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Mods and Pods - The 10 Best Pod Systems of 2018

Mods and Pods - The 10 Best Pod Systems of 2018

When it comes to discrete and stealthy vaping, few devices can compare to some of the new pod systems on the market - especially those that we’ve named on our Best Pod Systems list. Vapers are falling in love with the small size and portability that pod systems offer - and while we love our huge powerful sub-ohm devices, sometimes a small on-the-go device is exactly what we need in the moment.

While vaping pod systems are still growing in popularity, vapers of all levels have been increasingly adding them to their device collections. Not familiar with vape pod systems, or curious about what the best pod systems are? No worries - in this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know!

What is a Pod System?

A vaping pod system is a device that is a step above a basic e-cigarette, but not as advanced as some of the larger full-sized personal vaporizer options. People who are new to vaping, and those who may be transitioning from smoking, may find personal vaporizer devices to be too large, too confusing, or too unfamiliar. However, they may find that a basic e-cigarette is too limited and doesn’t allow them enough control over their experience. For these people, vaping pod systems are the answer.

Pod systems are called “pod” systems because they accept pods - small refills of e-liquid made specifically for the device. Most of these pods come pre filled with a chosen flavor, although some newer models have refillable pods that allow you to use whatever juice flavor you desire. These refillable pod mods are a good middle step between cigalikes and advanced vape systems. Pod systems are all about simple vaping, stealth and compactness.  Below we go through the best pod mods currently available with their pros, cons, and pricing. Take a look through and find the right pod device for your needs.

Phix Vape Kit

The PHIX Vape Kit is an awesome pod device brought to the market by Major League Vapers. This device is breath activated and accepts pre-filled pods, which means no effort on your part - just insert a pod and you’re ready to go. These pods contain a 1.5 ohm ceramic coil, giving excellent performance throughout their lifetime. With a built-in 280mAh battery, the PHIX allows for longer vaping sessions, and simple charging abilities - no spare batteries or parts, just plug the device right in and charge!

Tank Capacity: 1.5ml

Dimensions: 110 X 19 X 10.75 mm

Customer Review: “I bought the Juul before, and it was okay, once I was finally able to get ahold of it. In my opinion, the PHIX is a much better product. It’s more reliable, gives better flavors, has a better battery life and doesn’t leak.”

Major League Vapers Phix Vape Kit

Phix Vape Kit

Major League Vapers

Buy Phix Vape Kit Here!

Nex Labs SMPO

For those who love mods that don’t look like your traditional mod, the Nex Labs SMPO is an awesome option. With slick curves, a glossy finish, and a unique shape, Nex Labs has introduced a one-of-kind design with the SMPO. With snap-in-and-go simplicity, this pod system delivers full flavors and a soothing throat hit. There’s no need to deal with coils, batteries and e-liquids; just insert a flavor pod, charge the device, and vape on!

Tank Capacity: 1.8ml

Dimensions: 67 x 34 x 15 mm

Customer Review: “First pod device I’ve had that doesn’t leak. Good battery life too, lasts a whole lot longer than a Juul between charges.”

Nex Labs SMPO


Nex Labs

Buy Nex Labs SMPO Here!

Suorin Drop

This refillable pod system is unlike any other, a teardrop shaped device with an ergonomic and compact design. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Suorin Drop is ideal for stealth vaping. The Drop is manufactured from a zinc alloy and finished with a bright colored silicone rubber casing. Suorin is designed to give a superior draw with it’s dual wicking atomizer, and they made it super simple to refill the pod. Built into the device is a 300 mAh battery, which can be fully recharged in only 45 minutes.

Tank Capacity: 2ml

Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 12mm

Customer Review: “I love this cool little mod. It feels nice in the hand and doesn’t feel cheap like some of the other pods I’ve used. My girlfriend loves it and uses it all the time. Seeing how much she loves it, I’m considering buying one for myself as a second device for on the go.”

Suorin Drop



Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price $23.99

You Save: $6.00 (20.01%)

Buy Suorin Drop Here!


Joyetech Atopack Penguin

The Atopack Penguin is a refined pod system created by the vaping masterminds at Joyetech. While designed to be portable and compact (and oddly resembling a penguin), the Atopack Penguin delivers a critically acclaimed sub-ohm tank like performance. The Penguin also solves the issues that cause popular complaint among pod system users - limited liquid capacity and short battery life. Unlike many other devices on the market, the Penguin cartridge holds 8.8 ml of juice; which is completely unheard of for such a compact device. Furthermore, the device comes with 2000 mAh built-in battery that gives long life between charges.

Along with the Penguin, Joyetech released the Juice Vertical Injection Coil. Built specifically for this device, the JVIC allows users to pour their liquid onto a sideways coil. This pod system provides ease of use, amazing performance, and a perfect design. With no screen and no settings to adjust, the Penguin is as simple as fill, charge and vape!

Tank Capacity: 8.8 ml

Dimensions: 26.5 x 52.0 x 102.5mm

Customer Review: “Best ecig I’ve bought in 10 years of vaping. Awesome clouds from a small unit. You can simply snap in extra tanks to change flavors or quick refill. Battery lasts a full 2 days and charges quick. No leaks, easy-peisy, fun to use. Love it!”

JoyeTech Atopack Penguin

Atopack Penguin


Buy Joyetech Atopack Penguin Here!

Limitless Pulse Pod System

The Pulse Pod System is a super portable and discrete device; a result of the collaboration between Limitless and Ply Rock Manufacturing. This device is simple, convenient, and dependable, but still allows for personal expression and style. The Pulse features a customizable colored LED backlight which can be changed to any of seven bright colors.

The Pulse Pod system includes 2 ml refillable pods, a major advantage of this device over others in it’s class. Unlike other devices, The Pulse’s refillable pod vape system allows you to use whichever e-liquid you want, opening up your options to be truly limitless. The Limitless Pulse Pod System is incredibly designed, and one of the most innovative pod systems on the market today.

Tank Capacity: 2 ml

Battery: Integral - 380mAh

Customer Review: “This thing is amazing! It's so user friendly and awesome. Its literally just 5 clicks for On/Off then take a hit and it's that easy! The only thing the button does is turns the device On/Off and cycles through the colors. It also has a stealth mode.. 3 clicks turns the lights off. It's also cool how you can refill the pods. The battery life isn't bad for such a small battery and device. Lastly this thing looks super cool.. has a cool design and the lights are one of the best things about it, I think. I'm happy with this purchase and would buy again if i lost it. Oh and one more thing...order some replacement pods with it. You'll need them.”

Limitless Pulse Pod System

Pulse Pod System


Buy Limitless Pulse Pod System Here!

Sigelei Compak M

Sigelei has finally arrived in the all-in-one device category with an amazing product - the Compak M. Although this device has a simple and intuitive operation for ease of use, it offers something that many similar devices do not - customizable options. This device includes two refillable, replaceable cartridges; each with a different level of airflow. These disposable cartridges are refillable and pre-wicked with top quality organic cotton for the best flavor delivery. With a 650 mAh battery, this compact device offers ultimate performance and a great battery life.

Tank Capacity: 2 ml

Dimensions: 104 x 42 x 13mm

Customer Review: “This device is great! Small, simple and easy to use. Fits good in my hand and in my pocket.”

Sigelei Compak M

Compak M


Buy Sigelei Compak M Here!

Envii Fitt

With it’s iconic design, the refillable Envii FITT is a major contender, according to various levels of vapers. The FITT is small and user friendly, and has two different firing modes. No other vape on the market includes both a button ignition mode and an inhale-only mode. The button mode allows experienced vapers to have a greater amount of control over their cloud, while the inhale-only option works perfectly for former smokers who are new to vaping. The Envii FITT kit includes four pre-filled flavor pods - menthol, fruit, creamy and tobacco flavors. With no settings to mess around with, all you have to do is load up the cartridge into your device and start vaping instantly.

The Envii FITT was designed to fit perfectly in your hand and pocket. “Stealth Mode” can be set - which turns the indicator light off so that you can vape in a more discrete manner. A great mouth-to-lung device, the FITT is given great praise by ex-smokers who are looking for a first transitional device, as well as advanced vapers who are looking for another device option to add to their collection.

Tank Capacity: 3.2 ml

Dimensions: 75 x 43 x 20 mm

Customer Review: “This is definitely a great portable and stealth device. I own several mods, but this device is perfect for grabbing on the way out the door for a good ‘on-the-go’ option. Good battery life too. Every vaper needs to have a stealthy device like this in their collection.”

Envii Envii Fitt

Envii Fitt


Buy Envii Fitt Here!

Suorin Air

The Suorin Air is a compact and simple all-in-one device that was created by the manufacturers of the iPhone. Weighing only 136g with dimensions of 86mm x 54mm x 8mm; the Suorin Air is one of the most stealthy devices on the entire market. This device includes a 2 ml cartridge and a 400mAh battery.
This pod mod is available in a variety of colors: rose gold, black, gunmetal, tan and pink. The Suorin Air starter kit is easy to use and a perfect choice for stealthy vaping.

Tank Capacity: 2 ml

Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 8 mm

Customer Review: “This is my first device and I love it! Fits right in my purse and it’s barely bigger than one of my credit cards!”

Suorin Air



Buy Suorin Air Here!

SMOK Fit Kit

SMOK has entered the pod system market with several top-of-the-line devices to suit the needs of all different types of vape users. The SMOK Fit is everything you’ve been looking for in a pod system - it’s ultra slim and compact, it has a cutting-edge design, and it includes a built-in 250mAh battery to make sure you’re able to vape for long durations before needing another charge. At only 20g, the Fit is one of the lightest devices on the market. With refillable e-liquid pods, this small devices is able to power up to between 10-16w. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors to suit your interests, including Blue, Red and Gunmetal.

Tank Capacity: 2ml

Dimensions: 18.4 x 8 x 107.5mm

Customer Review: “An elegant device, and perfect for beginners. I’d say this is the best creation by Smok. This is an awesome mod all the way around. I’ve had many small mods in the past that only lasted me a few months, but I already know the Fit will be around for quite a while!”


SMOK Fit Kit

Fit Kit


View Smok Fit Kit Here!

SMOK Infinix Kit

SMOK set out to create a super simple device and ended up creating an ultra modern pod mod that buyers rant and rave about. With two air driven pods included in the kit, the Infinix comes to life immediately as you inhale - instantly delivering the consistent performance that you’d expect from a SMOK device. With the most advanced safety features on the pod system market, the Infinix includes a regulated 8 second cut off and short circuit/low voltage protections. If you want an infinite vaping experience, look no further than the SMOK Infinix!

Tank Capacity: 2ml

Dimensions: 12.5 x 11 x 110mm

Customer Review:I wanted something small and simple and the Infinix delivered big time. Sometimes you don’t want to go through a bunch of settings. With this mod, it gives me the perfect pull every time I inhale, and I don’t even have to push a single button.”

SMOK Infinix Kit

Infinix Kit


View Smok Infinix Kit Here!


Buying a Pod System and Making The Right Choice

Pod systems are great, but the key to any happy vaping experience is picking the right mod to suit your vaping profile. It is important to know what you expect from a mod before you shop, so that you can better assess whether a certain mod will give you the best vaping system and the experience that you are looking for.

Still haven’t found the device you’re looking for? Check out our mod store for our full selection of vaping pod systems.