British Government Cracks Down on eLiquid Infringers

British Government Cracks Down on eLiquid Infringers

The British Government has started a crackdown on eliquid that is packaged like well known food products, yanking products from shelves including some that are designed to look like Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Trading Standards - the UK Government Agency that enforces the law on consumer products - removed six different brands of eliquid including Murica, which is presented in a box identical to a McDonalds apple pie; and Krispy Vape, which is presented in a Krispy Kreme style box. Other brands removed from sale included Milky Cones, Milkshake Man and Drippy Lee Pounding Clouds.

A spokesman for the local Council, which oversees trading standards, said:

I'm pleased that our Trading Standards team have investigated and removed these potentially harmful products from sale in Knowsley.

The safety of customers is always our highest priority and I'm concerned that young children could be attracted to these products because of their appearance. If they play with these products or put them in their mouths, children could come to serious harm.

"Our Trading Standards officers are currently investigating the supply chain for these e-liquids."

The action was taken under a UK law that says non-food products cannot resemble food. It was also taken because the liquid did not contain adequate labelling that warns of the harms of certain chemicals.

Hopefully this is just the first of a series of actions designed to root out those who are in the market for a quick buck and those who are in it for the long term.

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