Five E-liquids for the New NFL Season

Five E-liquids for the New NFL Season

The new NFL season is here, after an eventful first game week the championship is well set-up for the Super Bowl at the remarkable new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta next year.

The perennial New England Patriots are early favorites to take the championship, along with last year's winners the Philadelphia Eagles and the Packers and Steelers.

In truth, we can't say who will take the 49th Super Bowl crown, but we can answer the question on every vaper's lips - what should I vape while I'm watching NFL action?

As far as we know, nobody has perfected a chicken wing and beer e-liquid flavor combination. But we do have some exciting beverage and dessert-based vape juices that will complement the football perfectly.


Bourbon cocktails are a game-day favorite in parts of the US. We haven't tried that many good alcohol-flavored e-liquids. In our experience, beer vape juices are pretty poor, but this bourbon juice is excellent.

Castle Long from Five Pawns is a dark Kentucky bourbon-flavored vape juice, dripping in toasted coconut, roasted, almond, vanilla and caramelized brown sugar flavors.

Want the taste of bourbon without the liquor-soaked hangover, make sure Castle Long is loaded in your tank.


Apple pie

America's most popular sport needs a traditional American dessert flavor. And what's more American than apple pie?

Liquid State's Apple Butter juice is inspired by a classic apple pie recipe. You'll taste slow-cooked apples, spicy cinnamon and buttery pastry in this juice (think McDonald's Apple Pie if you can't imagine it).

If you want something with a sweeter apple punch, you can also try Air Factory's sweet taffy blended Wild Apple e-liquid.


Not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet? No, neither are we. But you can hang onto the last gasp of summer with a delicious lemonade vape in your device.

There are so many incredible lemonade flavored e-liquids out there. One of the most popular on is the cooling Peach Blossom Lemonade from Lemon Twist.

The pack comes with two large 60ml bottles, so the Peach Blossom Lemonade is sure to last for a long time. If you are looking for a satisfying nic salt lemonade e-liquid, we recommend Orange Lemonade from Mr Salt-E.

Sweet tea

Watching football in the South? A pitcher of sweet tea is absolutely essential. And, importantly, sweet tea flavors are just as tasty when you put them in an e-cigarette.

The strangely named SVRF Satisfying from SAVEURvape is a supremely satisfying raspberry and dragon fruit ice tea with a subtly sweet kick. Awesome.

It's a 20/80 PG/VG too, so it's perfect for use with a rebuildable dripping atomizers, which helps deliver an even bigger flavor blast.


A red, white and blue punch should be a fixture of any great Super Bowl party. The combination of tropical fruit and spiced rum is perhaps the best way to get your buzz on.

Tropical Pucker Punch from Fruit Twist is a lip smacking tank blaster. Expect a bouncy blend of tropical fruits that taste just as fresh as if you labelled it straight out the bowl into your mouth.

If you want something a little fizzier, you could try the Pink Punch Lemonade blend from Lemon Twist.

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