All about Throat Hit!

All about Throat Hit!

What is Throat Hit?

You know it when you feel it! Throat hit is the sensation in the throat caused by nicotine as it's inhaled. It ranges from a smooth satisfying catch as the vapour travels down the throat to an intolerable harshness. Smokers who've tried to inhale a cigar will know the sensation at its worst. Vapers seek a throat hit that suits them. For some it's practically non-existent, for others it's very pronounced. It's very much a personal preference.

How do I get less throat hit?

You have two options. One, you use a lower nicotine concentration vape juice. If you do this, you may wish to use a higher powered device so that you're still getting similar quantities of nicotine overall (see power and nicotine explained). The sensation will be much less pronounced. The other option is to use an eliquid with a higher PH. The flavourings added to the liquid will change the overall PH - a high PH liquid is what you're after, so you may find citric flavours do the trick.

Is there a way to get Throat Hit without nicotine?

Short answer: not really. At least, not a throat hit which truly resembles that caused by nicotine. The thing is, throat hit is caused by nicotine's unique pharmacological properties: it causes a slight contraction in the muscles of the throat, and this is what gives rise to the specific sensation. Nothing else, as far as I'm aware, does this. Some years ago there was a liquid called "Flash" which purported to offer a nicotine-like throat hit, but it never took off. I've even heard of people experimenting with capsaicin (the "hot" chemical in chilli peppers). Don't do this - you'll get a throat hit, and a lung hit, and a nose hit. It's really not what you're looking for!

What about other vape sensations?

Throat hit is not the only pleasurable sensation vapers seek. The ideal vape has the perfect blend of throat hit and flavour (i.e. the liquid choice) as well as the volume of vapour and warmth (i.e. the device choice). Pick a versatile vape starter kit and try out a few combinations and see what style you prefer.

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