INFOGRAPHIC: The year in vaping

INFOGRAPHIC: The year in vaping
Even by the standards of an industry where ground breaking years are the norm, 2016 will go down in history as a period where vaping was changed forever.
FDA unveiled its new regulations that essentially amount to a ban, but all this could change next year with a new President in the White House. Europe regulated the industry with a much lighter touch and Canada announced plans to legalize and regulate nicotine-containing vape juice for the first time.
Doctors in the UK demanded that the government there promote vaping heavily as an alternative to smoking. And there were also a lot of new product launches and, of course, the launch of
We recap the year's most important events in this infographic. And if you're looking to change your habits in the new year, or you need a new vape kit, we're offering 10% off across with the code "YEARINVAPING".
Happy 2017 one and all!

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