5 Best SMOK Mods - 2018 Reviews

5 Best SMOK Mods - 2018 Reviews

SMOK has earned its reputation as one of the top vape manufacturers the hard way. It's clear that SMOK designers and engineers have a wholehearted commitment to quality and the company is known for trying to push the boundaries of possibility forwards. Other vape manufacturers often find themselves trying to keep up with SMOK and with a full range of devices - appealing to new and experienced vapers, the company has got something for everyone. Why not check out the vaping.com experts guide on the best vape mods of 2019. Here's our list of the five SMOK best devices. Choose a device that suits your needs and purchase from our online vape shop.

SMOK Priv One

A super simple integrated tank system

One of SMOK's key strengths is producing simple, compact devices that don't compromise too much on power. The Priv One is an all in one device that helps produce plenty of clouds without any hassle. Concealed within the device's attractive bodywork there's a 920 mAh rechargeable battery and a built-in 2ml tank. With no screen and no settings to adjust, the Priv One is incredibly easy to use. The onboard chip automatically adjusts the power output in line with coil resistance to give you the optimum vape experience each time you inhale. It's easy to refill and has a max power output of 60 Watts, which is impressive for a device that slips in your pocket so easily.

SMOK Priv V8

Priv V8

Here's another strong choice for beginner and intermediate users. As is typical with SMOK devices, the design is clean, classic and practical. The brushed metal case gives the V8 a sleek finish and an ergonomic design helps it balance perfectly in your hand. Also in typical SMOK fashion, they have managed to marry sharp looks with a good amount of power. The Priv V8 draws 60 Watts out of a single 18650 battery and can deliver impressive vapor and flavor production, especially when paired with a TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank.

SMOK V8 Stick

SMOK Stick V8

Created for beginners and loved by experts, SMOK's V8 Stick is the very definition of a pocket rocket. It's a super simple sub-ohm mod that's been optimized for incredible flavor and cloud production. And best of all? The compact tube shape fits in your pocket without taking up too much space. The portability makes this a popular daily vape for intermediates and experts as well as beginners. It's especially handy for when you are going out or travelling. Don't let the Stick's size fool you though. With an impressive 3000 mAh integrated battery, the pocket-sized vape has good battery life and its 3.4-4.2V operating voltage makes it a top performer in its price bracket.




SMOK do powerful vaporizers as well. And they don't come much more powerful than the GX350. With four batteries, the device tops out at 350 Watts. It's large and mighty, but with a smart space-saving design it is also among one of the most lightweight quad battery devices available for purchase. If you don't have four batteries to hand, you can use the GX350 with two batteries for a max output of 220 Watts. The GX350 has won some serious plaudits since its release and wherever you look it's always a top-reviewed product. It's a particular favorite for cloud chasers because it creates such thick plumes of vapor.

Alien Baby AL85


Alien Baby

A daddy-sized vape in a baby package, the AL85 packs loads of advanced features into a compact body. With a huge array of menu options, you can customize the portable Alien Baby to suit your individual vape style. You can also choose from seven SMOK coil styles - each of which has its own personality. But the most impressive feature, which is almost unheard of in a vape of this size, is a temperature control setting. This means you can enjoy a smooth and consistent vape experience at whatever coil temperature you feel comfortable with. Topping out at 85 Watts, the Alien Baby isn't the most powerful device on this list, but it is a great all-rounder that almost anyone will find a use for.


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