Best Mouth to Lung Vape Kits

Best Mouth to Lung Vape Kits

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping is considered a good option for those who have only just switched from smoking to vaping, as it provides a similar experience to smoking. The NHS also states that vaping is considered substantially less harmful than smoking.1 As well as providing the familiar hand to mouth reflex of smoking a cigarette, MTL vaping requires you to draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling in a similar way.

But how do you decide on the best mouth-to-lung vape when starting your smoke-free journey?

There's a wide variety of MTL kits on the market, so to help answer the question, we'll take you through some of the characteristics of MTL vaping, how it differs from Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping, and give you some examples of the best MTL vape kits available on 

What Is Mouth To Lung Vaping?

To better understand what mouth-to-lung vaping is, you first need to be aware that it's one of two different vaping methods. The second is known as direct to lung or DTL. 

DTL vaping involves inhaling the vapour directly from the device into the lungs. DTL devices typically have larger airflow, produce more vapour, and are more suitable for experienced vapers who prefer a stronger flavour and more vapour production. This type of vaping is often associated with sub-ohm vaping.

Ohm are units of resistance, and when you decrease the resistance of your atomiser, this allows more electricity to flow through it. There's more to ohms and sub-ohm vaping if you'd like to know more, and you can read all about it in our Sub-Ohm Vaping Guide.

Unlike DTL vaping, where the user inhales directly into their lungs, MTL vaping involves drawing the vapour into the mouth and then inhaling it into the lungs. To learn more about different vaping styles, take a look at our Mouth to Lung Vape and Direct Lung Vaping Guide.  

Mouth to Lung Vapes

Mouth-to-lung vapes are characterised by a tighter draw, less vapour production, and greater restricted airflow compared to direct-to-lung vapes. They typically use higher resistance coils, between 1.0 and 3.0 ohms, making them plus-ohm devices. MTL vapes often operate at a lower wattage to DTLs, which can result in less heat and lower vapour production. 

MTL devices include pod vapesvape pens, and small hybrid pod mods with high-resistance coils. The airflow channels on these devices are smaller and restrict the amount of vapour produced, providing a tighter draw similar to smoking a cigarette. 

Many of the best mouth-to-lung pod vapes and other MTL devices are small in size, making them super portable and discreet.

The Best MTL Vape Kits

To get you started, here are some of the best MTL vape kits available at Weve included a wide selection of pods, vape pens and box mods (including the best mouth-to-lung tanks for these devices).

Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit

Aspires Flexus Q Pod Kit is a neat, slimline pod kit thats easy to take with you when youre on the go. It offers up more than one vaping style, ideal for those who want to explore different experiences. Theres a firing button for those who want to activate the vape that way, with three power modes to select ranging from low to high. If you dont want to use the button, thats fine too - the vape is also draw-activated. Whats more, you can adjust the vapes airflow settings and coils (with both plus-ohm and sub-ohm included in the pack) to vape in either MTL or DTL style.

Smok Novo 4 Kit

SMOKs Novo 4 Kit is a sleek, bar-shaped vape coming in a variety of colour and pattern options. This pod vape offers a great MTL experience, and whats more, you can control the airflow and the wattage (within a 5-25W range). Always be sure to use the recommended wattage range displayed on the vape coil. Find out more in our guide to The Best Wattage for Vaping: Choosing The Right Wattage

Uwell Caliburn X Vape Kit

UWells Caliburn X Vape Kit serves up a classic, compact pod design with a battery that can easily last a full day. Its simple design lets you control multiple features with only a couple of buttons. With this device, youre able to adjust the airflow, allowing you to switch between MTL and DTL vaping styles. Youre also able to activate the vape through auto-draw and a manual firing button. All of this makes the Caliburn X Vape great for those who want to personalise their vaping experience.


GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit

The Sonder U Pod Kit by GeekVape is another excellent option for MTL vaping. Its auto-draw function and MTL vaping style makes it ideal for those who have just switched over from smoking to vaping, and want a sense of familiarity during this transition - both features of the vape are similar to how you inhale a cigarette. The vape also comes in a range of eight attractive colours, including Light Green, Wine Red, Black, Grey, Pink, White and Majestic Sky. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes the Sonder U Pod Kit enjoyable to use, with a ribbed texture across the vape to improve grip.

Flexus Stik Vape Kit

Aspires Flexus Stik Vape Pen Kit is great for MTL vaping. It offers a dual-function airflow with a simple rotation of the pod, allowing you to adjust this to your preferred vaping style, accommodating to DTL as well as MTL. The vape comes with a unique Flexus Stik Pod thats compatible with the Aspire AF Meshed Coils. This also has features that let you replace coils without needing to empty the tank.

Not only is this pen customisable, its also super portable, with a classic slim, minimalist design. Choose from a range of colour options, like Stainless Steel and Silver Diamond Knurling. 

Still unsure on which vape is right for you? Explore our Vape Device Buying Guide for further guidance.


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