Budget Juice: High Quality E-Liquids under $10 for 30ml

Budget Juice: High Quality E-Liquids under $10 for 30ml

Buying vape juice can feel like a lottery sometimes. You don't want to go super cheap and end up with a vape juice that smells and tastes like paint.

But equally, you don't want to spend a small fortune on a big bottle of juice that you can't stand.

At vaping.com, we don't think you should have to pay the mega bucks to get a good flavor profile.

We choose the products on our site very carefully to make sure we're offering good quality e-liquids at what we think is a fair price.

Here are seven brands and juices that we think offer the best value for money. And remember that you get free delivery on all orders over $25.


$9.99 for 30ml

PG/VG: 50/50

Made by us, this classic range of all-day vape flavors is the most popular on our site. Our team has worked very hard at perfecting each of these blends and the vape juices have dozens of five-star reviews on vaping.com.

We have also made sure that there's a good range of flavors to suit all taste preferences. And because we cut out the middle man, we can offer 30ml bottles at the cheapest prices on the whole site.

Naked 100

$19.99 for 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30

We don't like to think of Naked 100 as a budget juice maker. That would be unfair to an e-liquid brand that takes an awful lot of pride in everything they do. But it is true that their unique range offers excellent value for money.

Naked 100 specialize in crystal clean flavors in crystal clear bottles. Some of the most popular varieties include Amazing Mango, Naked Unicorn and Lava Flow - expect sharp flavor profiles that really cut through when you inhale.


$19.99 for 60ml

PG/VG: 70/30

SAVEURvape's unique range of beverage and dessert blends dance around on your tongue for a long time after you've exhaled. Their exotic blends include the dragon fruit ice tea flavored Satisfying, the strawberry dessert Divine and the tarty citrus SVRF Sublime.

It's a distinctive range of flavors that appeal to sophisticated vapers - but everyone can get 20% off the list price with Vaping.com. Make sure you don't buy SAVEURvape liquids from anywhere else.

Air Factory

$21.95 for 100ml

PG/VG: 30/70

Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to make sure you get a good deal when you buy e-liquid. But buying a big bottle is a big commitment - so you need to make sure you that you get one that you are going to enjoy.

We think that Air Factory is a safe bet. It's one of their most popular brands on our website and their fruit and candy blends are the kinds of non-offensive flavors with universal appeal.


$21.99 for 100ml

PG/VG: 30/70

Another of the most popular brands on Vaping.com, these juices won't disappoint. Vapetasia have made their name in vaping with smooth and satisfying creamy flavors that roll around the mouth and hit the spot.

Milk of the Poppy, Rainbow Road, Killer Kustard and Strawberry Killer Kustard all have a silky cream base served up with a complex platter of back flavors. They're satisfying, surprising and just a little bit wild.

Jam Monster

$23.99 for 100ml

PG/VG: 20/80

Monstrously jammy, this range of vape juice is thick and fabulous. Jam Monster haven't tried to do anything too complicated - just a sweet fruity top note and a buttery backsplash - but their flavors are strong and true.

The blueberry, strawberry and apple variants all have five star reviews on Vaping.com, and they're all listed on sale at less than 24 cents per ml.

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