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Founded in 2013, Suorin is a newer player into the vaping market who partnered with Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone and other Apple products. The Suorin Air is the first product they produced and is an attempt to make a new, slim vape that is incredibly easy to use. Based on the idea that vaporizers are complicated for beginners, the Suorin Air is a straightforward pod system for smokers looking to transfer over.

Their second release the Suorin Eva, a similar style to the Air and an attempt to change how vaporizers are made. It is another sleek, inventive product from a vaping company on the rise. One of our most popular pod systems the Suorin Drop has an innovative teardrop design and despite being extremely thin it's excellent build quality ensures a fantastic feeling and durable device.

In January 2019 Suorin Vape announced a new product is coming to market soon on their Instagram page, the Suorin Edge. The vaping community is buzzing with anticipation as all the previous Suorin pod systems have been amazingly popular. They've even managed to compete with vaping giants SMOK in the pod systems market and the Suorin Edge looks to be another game changer.

April saw Suorin announce a new and improved version of the Air. A third version after the Air V2 upgrade, the new Suorin Air Plus. They knew that they had a great and popular device so instead of reinventing the wheel Suorin decided to upgrade it. Suorin Air Plus has a number of significant improvements. Without significantly increasing the size of the devices they have managed to increase the capacity by 1.2 ml to an impressive 3.2 ml. The battery has also been improved, the Air V2 had 400 mAh and the Suorin Air Plus has an amazing 950 mAh built-in battery.

The Suorin Air Pro comes with a huge 4.9mL pod, integrated 930mAh battery and fires up to 18W. Taking Suroin pod vaping to another level. 

With few products on the market, but an interesting vision for the future, Suorin is a brand to watch in the coming years. The innovation shown in their current products bodes well for the next vape they put out in the next couple of years.

Suorin pod mods are easily recognizable - you won’t find many other brands that are able to keep up with their constant design innovation. Looking for a great vaping experience? Ask the millions of fans they’ve attracted over the last several years and they’ll tell you, Suorin is what you’re looking for!

What To Expect With Your Suorin Vape Product

At , we offer a variety of Suorin kits and accessories. Each kit is provided with everything you need to get going, minus your choice of vape juice - a USB charger and refillable pods. Just fill up your pod, pop it in your device and you’re ready to go!

No matter what device you decide to purchase, here’s a few things you can expect:

  • Easy operation: Devices are built for ultimate simplicity. There are no screens, no settings, and no buttons - just an awesome device that is activated by simply taking a pull from the device. No more taking your device apart to change a coil either. Just pop the old pod off and pop a new one in and your pod mod is ready to perform!
  • Discrete vaping: One of the best qualities of a pod mod, and especially a Suorin, is the small size; allowing you to vape without showcasing it to the world. Devices are small, making it perfect for your pocket or purse, and allowing it to be easily concealed in the palm of your hand.
  • Quality products: Some pod devices feel flimsy and easily breakable - because they are. Suorin, on the other hand, manufactures highly durable products that you can count on. This means that you can put your device in your pocket without worrying about it breaking under pressure or getting scratched up and damaged by other loose items. When you buy Suorin, you are buying some of the highest quality products in the pod mod sector.

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At , we partner with the world’s leading vape brands, and Suorin has certainly established itself as a leading brand. Whether you need vape mods, vape juice, vape parts, or vape accessories, you’ll find it in our online vape store. No matter what type of vaper you are or what type of vape experience you seek -- is your online vaping partner!