Best Salt Nic Juice

Welcome to the list of the best salt nic vape juice flavours

These are the best salt nic juice flavours for 2023:

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  1. Air Factory - Blue Razz Ice Salts
  2. Coastal Clouds - Menthol Salts
  3. Candy King - Batch on Salt Iced
  4. Red's - Apple Grape Salts
  5. One Hit Wonder - Island Man Iced Salts
  6. Fruit Monster - Mango Peach Guava Salts
  7. Mad Hatter I Love Salts - Grappleberry Salts
  8. Cloud Nurdz - Watermelon Apple Iced Salts
  9. Skwezed - Green Apples Salts
  10. Juice Head - Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze Salts

Nicotine salt-based e-liquids, more commonly known as nic salts or salt nic juice are designed for use with low-output pod vapes. Salt nic e-liquids have become a top choice for vaper satisfaction - particularly amongst people making the transition from cigarettes as they offer a similar style experience.

What is Salt Nic Juice?

Standard nicotine found in most low-strength, sub-ohm vape juices are alkaline meaning it is naturally harsh on the throat and therefore only available in lower, 3-18mg nicotine strengths.

Nicotine salts are nicotine plus acid, by adding acid to the nicotine it creates a pH-neutral salt that is actually smoother and gentler on the throat allowing for their higher 24-50mg strengths.

Stronger juice means a more satisfying vaping experience without the need for massive clouds and clunky, high-powered box mod kits and vape pen devices.

These salt nic blends always come in a thinner 50VG/50PG percentage ratio and are designed for smaller, less powerful devices like pod systems that use coils with a resistance of 0.8ohm and above.

Best Salt Nic Vape Juice

Here is our breakdown of the 10 best salt nic vape juice for 2023

#1 Air Factory - Blue Razz IcedBest Salt Nic Juice 2022 - Air factory Blue Razz Iced Salts

Air Factory Blue Razz Iced is a national treasure in the vaping world that's universally loved by vapers from state to state and there's a very good reason for this - it's awesome! 

Brimming with sweet raspberry, coming in waves of tart, tangy fruit, finished with a candied syrup and cool menthol exhale, Blue Razz by Air Factory is a tongue-twisting delight packed full of flavour with just the right amount of refreshing mint. 

What our customers say:

"Icy, smooth, and very flavourful! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sweet and menthol flavour."

"Perfect balance of menthol & fruity berry flavour."

"Best Blue Raspberry Flavour out there!!!"

"Delicious flavour, not overpowering. Nice daily vape."

#2 Coastal Clouds - Menthol Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2022 - Coastal Clouds - Menthol Salts

Menthol from Coastal Clouds is a perfect breeze of smooth minty refreshment. This cool, clean menthol nic salt produces a great consistent taste without being too overpowering, so if you're looking for a well-balanced menthol salt, then we would recommend this excellent Coastal Clouds flavour.

What our customers say:

"If you like menthol, then this is the one for you. Amazing minty flavour. Perfect amount of clouds."

"The flavour of this juice is AMAZING! It is cool & crisp like chewing a delicious piece of mint-flavoured gum. I'm obsessed!"

"Best menthol juice I’ve tried And very affordable!!!"

#3 Candy King - Batch on Salt Iced

Candy King - Batch on Salts Iced

Candy King are one of our oldest and dearest companions in the vape juice game, with their years of experience they really are the king of sweet flavours. "Batch on Salt Iced" is one more addition that simply can't be ignored!

A tantalizing combination of sweet, luscious cherry juice is complemented wonderfully with a zingy infusion of lemon. Another sweet treat that will have you and your tastebuds jumping for joy!



#4 Red's - Apple Grape Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2022 - Red's - Apple Grape Salts

Red's are masters of the Apple flavoured juices and have expertly blended their classic apple with rich grape juice to create a truly mouth-watering vape experience.

Overflowing with sweet dark grape, complemented with crisp, tangy apple, this is a must-try for grape flavour fans.

What our customers say:

"Crazy good flavour! Love this line of E-Liquids!!"

"A light, yet full flavoured juice with hints of sweet tangy grapes and crisp delicious apples!!!! Perfect for all day vaping!"

"Great flavour ordering was easy"

#5 One Hit Wonder - Island Man Iced Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2022 - One Hit Wonder - Island Man Iced Salts

One Hit Wonder are anything but and Island Man Iced is just one example of how to blend the perfect cocktail vape juice!

Bringing the tropical sunshine flavours of golden mangoes, creamy coconuts and zesty pineapples, all chilled to perfection with a refreshing menthol - this is truly an island paradise of a nic salt.

What our customers say:

" Fresh great fruit flavour... fruits popped and flavour was great..."

 "I like the Island Man Ice"

#6 Fruit Monster - Mango Peach Guava Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2022 - Fruit Monster - Mango Peach Guava SaltsThe Monster vape juice makers Jam Monster are a firm favourite here at and Mango, Peach, Guava is no exception. 

Perfect for fruit lovers with a sweet tooth, this trio of sweet mango, sticky peach and exotic guava blends perfectly to bring you a rich, fruit-filled flavour to tickle your taste buds.

What our customers say:

"The taste was a sheer joy. I love the tropical flavours and this one didn't disappoint. I highly recommend. Especially if you like your salts on the sweet side." 

"By far this is my favourite vape juice. It has an excellent mango flavour that tastes great with every hit. The strength also goes good with the flavour." 

"I love the flavours of the mango peach. Each fruit stands out. If you like fruit at all, try this!"

#7 Mad Hatter I Love Salts - Grappleberry Salts

Best Nicotine Salts 2022 - Mad Hatter I Love Salts - Grappleberry Salts

They might be Mad Hatters, but Grappleberry is a brilliantly insane blend of Blueberry, Apple and grape.

This fruity trio compliments each other with the tangy taste of blueberry, crisp apple and rich dark grape for a mindbendingly fruit-filled flavour.

What our customers say:

"One of my favourites!!! Always buy this in multiples! The blend is wonderful!!!"

"The blue raspberry is good but the Grappleberry is awesome and full of flavour!!"

 "Surprisingly well named. I thought this one was great, tasted like berry and grape. Definitely one to put in the cart."

#8 Cloud Nurdz - Watermelon Apple Iced Salts

Best Nicotine Salts 2022 - Cloud Nurdz - Watermelon Apple Iced Salts

Cloud Nurdz are another staple and for good reason, their geeky attention to flavours!

Everyone loves a lush watermelon vape and Watermelon Apple is no exception, a combination of sweet watermelon, crisp apple with a chewy candy menthol finish.

What our customers say:

"I love the menthol and apple flavour and has now become my favourite."

"Another great flavour, and would also recommend to anyone!"

"Really love this brand and this flavour."

#9 Skwezed - Green Apples Salts

Best Salt Nic Juice 2022 - Skwezed - Green Apples Salts

Green Apple from Skwezed does what it says on the bottle - pure tangy green apple flavours! If unadulterated apple juice is up there on your list of top tastes, then green Apple will not disappoint.

Perfectly Skwezed apple juice with a sweet inhale and tangy fruit exhale, another one to add to your favourite list!

What our customers say:

"Smells like apple, tastes like aftertaste, and my favourite flavour.. Great selection at, but always add this on your list.."

"I love this! Amazing! Best one I've had! Seriously."

"LOVE LOVE LOVE BEST EVER????????????????????"

#10 Juice Head - Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze Salts

Best Nicotine Salts 2022- Juice Head - Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze Salts

Last but by no means least on our top nicotine salt vape juice list, comes Juice Head Freeze salts - Pineapple Grapefruit. Representing the citrus side of things, this nic salt blend combines zesty pineapples with the sour fruity notes of bright grapefruit, chilled to perfection with a touch of menthol.

If you prefer more of a sweet & sour balance, then this is a great flavour to try.

What our customers say:

"Great Citrus"

"Definitely must like pineapple"

We also asked our experts to test all the pod vapes currently on the market so they could tell us the best salt nic devices, go check that out if you fancy a new vaping toy to pair with your new nic salt flavour.