What are the differences between RBA, RDA and RTA?

Our no-nonsense guide to the world of building your own vape tank!

The acronym "RBA" stands for "ReBuildable Atomizers", an important category of vaping atomizer systems.

RTA's and RDA's are both types of RBA. The RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a tank system and the RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) is a dripper system. With rebuildables, you "build" your own coil. In other words, you physically wrap a coil, attach it to the system and add a wick. There are many different builds, each one depending on the RBA type and the desired vape the user wishes to achieve.

What are the benefits to using RBAs?
The main benefit to RTAs and RDAs is that you can build your own coils to your desired resistance.Before store-bought "drop in coils" became widely available, RBAs were the only way to get a high-performance vape. Today, RBAs are used by purists who want to calibrate their vape to their exact preference and for those who wish to vape as cheaply as possible.

Convenience and cloud chasing: RTAs versus RDAs
The RDA is by far the most popular system among cloud chasers. If you want to blow huge clouds, you want to be building on an RDA. With an RDA, you literally drip the liquid from a bottle into the tank via the driptip - also known as "redripping".

Someone dripping on their vape coils

RDAs require that you drip your juice inside, vape it off (two or three puffs), then drip some more. An additional advantage with this is that you can change up your liquids more frequently, but for some carrying around bottles may be a pain -  An RTA may be a better choice.

An RTA is a tank system with a rebuildable coil. You fill it up and vape until the liquid is exhausted and then fill again. The convenience comes with a small performance sacrifice and RTAs tend to be harder to build because they are assembled with multiple parts. Nevertheless, RTAs are still popular with those prepared to invest some learning time. Many vapers swear by the flavor production they are able to get from an RTA.

More recently, Steam Crave released the "Aromamizer" Rebuildable Tank.  Designed by BJ Shi, the aromomizer is a unique device: an RTA with RDA performance. It has a cyclonic airflow design and specialized liquid feed which set it apart in the vaping world.

I've never built before. What should I buy? Where should I start?
Building isn't hard to get going with, but if you're a new-to-building vaper you should probably start with an RDA as they're easiest for learning on.

Best RDA for a new vaper
The vaping world has come to favor shorter RBAs with a wider base. If you want to jump into the RDA world, the best choice would be the super versatile Vandy Vape Pulse V2 24mm RDA. An upgraded version of the popular Pulse RDA it can accommodate a single or dual coil.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 24mm RDA

Best RTA for a new vaper
The Advken CP TF 24mm RTA is a great choice for anyone who wants to get the best of both worlds, and demands flavor. It's a little trickier to build than an RDA, but it's a really well made device, that's worth the extra effort while being sturdy enough to prevent any leaking. 

Advken CP TF 24mm RTA in Black

So retailers have called this a mouth-to-lung kit but it's more of a restrictive lung hit. If you want more airlow options from your RTA then check out the Wake Mod Co. Wake RTA which has more versatility and airflow options. It has a great RTA deck which can actually be removed so that you can insert WAKE sub-Ohm Coils (available in 0.2, 0.5, and 1.5 ohm MTL) .

Wake Mod Co. Wake RTA in Gold

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