may help them re-evaluate their priorities.

Listen to how they feel

We all know how frustrating it is when anyone - a partner, a friend, a co-worker - doesn't listen to what we're saying.
Take the time to listen to your parents and let them air out their concerns. Let them talk, even if they say some things you don't agree with. It might also help if you encourage them to reach out to you whenever they feel that they need help.

Offer encouragement

If your parents agree to switch, your job is to be their personal cheerleader - even through slip-ups and relapses.
Around 40% of successful switchers say support from loved ones mattered. Support comes in a lot of ways. It can be as simple as regular texts asking how they are, or you can take some of the pressure of by doing more of the chores, cooking and other tasks to reduce their stress levels.
You can also help by doing things to take the switcher's mind off of cigarettes. Go for a walk or take them to the movies - it can be just about anything as long as it doesn't remind them of smoking.

Don't nag or get frustrated

If you have stopped smoking tobacco, you will know how tough it can be.
Nagging, lecturing or getting upset with your parents can make it even harder on the switcher.  If you are struggling, just remember how much you put them through growing up.
Added to this, it's important that it's your parent's decision to give up. So let them be the one to throw out their unused cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
Remember, if a switcher feels like they have been forced to stop, they're more likely to go back to old habits.
Want to know what is vaping?
Read our guide.

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