The 10 Best Crystal Vape Flavours

The 10 Best Crystal Vape Flavours

The 10 Best Crystal Vape Flavours

When it comes to vaping, picking the right flavour is key for ensuring you have the most enjoyable vaping experience. SKE's Crystal Bar disposable vape comes in a variety of unique and great-tasting flavours, ranging from fruity and sweet to tobacco and minty menthol. 

The Crystal Bar disposable vape pen is designed to last up to approximately 600 puffs - however, exactly how long it'll last depends on personal usage. It's pre-filled with 2 ml of nic salt with a 20 mg nicotine strength - bringing you a high nicotine level in a smooth, satisfying vaping experience. 

The SKE Crystal bar is made with durable stainless steel. It features double injection moulding and delivers an elegant draw-activated experience. This disposable vape costs £4.95 on However, with our multi-buy deal, users can purchase 3 of these products for £10. You can also mix and match from a variety of selected devices, explore the full 3 for £10 range. In this guide, we list out the 10 most popular Crystal Bar disposable vapes, so you can try all the SKE crystal vapes best flavours!


Berry Ice

If you'e someone who loves all things berry, then Berry Ice is for you. Berry Ice is the perfect blend of zingy berries with a subtle, refreshing ice kick. This well-balanced mix of tart fruits and cool ice will awaken your taste buds and leave you feeling invigorated. 


Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice is a top e-liquid flavour for a lot of vapers. It's a fresh burst of summer fruit and a cool ice aftertaste. With its satisfying and refreshing watermelon taste and icy finish, it's no wonder it's's #1 top disposable vape


Cherry Ice

If you're a fan of cherries, then Cherry Ice is the flavour for you. Experience a sweet kiss of bright red cherry, paired with a smooth exhale of refreshing ice.


Cola Ice

Cola Ice is the perfect flavour for anyone that loves the traditional, fizzy taste of cola. With its cool, ice taste, you'll feel refreshed with every hit. 


Strawberry Kiwi

Another popular flavour is Strawberry Kiwi. This fruity blend combines tangy kiwi with sweet strawberry for a satisfying and refreshing flavour explosion that will leave you wanting more.


Bull Ice

Enjoy a classic Red Bull energy drink flavour with a refreshing twist of cool ice. Bull Ice offers a unique and invigorating vape experience that will satisfy your tastebuds. 


Pink Lemonade

On a hot summer's day, there's nothing quite like a nice glass of lemonade - which is exactly what this Crystal Bar flavour captures. Enjoy the refreshing, sweet taste of Pink Lemonade in this Crystal Bar flavour option.


Vimtbull Ice

Indulge in the sweet mixed flavours of berries and energy drink, finished with a subtle icy kick. Vimbull Ice offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience.


Fizzy Cherry

Get a zing of sweetness and a fizzy aftertaste with Fizzy Cherry Crystal Bar vape flavour. This sparkling cherryade flavour offers a candy-like sweetness, perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 


Gummy Bear

If you like the idea of nostalgic candies, then the Gummy Bear Crystal Bar vape flavour is worth checking out. This refreshing vape offers a delightful mix of fruity flavours in one delicious package.

Which Crystal Vape Flavour is Best for Me?

If you're new to vaping, you might not know which flavour to choose. The great thing about disposable vapes is that there are so many flavour options. At, we have a variety of Crystal Bar disposable vape flavours to choose from. Discover more about SKE Crystal Vapes by visiting the brand page.

Ice Crystal Bar Vape Flavours

The SKE Crystal Bar comes in a range of ice flavours. If you love a cool, refreshing taste, then the ice flavours are for you. It's worth noting that menthol flavours differ from the ice range. If you want a deeper dive into what these flavours offer, check out our guide about the difference between ice and menthol flavours. Below are SKE's available ice flavours:

  • Watermelon ice
  • Peach ice
  • Banana ice
  • Mango ice 
  • Cola ice
  • Cotton candy ice
  • Cherry ice
  • Berry ice
  • Bull ice
  • Blueberry peach ice

Drink & Cocktail Crystal Bar Vape Flavours

If you love a refreshing and fruity cocktail, then you've come to the right place. SKE offers a refreshing, minty menthol mojito-flavoured vape. 

Fruit Crystal Bar Vape Flavours

Fruity vape flavours are some of the most popular disposables around. Here are the fruit flavour options you can expect to find across the SKE Crystal Bar range:

  • Ice:
    • Watermelon ice
    • Peach ice
    • Banana ice
    • Mango ice
    • Cherry ice
    • Berry ice
    • Blueberry peach ice
  • Purely fruity:
    • Sour apple
    • Apple peach
    • Strawberry banana
    • Blueberry sour raspberry
    • Kiwi passionfruit guava
    • Strawberry kiwi
    • Blueberry raspberries
    • Green grape
    • Lemon and lime
    • Lemon peach passion fruit
    • Sour apple blueberry
    • Sour blueberries
    • Strawberry blast
    • Strawberry burst

Sour Crystal Bar Vape Flavours

Sour vape flavours have been popping up everywhere and SKE Crystal Bar's range is no different. If you live for sour flavours, then these might be for you. Take a look at the available sour flavours:

  • Sour apple blueberry
  • Sour blueberries
  • Sour apple

Tobacco and Menthol Crystal Bar Vape Flavours

For vapers who prefer menthol and tobacco-tasting vapes, SKE Crystal Bar offers both. There's currently one Tobacco flavoured vape option in this range, as well as one pure Menthol, and the Fresh Menthol Mojito option explored above.

To find out more about this fantastic disposable, check out the SKE Crystal Bar product page.

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